Hospital Passport For Those With Additional Needs

My Care Passport - DCHDorset County Hospital have a ‘My Care Passport‘ system in operation for patients with Autism or a Learning Disability or their carers to show to staff upon any admission.
Being admitted or attending a hospital appointment can be frightening, confusing and stressful. For people with a learning disability or autism these feelings can be magnified.
Going into hospital is also now very different because of the Coronavirus. Face coverings to be worn if you can and follow the guidance around social distancing and hand washing.  You do not have to wear a face covering if you can’t put on, wear or remove one because of a physical or mental illness, or impairment or disability, or if putting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause you severe distress.
Hospitals can be noisy and have very bright lights. If this is something that causes you distress or anxiety,

  • it may be worth bringing in some music that you can listen to with headphones, or even some ear defenders or ear plugs.
  • Sun visors, baseball caps or sunglasses can also help with the bright lights.

Download your ‘My Care Passport’ to view & print off HERE.

If you would like to talk to someone about your admission or appointment before you come in please contact:

  • Jo Findlay, Learning Disability and Mental Capacity Act Advisor, 01305 253274.
  • Sarah Cake, Adult Safeguarding Lead, 01305 253274.
  • Patient Advice and Liaison Service, 0800 7838058.

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A Note For Our Allotment Tenants & Gardeners

Ring in carrotKeep digging! You’ll never know what you’ll find!
An 82-year-old man in a small town in Germany, while working on his garden, stumbled upon a curious crop that looked different from the others. Upon giving it a closer look, he noticed a shiny band embedded and around one of his carrots.  His greatest surprise was that this was the man’s lost wedding ring which had been missing for three years.
Three years ago, he & his wife were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary and he noticed his wedding band missing later that day. He couldn’t remember where he’d lost it and despite searching everywhere and over time, he lost hope.  His wife comforted him, was full of hope and reassured him it would ‘turn up eventually’.  Which indeed it did!  The ring had probably slipped off his finger while he was working in the garden that day. It had got buried in the ground until it finally resurfaced by being caught by a sprouting carrot.
Sadly, the man’s wife had died six months earlier – but he has the memory of her closer in retrieving his wedding band. 🙂

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