Yeovil College – New Students

Yeovil CollegeESTART, traditionally known as News Students’ Day, has been set for Friday 10th July 2020.
At this time of year all their new year 11 students are usually welcomed onto site. Traditionally, they would spend time meeting tutors and peers, as well as asking those all important questions such as; how do I enrol, when will I get my timetable, when will I start, what will my learning look like?
Due to Covid-19 and Government guidelines they are not able to hold their traditional ‘New Students Day’, so they are taking to social and digital mechanisms to cascade all that you need to know.
They will be sharing information about:

  • Their blended learning approach for September 2020, ensuring that all students have the time and support to undertake all necessary practical learning.
  • What your learning experience will look like in September.
  • FAQs – have all your questions answered.
  • How to enrol ahead of your September start.
  • How to engage with Yeovil College to gain additional support.
  • Virtual tours and curriculum showcases.
  • Campus tours to re-familiarise yourself with Yeovil College.

If you have any immediate concerns or you would like to talk to someone, please call: 01935 845494 or email and there will be someone from the College ready to help you.
Yeovil College - Estart

10 Years Of Our Sun In Time Lapse Video

We frequently gaze at the Sun, wish for the Sun, curse the Sun and praise the Sun. It is the star at the centre of our Solar System and unquestionably, the most important source of energy for life on Earth.
This is a marvellous video recorded from June 2010 to June 2020.  This time-lapse video is just over one minute.
The full video, which has accompanying custom music entitled  Solar Observer”, composed by musician Lars Leonhard, is just over one hour where each second representing a day.  Watch & listen to it HERE.

#StaySafe #LookUp #Sun #NASA