Learn Zoom for Meetings at 2pm on September 14th

The Plunkett Foundation gave a huge amount of encouragement and advice to get our community shop, Broadwindsor Community Stores up and running. Tomorrow (Monday 14th September) they are holding a free webinar at 2pm to guide you through the process of holding your AMM/AGM online using Zoom.

Zoom is free to use.  Download it HERE.

The webinar is aimed at community businesses who may have been planning to hold their meetings face-to-face, but with new government guidelines restricting group sizes, are having to make the move to online.  Plunkett’s Community Business Manager, Alison Macklin, will provide a step-by-step guide to basic online meeting protocols, including:

  • Setting up and advertising the AGM/AMM
  • Registration
  • Basic settings on Zoom
  • Sharing screens
  • Managing AGM entry (waiting room)
  • Managing Q & A
  • Voting online
  • Motions online
  • Chat box on Zoom
  • Recording
  • Making it available at a later date for those who couldn’t attend

Get the Meeting Link HERE

Meeting ID: 91222499634

This webinar will be recorded and will be available to watch back on the The Plunkett Foundation website.
If you’re unable to join in on the day, please call on 01993 810 730. They have a friendly team who are happy to talk through your ideas, whatever stage you’re at.
Their helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Alternatively, you can email: info@plunkett.co.uk.


Respond to Government’s Covid-19 & Flu-jab Consultation By September 18th

After September 18th, our Government are going to announce that they consulted the public and because there were no objections, we all want and consent to the rollout of unlicensed vaccines, and that we are happy for non-medical staff to administer them and happy to accept we will not have the ability to ask for compensation if we face damage to our health. This particular request is not being seen by many and has not been promoted widely enough.

Our Government want your views on proposed changes to the Human Medicine Regulations to help with the safe and efficient distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine and expanded flu vaccine programme in the UK, along with treatments for COVID-19 and any other diseases that become pandemic. The consultation covers:

  • authorising temporary supply of an unlicensed product
  • civil liability and immunity
  • expanding the workforce eligible to administer vaccinations
  • promoting vaccines
  • making provisions for wholesale dealing of vaccines

These changes will support the effective rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine and the upscaling of influenza (flu) vaccination programme in the UK. It is important to emphasise, however, that although some of the measures specifically reference COVID-19 and flu vaccines, the proposed changes will also facilitate the efficient mass distribution of treatments for COVID-19, or for any other disease that poses a serious risk to public health.

At the time of publication of their document, it is not clear what the earliest date is that it might be possible to deploy a COVID-19 vaccine in the UK. In the circumstances, the UK government is moving as quickly as possible to put in place a package of legislative measures that would support the delivery of a safe and effective vaccine, for whenever the measures are needed.

However, having to move quickly means having less time than they would like to consult on these proposals – indeed, they are asking for comments by the end of Friday 18 September 2020.
Even after the consultation has finished and amendments have been made, the UK government will remain open to the possibility of making further changes – very rapidly, if need be.
Therefore, please do not refrain from commenting simply because the official period for receiving comments is at an end. If you have something that you want to say about these proposals, the UK government wants to hear it.

Read the full Consultation Document HERE.

There is one Citation, 3 New regulations 24 Amendments of regulations and 3 Amendments of Schedules in their 12 page document which you can download HERE.

Respond online HERE.

Contact: covidvaccineconsultation@dhsc.gov.uk



Could You Bottle & Sell Your Spring Water?

In our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, many local farms and land owners have naturally occurring springs.  This can offer a wealth of opportunities for a farmer able to use their holding’s natural resources.

Spring water must meet high quality standards and come from a named groundwater source, but may be treated within strict guidelines. Although a sizeable investment at first, a bottled water enterprise can bring greater profits than some farming sectors.

Read the full article telling you more about licences, equipment, resources and costs in the latest Farmer’s Weekly Magazine HERE.