Simon Emmerson

Musician, Band Leader & Music Director , local resident, Simon Emmerson has many strings to his proverbial bow. Under lockdown due to Covid-19, he was currently providing a Friday night mix  – now moved to Sundays.
‘Music Will Not Be Cancelled’ series at 21.00hrs. Enjoy!

Part 1, released on Friday, 3rd April 2020 – Peace and Healing in the Orient.

Performed by The Nightjar Orchestra with featured violinist Midori Komachi.

 Part 2, released Friday, 10th April 2020 – Peace and Healing in India.

Compiled from the Karma vinyl album on ECC 100 Records, written and produced by Sheema Mukherjee and Simon Richmond.
Most of the material was recorded on location in India.

Part 3, released Sunday, 19th April 2020 – Peace and Healing in Italy

This composition features Barney Morse-Brown (viola da gamba) and Richard Evans (keyboards, mandolin, electronica) with additional writing input from Simon Emmerson (guitar) and Simon Richmond (keyboards).
It was recorded for the Lush Spa treatment ‘A Meditation on Fragrance’ on location in Florence and the UK before the lockdown and is inspired by the music and philosophy of Renaissance Italy and the birth of perfumery.

Afro Celt Sound SystemPre-lockdown, Simon is frequently away from the village as he tours around the world with the very successful Afro Celt Sound System.  Formed by our Grammy-nominated musician and record producer Simon Emmerson, Afro Celt Sound System are a European and African based collective who’ve been a ground-breaking force in music ever since they started in 1995.  When sales now topped one and a half million albums and two Grammy nominations to date, Afro Celt Sound System celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a stunning new album, ‘The Source’ released in April 2016 on ECC Records.
ECC Records released ‘Flight‘, the 8th studio album on 23rd November 2018 supported by a major 10 day UK wide tour.

Founded in 2004, Simon is also bandleader of the award winning The Imagined Village (pictured below), recognised as one of the most innovative, radical and best selling groups to have emerged from the English roots revival.  They toured extensively, appeared on TV’s Later, With Jools show and won out at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.  Simon was quoted as saying “Some people refer to this band as a folk super group, which makes me laugh as we only really have 3 bona fide folk musicians in a band of 10, all us would say the real stars of the group are not the individuals but the songs. What unites us all is our deep love of these amazing songs and tunes that have survived and grown, kept alive by anonymous individuals and enthusiasts who we owe everything to. They are the super group, not us.”  Read Simon’s earlier musical biography HERE.

The Imagined Village


Simon is also Music Director for Lush, based in Poole UK.

Moving from London to Broadwindsor, Simon is an avid bird watcher and enjoys calling in to The White Lion, our village pub.

Simon loves birds!