Update from our shop . . .


Please note, from the delivery team:

Please do not call the shop, they’re really busy.
Call one of the team until you can get through to one of us!
Our numbers are on the flyers delivered to you, and the Parish Magazine.

*New ordering times:*
9am – 4pm on Monday for Wednesday delivery;
and 9am – 4pm on Thursday for Saturday delivery.

One order per week only.

Saturday is very busy for deliveries. Should we have too many to cope with in the future, we may have to hold your order over to the following Wednesday. If so, we will process orders in the order they are received, and we will telephone you to let you know.

When ordering, please have your list ready, tell us what substitute, if any, you would prefer, but we cannot guarantee that we will have your first choice, or the substitute. Stock levels are fluctuating. We try our best to be fair and share what stock we do have.

Perishable goods will be within sell by date, fruit and veg. will be as fresh as possible. Refunds or exchanges will not be accepted unless we have inadvertently delivered something past its sell by or use by date.

We will call for payment between 3pm until early evening on the day of delivery. Please ensure you are able to answer the phone. We can only call for payment one customer at a time, please have your card ready, and help us be as quick as possible… Every minute we spend chatting is another customer waiting (and a longer day’s work for our volunteers!). We’re looking forward to chatting in the shop soon 🙂

If we cannot get through to you on the phone, we will try again, but if by the end of the session we have been unable to get hold of you, we will have no choice but to cancel the order.

Finally, if you could keep the bags or boxes and give them back to the drivers the following week, that would help.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sandra, Teri and Nat.