The Bishops’ Kitchen

The Bishops' KitchenThe Bishops’ Kitchen ~ All recipes are by Hursey  resident, Richard Childs.
Click on the link to get the full recipes as shown below.
Have fun and enjoy!


  • APPLES September 21:
    Dorset Apple Cake
    Sticky Toffee Apple Pudding
  • SUMMER FRUITS August 21:
    Terrine of Summer Fruits
    Summer Fruit Brulee
  • DANDELIONS July 21:
    Dandelion & Lemon Biscuits
    Dandelion & Bacon Salad
  • NETTLES June 21:
    Nettle Soup
    Nettle & Blue Cheese Rarebit
  • WILD GARLIC May 21
    Wild Garlic Soup
    Wild Garlic Chicken Kiev
  • CHOCOLATE April 21:
    Chunky Double Chocolate Biscuits
    Chocolate Pecan Squares
  • MOTHER’S DAY Mar 21:
    Apple & Cinnamon Muffins
    Coconut  Cherry Banana Bread
  • VALENTINE’S Feb 21:
    Dinner Date Steak
    Lemon Meringue Fool
  • PHEASANT Jan 21:
    Beer Braised Pheasant
    Casseroled Pheasant With Aromatics
  • TURKEY Dec 20:
    Turkey Curry
    Turkey & Leek Flan
  • PUMPKIN Nov 20:
    Pumpkin Cupcakes
    Pumpkin Scones
  • APPLES Oct 20:
    Toffee Apple Cake
    Plum & Apple Cobbler
  • CHUTNEY Sept 20:
    Spicy Plum & Apple Chutney
    Indian Chutney
  • CAKE Aug 20:
    Lemon & Polenta Drizzle Cake
    Chocolate Cake

and there we have it!
Thank you Richard

Bon Appetit!