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An Interview With Richard Wakely, AJ Wakely & Sons

Interviewed by Tracey Beardsley and first published for the online BV Magazine, Richard Wakely is the fourth generation of the family’s funeral director business.
(All images are by Courtenay Hitchcock.)

In 1897, in the small village of Broadwindsor, carpenters and gatemakers Arthur and Ernie Wakely turned their skills to making coffins.
Arthur’s son Jack helped his father and uncle in the family business and, with an entrepreneurial eye, he purchased a small funeral business in Bridport. Fast forward more than 120 years and that funeral business has burgeoned into 14 offices covering an area from Sidmouth to Wincanton.

Jack’s grandson, Richard Wakely, is the fourth-generation funeral director to join A. J. Wakely & Sons. Richard says: ‘It wasn’t my plan to come into the family business. My dad, Clive, a director in the firm, never pushed me or my three sisters. It wasn’t like TV’s Succession! Dad wanted it to be a natural progression. This is more of a vocation than an actual job. You’ve got to want to do it.’

David, Simon, Clive and Jack at Sherborne office in 1999.
After leaving school, Richard worked in the Philippines for the charity Mercy in Action. ‘That experience was life-changing for me,’ he says. ‘I grew up so much in three years.’
Working in the charity’s homes for vulnerable children in the Philippines, Richard ran a summer programme for street kids and a drop-in centre for orphans. ‘We’d feed them and give them a basic education.’
A keen sportsman, Richard spent time going into the community and playing basketball with the kids. This success led him to run an after-school programme as a full-time job. ‘A lot of the kids had no electricity in the evening and were doing their homework by candlelight. Opening the day centre at night gave them a safe space to study.’
We’ll find a way
Returning home, a casual chat while walking along the beach with his dad led to him joining the family business aged 21. Richard began learning the ropes as a general employee. He worked on the fixtures and fittings of coffins, having inherited his great grandfathers’ craft skills, and he shadowed experienced funeral director Matthew Paterson.
Richard juggled working with studying for his funeral director’s diploma. ‘Incredibly, you don’t legally need any qualifications to be a funeral director. It’s scary to think anyone can set up – without the right facilities, knowledge, or empathy that this work requires. Hopefully regulations will be coming in soon.’
After nine years, Richard now runs two of the Wakely offices. ‘Our motto is: “we will say yes and then work out how to do it”!
If a family wants it done and it’s legal, we’ll find a way.’
This includes unusual requests – Richard researched if a lady could keep her husband’s skeleton hanging in her office (she couldn’t).
He’s also been asked to dress down in shorts and a t-shirt rather than the usual funeral attire of tailcoated suit.
‘The taboo of talking about death has changed. People are keener to organise their own funeral and take the burden off loved ones. People want a personal touch. We now have a Land Rover Defender converted into a hearse for funerals on private land. Sometimes it’s just in a field with hay bales for the mourners.’
What is the reaction when Richard says what he does for a living? ‘I always say it’s either a conversation starter or finisher. Some people are surprised and hesitant, not wanting to know more. Others ask questions – lots of them!’
Tough days
Richard’s faith helps him handle the emotions of dealing with death every day. ‘Praying through things really helps. My wife Emily is also a fantastic support. And as soon as I walk through the door, I’m bowled over by two young children and a baby. Work goes to one side for family time and that helps a lot.’
Organising a funeral for a baby or child is the toughest part of his job. ‘You feel for the parents.
‘Also, I’m always struck by non-attended funerals, where the deceased has outlived all friends and relations so there are no mourners. You become the congregation, and when you hear about their incredible lives, it’s very moving. I remember one chap who had been a spy gathering intel during the Second World War. We’re coming to the end of that generation. Such heroic stories will be buried forever – I’m very privileged to hear some of them.’
Quick fire questions:
Top dinner party guests?
My rugby heroes, Jonny Wilkinson and Dan Carter. Jesus would be cool … and my great grandfather, so I could thank him for starting the business!
Book by your bedside?
Imagine Heaven by John Burke
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Lent Lunches Begin Thursday, 15th February

Broadwindsor, Blackdown and Burstock churches begin their Lent Lunches this Thursday from 12.30pm – 2pm at the Comrades Hall, Broadwindsor. This will continue every Thursday for six weeks:

  • 15th February
  • 22nd February
  • 29th February
  • 7th March
  • 14th March
  • 21st March

Good Friday is on 29th March and Easter Sunday on 31st March.

The £5 charge will fetch you a hot bowl of soup with fresh bread, cheese and pickle, tea or coffee and a warm welcome with a smile 🙂

The mobile Post Office Van will be in attendance as usual on Thursdays, 9.15am- 10.45am.

However, the Coffee Club that normally runs from 9am-11am will be cancelled for Lent Lunches and begin again in April.


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5 New Dwellings & Formation Of Access On Drimpton Road?

Our Parish Council promote themselves by stating:
Broadwindsor Group Parish Council represents the views of local people, negotiates and influences the decisions which directly affect the community and delivers important services to improve the quality of life for everyone living and working in the area.

The Neighbourhood Plan became a statutory part of the development plan for the area and carries significant weight in how planning applications are decided. You can read the October 2018 Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan, in full HERE. (The Editor could not find the approved plan on the Dorset Council website.)

The next meeting of Broadwindsor Group Parish Council will be held at Drimpton Village Hall on Monday, 12th February at 7.30pm.  All are invited to attend.

The full agenda is not yet published but one planning application in particular, which has a deadline of 15th February for comments, has received much attention on social media… Councillor Steve Chubb commented as below:

The following application P/FUL/2022/05832 has been received from Dorset Council and will be discussed at our next meeting on 12 February. A Case Officer was only appointed at the end of last week and an extension to the deadline for comments has been requested in order that the Parish Council can discuss collectively and seek the views of those living close by. Members of the public can make comments to the Parish Council or comment directly to Dorset Council online. The deadline is 15 February.In November 2022 Chapman Lily Planning Ltd attended a Parish Council meeting to discuss the proposal prior to submission to Dorset Council. The published minute of that item is below (main image).…

Let YOUR voice be heard:
  • You can comment now directly on the application on Dorset Council’s website HERE, up until Thursday, 15th February.
  • You can voice your comments to the local councillors by attending their meeting on Monday, 12th February.
  • You can email the parish clerk:
  • You can telephone the parish clerk: 01308 488440
  • For more details on Broadwindsor’s Neighbourhood Plan – please visit HERE.
  • For more information on Chapman Lily Planning Ltd – please visit HERE.
Broadwindsor Group Parish Council
There are 15 elected Councillors who represent the five wards of Blackdown, Broadwindsor, Burstock, Drimpton and Seaborough.
Do you know who your parish councillors are?
They can be viewed HERE.


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The Broad Palate – Feb ’24

Quick Fish Chowder – serves 4

A distant cousin of Scotland’s Cullen Skink, this has more of a broth consistency (rather than some thicker versions) but if preferred you can mash half the potatoes into the broth once cooked, to give a thicker result.  Mop up the broth with some crusty bread.  Weights don’t have to be exact.

  • 50g knob of butter
  • 4-5 spring onions, chopped
  • 1 large mugful sweetcorn (tinned or frozen)
  • 3 large potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • 800g fish or chicken stock
  • 400g skinned, boned smoked haddock, cut into large chunks
  • 400g any skinless, boneless white fish, salmon or combination, cut as above
  • 200g cooked king prawns (optional)
  • 150g carton double cream
  • 1 half pack of fresh dill, chopped (or 1 tsp dried)
  • 1 half pack parsley, roughly chopped


Melt butter in a large pan and add spring onions, sweetcorn and potatoes. Cook gently for 3-4 minutes.
Add stock (and dried dill, if using) and simmer for about 7-8 minutes or until the potatoes and corn are cooked.
Add the fish and cook gently for a couple of minutes until done. Add fresh dill and most of the parsley.
Take off the heat. Stir in the cream. Season with salt and pepper (and a small teaspoonful of sugar if needed).
Top with remaining parsley and enjoy immediately.

Raspberry cheesecake hearts (makes 6 generous squares or hearts or 8 smaller)

  • 1 sheet puff pastry
  • 1 beaten egg
  • 3-4 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 1 punnet raspberries (or strawberries, sliced)
  • 150g cream cheese, at room temperature (pour off any whey)
  • 100g double cream
  • 2 tbsp sifted icing sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 220F/200C/Gas 7.
Line a large baking tray with greaseproof paper. Place your pastry sheet on a lightly floured surface and fold in half. Gently roll together (but not too thinly).
Using a heart-shaped cutter, cut out six (or more, depending on the size of the cutter) heart shapes or squares. Place on baking sheet, prick the tops gently, brush with the beaten egg and give each one a generous sprinkling of sugar.
Bake for 9-10 minutes or until puffed up and golden. Cool completely, then split in half horizontally.
Beat the cream cheese until soft, and add in the icing sugar and vanilla extract, mixing thoroughly.
Whip the cream to soft peaks and fold into the cream cheese mixture.
Pile onto the unsugared sides of the pastries, top with the fruit and top with the sugared pastry pieces. Dust with sifted icing sugar if desired.

Many thanks to Ann 🙂

Bon Appetit!

The Bishops' Kitchen
To revisit the Bishops’ Kitchen recipes provided by Richard Childs – please click HERE 🙂


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