Meet Rick Dyke – Broadwindsor’s New Councillor

Hursey resident Rick Dyke has been co-opted to Broadwindsor’s Group Parish Council to represent the Broadwindsor ward.

Since moving to Hursey with his wife Sara in 2020, Rick has been a regular volunteer at Broadwindsor Community Stores and is also a member of the Broadwindsor Community Pub Steering Group.

Rick is very interested in environmental issues and assists the local ECO Group in recycling items not currently collected by the council. Rick also supports many charities and is a committee member of the City of London branch of Cancer Research UK and an ambassador for ‘Hand of, a charity that gives children and young people unique creative opportunities to work alongside professional artists, musicians, archivists, academics and more..

We welcome Rick and wish him the very best for his new role.


Broadwindsor GP CLT Site At Netherhay Lane

The Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust Board is absolutely delighted that they have taken a step closer to provision of 15 housing units for affordable rent for our Parish area, with the commencement of work on their development site at Netherhay Lane, Drimpton. Board members and the community have, over a period of 6 years, been very involved with the planning and design of these badly needed homes, and thy are very excited to see things actually happening at last! The CLT took ownership of the site on 24th November 2021. The main contractor CG Fry started work on 13th December, fencing off the site, creating the initial site office and facilities, removing turf and creating a working roadway before Christmas. From the beginning of January 2022, further ground condition surveys have been taking place to inform strategy on foundations, and initial trenches have been dug for drainage. The contract term is set for completion by April 2023.

Drainage works

CG Fry has agreed to the CLT Board’s request for 4-5 site Open Days to be organised across the construction period so that community members can visit the site and talk to staff members of both CG Fry and Abri (our Housing Association partner). They will let you know when these are scheduled in due course.

During the construction phase BGP CLT is running a community project, to include a series of music, arts and crafts events in Drimpton, which will be  open for participation to everyone in the Broadwindsor Parish area. This project is being coordinated for us by Andrew Pastor, with the help of Brian Hesketh and Francesca Hurrell.

To be eligible for one of these new homes, please apply now to join the Dorset Council Housing Register HERE notifying them of your interest in this CLT housing development in Drimpton.

The principal aim of the Broadwindsor Group Parish CLT is to provide a small development of affordable housing for rent to people with a direct connection to the villages within this Parish:

  • Blackdown
  • Broadwindsor
  • Burstock
  • Drimpton
  • Hursey
  • Kittwhistle
  • Seaborough

If you have any questions about the development or the housing, please contact:
David Leader (Chair, BGP CLT) –,
Anyone interested in being part of the current and future CLT community projects are invited to contact:
Sheila for a CLT membership.
Learn more at their website HERE.

Netherhay Lane – prior to development.

Bus Back Better – Take Part On Wed 19th & Thurs 20th Jan 22

In October Dorset Council submitted their Bus Service Improvement Plan on time to the Department for Transport. Since that time they have been working on the next stage – the Enhanced Partnership.

As part of the ongoing process they would like to invite Town and Parish Councils to a stakeholder briefing session to be held via Teams to explain the Enhanced Partnership process, their plans for governance and bus user representation, the work conducted to get them to the stage and the timeline for completing the process by the end of March 2022.

Cllr. Simon Christopher did report on the Enhanced Partnership Plan but made no mention of this invitation for you to be heard.  You are invited to attend either of the sessions being held on Wednesday 19 January at 10am and Thursday 20 January at 2pm. 

To attend either briefing session, you need to have Microsoft Teams installed.  Microsoft Teams is free – you can download it HERE. Please then click on the appropriate button below.

  • Wednesday at 10am – click HERE.
  • Thursday at 2pm – click HERE.

Comments, suggestions, and ideas can also be emailed to

The Bus Service Improvement Plan will be further developed and updated annually.


Amendments To Planning Application WD/D/21/000123

Residents at Fullers in Broadwindsor this morning received correspondance informing them of amendments to the planning application WD/D/21/000123.

The proposal: For CG Fry to erect 22 dwellings and associated works, including the formation of access, surface water attenuation pond, landscape and ecological enhancements (AMENDED SCHEME).

Triple Garage with sub-division at Plots 13 & 15.

The application, which was made on 18th January 2021, remains out for consultation. Click HERE to view all the documents.

You can comment, support or object on this development online HERE  The comment box they give you has a 1000 character limit.  (If you wish to enter more than 1,000 characters, please type your response in a text document and add it as an attachment.)
You may have already made comments on the original submission. Any existing comments will still be taken into account. If you wish to make any further comments in light of the
amendments, please submit them by
7th February, 2022.
Please note that any comments received will be published on Dorset  Council’s website.

If you require further information, please contact either:



The Place I Love Project – Saturday, 12th February

It’s here already! Our village map which you have helped create 🙂

It was mid-October ’21 when villager, Margery Hookings launched The Place I Love project with a successful exhibition involving local artists (more HERE).  From 2pm – 4pm on Saturday, 12th February you are invited to come and view the map and spend a little time there as there is much to browse as well as a hot cuppa and cake being available. Admissions is free.

There will also be:

  • an exhibition of poems and photographs by local children.
  • the results of our field name research.
  • locally collected folk songs.
  • a raffle.

Refreshments will be provided by and are in aid of the W.I.

A digital map will be available on after the unveiling 🙂

The project is being funded by Dorset Council’s Community and Culture Project Fund, Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’s (AONB)Sustainable Development Fund, the National Community Lottery through the AONB’S Stepping Into Nature Project and Broadwindsor Group Parish Council.


Cllr. Simon Christopher’s Report – Jan 2022

Cllr. Simon Christopher submitted the following report at this evening’s Informal Meeting of the Group Parish Council:

Dear Helen and Councillors,

A Happy New Year to you all.

As I write this it has been announced that there have now been in excess of 150,000 Covid deaths.

Despite the current HM Government advice, which continues to restrict normal living whether through advice to work from home , the wearing of masks in certain places or indeed the predominance of virtual meeting as opposed to face to face meetings there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. This takes many forms, whether through Melplash show planning their AGM and also the Annual Dinner to tour operators for overseas travel reporting bookings returning to normal.

Clearly the vast majority of us want a return to normality as soon possible.

Before I set out the latest Covid news and report on other matters I want to write about road safety.  I have to comment that there can be few things more harrowing to receive than a road safety report after a fatality . The reports give details of road circumstances weather conditions on how an accident is perceived to have occurred and is completed after work undertaken by both Dorset Police and the Dorset Road Safety expert . I know from my discussions with our MP Chris Loder , that he is truly shocked at the number of fatalities and serious injuries as a result of accidents on the roads of Dorset.

I continue to liaise with the road safety expert at Dorset Council but also with our MP in connection with road safety, whether in connection with speed limits, speed cameras, additional payments and appropriate work on road surfaces. Particular roads of concern include Broadwindsor to Drimpton and sections of the B3165 . I have met with the safety officer prior to Christmas and have a virtual catch-up meeting on Monday 10 January .

You will see that this is continuing work and in addition to the work agreed to be instigated following the meeting with Councillor Leader, Councillor Huges and the Highways safety officer and myself, as Dorset Councillor, in November 2021.

The November 2022 meeting subsequently led to the following written commitment from the Highways Safely Officer:

Dear Cllr Christopher,

Further to our recent meeting I can confirm that we will be putting in various lining as set out below.

On Common Hill additional slow markings with yellow bars and also edge lining.

On the B3163 close to the cricket ground extras slow marking with yellow bars.

On the approach from Salway Ash extra slow markings with yellow bar markings.

I have spoken to Rob Camp regarding the SID (Speed Indicator Device) and hopefully delivery will be soon and I have given you Helen Jackson in the LTP Team as your contact to discuss possible footway link to the cricket pitch.

We will be out to mark up the various lining etc but I cannot promise when it will be done as salt is being laid on the road due to the weather so it is likely to be well into the new year but we will ask for the work to be done as soon as possible.

Any other queries please do not hesitate to come back to me.

Clearly, I will be keeping up my work with the Highway Safety Officer in the above and other areas.


In the same way that there is concern about the financial viability of shops, retail units and pubs, there is also concern about the financial viability of farming operations.

There is, and always has been in my time as Local Authority Councillor some speculation about the Dorset Council Farms Estate. Regardless of this, what we do know is that there may never have been a greater time of change for the farming industry than now. The reason I devote so much of this report to Agriculture in this January 2022 report is a result of the following.

  1.  The lack of Dorset Council meetings since the last BGPC meeting, In the interim our waste collection service has, I believe, continued to perform very well.
  2. The importance that I am sure we place on the appearance of the country side and the survival of small family farms in particular.

Following our departure from the EU the Marshwood Vale farmers and indeed Dorset Council tenant farmers and farmers across the Country are impacted by the introduction of a new farming policy under the Agriculture Act 2020.

There is huge concentration on key farming issues succession , capital investment and profitability . Few farmers will be unaware that half of their Basic Payment Scheme ie BPS money will no longer be available by 2024. This is I would argue a man concern of the farming community .As farmers seek to diversify this will have an impact on all of our residents . Other uncertainties include whether relatively high sales prices that have prevailed in many ( but not all ) sectors will continue. if consumers change their buying habits post pandemic . There is also the requirement to be legally compliant and to address environmental issues especially climate change.

One of the greatest concerns is for small farms and tenanted farms, in particular it is my understanding that approximately 50 per cent of land is farmed by tenant farmers (including of course the tenants of the Dorset Council farm’s estate.) My concern is based on the fact that BPS is being gradually reduced this has been hugely important to all active farmers and that tenant farmers should not be excluded from receiving agri- environmental subsidies.

For those farmers amongst you there should be a concern that safeguards that exist for those who rent under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 should extend to Farm Business Tenancies such that tenants will not be prevented by landlords from accessing the schemes.

I will detail the concern. There are three proposed ELM (Environmental Land Management) schemes and in respect of the first 2 of them there are uncertainties as to the extent to which tenant farmers will benefit. The reasons for the uncertainties with respect to the first 2 schemes involve

1 ) The Local Nature Recovery Scheme, which will not be widely available until 2024,  that amongst other things, encourages farmers to create new habitats and plant trees.

2) The Lanscape Recovery Scheme which seeks a more dramatic approach assisting farmers and land owners who manage 500 to 5000 hectares (and note hectares not acres) and so only benefiting larger agricultural concerns.

3) The sustainable Farming Incentive which will fund sustainable farming practices and should be widely available.

You may wish to contact your Member of Parliament to address any particular concern you may have for the future of the countryside and indeed family farms. There are a great many who are uncertain about the future prospects for farming and would welcome clarification of eligibility, rules and payment rates for schemes 1 and 2 above.


The portfolio holder responsible for buses is continuing his work (and this is a non-exhaustive list:) following on from the submission of the Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) in October2021

  1.  The launch of the statutory consultation on the Enhanced Partnership Plan
  2. The legal framework through which Dorset Council will deliver the BSIP.

Before I consider these 2 points, I will repeat what the Bus Service Improvement Plan seeks to achieve

a) buses being a more attractive mode of transport for customers
b) bus journeys being more affordable
c) bus services timetables and journeys being easier to use
d) journey times being shorter
e) services being more reliable
f) buses being greener ie more environmentally friendly

The Enhanced Partnership Plan and scheme document has to be produced by 31 March 2022 and is the means by which the BSIP will be delivered. It follows a statutory process defined in the Bus Services Act 2017 and updated in the light of the National Bus Strategy.

Work on the Enhanced Partnership is continuing though there is no definite date by which the Department for Transport will respond to the request for £92million of funding both capital and revenue within the submitted BSIP .

The Enhanced Partnership Plan high level vision will have objectives which is expected to closely follow the Bus Service Improvement Plan. It is expected that the Enhanced Partnership scheme will set out the precise details of how the Bus Service Improvement Plan vision and objectives will be achieved . These details will include any commitment made by the Local Transport Authority and standards to be met bus operators.

The legal framework mentioned in (2) above will include governance and user representation.

Town and Parish councils have I understand been invited to stakeholder meetings next week.

If there are any issues arising, please e mail me.


Following the consultation last year, Dorset Council continue to gather information to inform the proposals for the plan. This will involve consideration of national planning policy including the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) and the expected housing need for the County. The Local Plan is an important document as it will assist in the delivery of appropriate housing facilities and employment in the long period to 2038.

Dorset Council is aiming to publish the final draft, which will be available for comments in the middle of this year. The timescale then on is for the comments on the final draft to be considered prior to submission to a planning inspector in the Autumn of this year. If all these dates are adhered to public examination will then follow on from the comments of the planning inspectorate in 2023 with adoption in late 2023.

Here is the latest Covid information

Published: 7 January 2022

This week’s overview

Case rates have continued to rise quickly over the past week across Dorset Council and Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council, and remain higher than at any other point during the pandemic. Infection rates are very high across the country.

In Dorset we have started to see hospitalisations related to COVID-19 rise, up to 74 from 55 in a week. Our hospitals and other critical services are also under increasing pressure due to staff absences related to COVID-19. The number of deaths related to COVID-19 has remained relatively stable and continue to be much lower than during previous waves of the pandemic.

Testing remains key to stopping the spread and protecting others. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, you must get a PCR test and self-isolate whilst waiting for the result. Lateral flow tests should be used by anyone without symptoms, particularly before meeting others – if you get a positive test, you must log the result and follow self-isolation guidance. Most people no longer need to get a PCR test to confirm a positive lateral flow test.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself from serious illness caused by COVID-19. As well as people getting boosted, it’s been great to see people in Dorset coming forward for their first and second doses in recent weeks, and we’d urge anyone who hasn’t yet had their jabs to come forward. There are plenty of opportunities to get vaccinated in Dorset.

Latest data

The visualisation below shows the seven-day case rate, people in hospital beds and deaths for the latest data periods available. There can be a time lag to allow us to report the most complete data. We provide this local update weekly, but you can find information daily on the UK Health Security Agency data page.

N.B. the dip in the number of hospital beds occupied by COVID-19 patients on 28 November is due to missing data for one of the hospital trusts.


Summary of the most recent data:

  • 7 day case rates per 100,000
    • BCP: 1,406.6 (compared to 1,087.9 in last update on 31 December)
    • Dorset: 1,190.1 (compared to 783.1 in last update on 31 December)
  • Confirmed cases in last 7 days
    • BCP: 5,584 (compared to 4,319 in last update on 31 December
    • Dorset: 4,521 (compared to 2,974 in last update on 31 December)
  • Current COVID-19 patients in hospital beds in Dorset: 74 (compared to 55 in last update on 31 December)


Many of you will have read reports that the Dorset Council tax budget could have been worse. In fact, Council Tax will be determined at a full council meeting in February 2022. Dorset Counci has been helped by larger than expected settlement from the Government although only for one year. I thought I would share with you some thoughts on additional Government funding. First of all, the extra funding will assist with our perceived budget in circumstances where income has been reduced as a consequence of Covid whether reduced income associated with property or through reduced use of paid for services eg reduced income from leisure centres The Council should then reflect on allocating further funds to assist with housing delivery .The Council is under an obligation to fund work to prepare for the social care market reforms In addition, funds should be earmarked for social care demand and inflationary pressures next year.
Best regards,
Simon Christopher
Dorset Councillor Marshwood Vale
077988 33715


Temporary Speed Limit on Beaminster Road – January 8th

BT’s Openreach will be performing underground works from outside Wantsley Farm on the B3163 to Horn Park Farm on Saturday, January 8th.

A 40 mph temporary speed limit will be imposed in both directions. This will be from 8am on Saturday through to 4pm on Sunday 9th January when they expect their works to be completed.  Openreach will have boards and signage in place.


COVID Vaccine Walk-In Availability Today & Tomorrow

At Beaminster Town Hall, Mike and his team have availability for walk-in COVID vaccinations today (30th) and tomorrow (31st): 1st, 2nd and 3rd doses.
  • 09.00 – 12.00 noon
  • 13.00 – 16.30 hrs.

You must be over 16 and at least 91 days from your 2nd jab for a booster.

Please do share this information, thank you.

Stay safe and enjoy a Happy New Year 🙂

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COVID Vaccine Walk-In Availability Today

At Beaminster Town Hall, Mike and his team have good availability for walk-in COVID vaccinations today: 1st, 2nd and 3rd doses.
  • 09.00 – 12.00 noon
  • 13.00 – 16.30 hrs.

You must be over 16 and at least 91 days from your 2nd jab.

Please share this information, thank you.

#Broadwindsor,#Burstock,#Blackdown,#Drimpton,#Hursey,#Kittwhistle,#Seaborough,#Village,#AONB,#Dorset,#WestDorset,#Covid19,#BeaminsterPharmacy, #Booster,#Vaccinations,#Beaminster,#DorsetCouncil,#BookNow,#NHS,#SocialDistancing,#BeKind,#BeSafe,#StaySafe

2 Council Vacancies – Blackdown & Broadwindsor


The Parish Clerk, Helen Cudmore may be contacted at