Vacancy: Broadwindsor Group Parish Councillor – Burstock Ward

We reiterate the Parish Council’s sadness in publishing this vacancy for the Burstock Ward.

The Parish Clerk, Helen Cudmore may be contacted at




Goodbye & Good Luck!

…to Vikki & Spike, now ex-landlords of Broadwindsor’s pub, The White Lion.

Vikki and Spike are off to pastures new, closer to family at The New Inn, Park Lane Off Church Street, Blagdon, Bristol, BS40 7SB. The venue appears very attractive situated by Blagdon lake and several locals have already declared promises to take a trip to visit them and of course, all will be welcomed.

Thank you so much Spike and Vikki for everything you have contributed to our village while you have been here. You have been an invaluable part of our community. You will be sorely missed but we all wish you both wealth, health and prosperity in your new venture.

What’s happening to the pub?

The Parish Council is waiting to hear back from Palmers Brewery re: negotiations of the building becoming a community run pub: initial village feedback would indicate the situation is fraught with problems as anyone taking over is subject to Palmers’ rules, ales and pricing. Click HERE to view the latest local  news at the time of publishing…. we wait.


Where will people go?

The nearest pubs out of the village are:

  • The Knapp in Beaminster.
  • The Royal Oak in Drimpton.
  • The Admiral Hood in Mosterton.
  • The New Inn in Stoke Abbott.


Is This Your Dog? Owner found.

* Update: Owner has been found 🙂 Thank you to those who helped.
This cute and friendly chap
was discovered wandering at the top of Hursey road earlier this afternoon by a car driver.  He is safe and being held at the home of David Leader at West Hill House Cottages.

He is wearing a bright red collar and is very engaging.

Please telephone David or Elaine Leader on: 01308 868275 to arrange his collection.

Thank you 🙂




The Place I Love – A New Project Celebrating Life In Broadwindsor

This is a project celebrating community life and is being launched later this year by village resident Margery Hookings.  The aim is to bring people of all ages together in respecting and loving where we live – and Margery needs your input.

Margery at her window.Margery, who played the daily Sound of Music Through The Square Window requests during the first two lockdowns, is asking for village artists, photographers or craftspeople inspired by the local landscape to get in touch if they would like to take part in an Art Exhibition and Sale at Comrades Hall on Saturday 16th October.

The free event, which is in aid of Comrades Hall, will act as the public launch of the project she is leading as part of Windrose Rural Media Trust, which she first joined as a volunteer reporter for Dorset Farm Radio 15 years ago when she was editor of the Bridport and Lyme Regis News.

The village project is being funded by Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’s Stepping Into Nature scheme (funded by the National Community Lottery) and its Sustainable Development Fund, as well as by Broadwindsor Group Parish Council and through in-kind support. Margery is waiting to hear the outcome of an application to Dorset Council’s Community and Culture Fund.

She said: ‘There are several strands to The Place I Love, including collecting local field names and their uses past and present, collecting and performing folk songs from the area and the creation of a large, permanent map of the parish, with field names and points of interest and with a strong nod to the Countryside Code.

‘Between now and the project’s public launch, I’ll be sourcing maps, gathering historical information about the area – which will be passed to Dorset History Centre – and lining up interviews with people who live here about what it is they love about Broadwindsor.

The project will involve my Windrose colleagues, folk singer and collector Amanda Boyd and filmmaker James Harrison, along with local volunteers. A number of local people have already pledged their support and I’d love to hear from anyone else who would like to participate by giving me a hand or coming up with ideas of their own.”

The Place I Love theme presents the village with lots of interesting opportunities and could be replicated in other areas.’

If you’re interested in taking part in the exhibition or helping with the project please contact Margery by e-mail:



Windrose Rural Media Trust:

Windrose is a registered charity (no. 1136144). Formerly known as Trilith, it works across Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire on various heritage projects in rural areas. Its purpose is to use the media to undertake educational, archival and creative work in rural communities. It is best known for its archive of films of rural life in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, with films shows in village halls and other venues. It also undertakes new film and audio projects such as the Forever Archive series (which included Broadwindsor) and a project which combined archive film and folks songs for people with dementia.

Margery Hookings:

Margery has lived in Broadwindsor for 20 years and in Dorset for 39 years. A trained journalist, she now writes a weekly column in The People’s Friend Magazine, along with regular features focusing on local heritage, landscape and community for the Marshwood Vale Magazine. She is assistant editor of the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society’s quarterly magazine, The Greenwood Tree.

If you’re interested in taking part in the exhibition or helping Margery with her project please contact her by e-mail:


Local Gallery Nominated For Award

The Gallery of Makers at Broadwindsor’s Redlands Yard has been nominated for an award in the Best Art Gallery group for Dorset & Somerset in the *Muddy Stilletos Awards 2021.  Voting begins on Tuesday, 6th July. Click HERE to show them your support from that date.

Pop Up Corner

Clare Colby at the Gallery of Makers has no rental space remaining but does run a Pop Up corner which is currently changed fortnightly.  Clare is considering doing a Pop Up Gallery on Sundays. Anyone interested in taking part is asked to please contact Clare to discuss further and explore options.  Email: will promote the event when dates are confirmed 🙂


Gallery Of Makers

*Affectionately known as the Muddies, the awards are now in their 8th year and are becoming the most coveted #InLoveWithLocal awards for indie businesses across 25 counties. Last year their Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Hero Brown was named as one of the UK’s Top 50 inspirational women and a digital pioneer.  Read more HERE.
Please Note: Nominations are now closed and the voting begins on Tuesday, 6th July. Click HERE to give them your support.



Is The White Lion Viable As A Community Pub?

Almost forty attended Monday evening’s Group Parish Council meeting on Zoom to hear their discussion re: Palmer’s proposition of operating the White Lion as a Commuity run pub.  Cllr. David Leader, who chaired Monday’s meeting, stated that many discussions had already taken place including with The New Inn at Shipton Gorge – Palmers only other Community Pub.  No satisfactory solution had yet been reached and there are more difficult negotiations to be had.
Palmers had approached Broadwindsor Group Parish Council as a last resort as no one suitaable or interested had come forward to take over the licence at the White Lion.  Their initial proposal included a full repairing lease, which was refused.

Palmers would categorically not sell the pub. As the pub would be tied to Palmers, not allowing other brewery’s ales, they would have to be sympathetic with their price strategies.  Village resident, with landlord experience, Luke Pickering commented “The remaining options are not particularly good for the Community.” Cllr. Leader replied saying that once there were firm proposals put forward, a public meeting would be called.

Other items included:

  • Spending £8,953 for 2 SIDS (Speed Indicator Devices) for Broadwindsor and Drimpton came under much debate with a clear objection from Cllr. HardwillCllr. Leader confirmed this would be a one off payment and the rotation of the devices would be carried out by volunteers.  Residents John Newall and Sheila Hawkins, both members of the Speed Watch Group confirmed the SID’s effectiveness.  Sheila Hawkins would place an ad in the village shop for volunteers.  Payment was approved.
  • Margery Hookings requested £100 for printing costs for Windrose’s Rural Media Trust’s new community project ‘The Place I Love’, which she is leading in Broadwindsor later this year. This was granted. The project has already been awarded funding by Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’s Stepping Into Nature scheme and its Sustainable Development Fund. Cllr. Rowe’s request to double the amount to £200 was refused.
  • There were no new Covid-19 updates!
  • Cllr. Bob Harris reported for the Comrades Hall Planning application, P/FUL/2021/01358. He stated that no one was home for comment at The Lodge and that he believed the Old Schoolhouse to be a holiday home. [In April 2021, published the fact that the Old Schoolhouse was being reoccupied by the family following repairs to the roof.]  He did not see the 6 metre climbing frame as obtrusive to nearby residents.  Although the solar panels were in contrast to the roof, the case for installation overides that. He recommended the application for approval.
  • Co-chair of Broadwindsor Allotment Group, Sheila Hawkins reported that for the first time in many years, the allotment plots were almost full with just one 1/4 and one 1/2 plot available.  Keeping beehives has been requested: the site would be at the top right (looking up from the gate) and fenced off.  The National Allotment Society’s guidelines would be followed.  Councillors are to take an informed decision at their next meeting in July.
    The verges on the main road were problematical for drivers leaving the site as vision was obscured.  Cllr. Andrew Frampton introduced Lloyd Curtis‘ son, Stuart who, when asked if he could continue his father’s work and cut the verge on the bottom bank of the allotments, responded “I can do that.” The Chairman thanked him and invited Stuart to consider taking over from his father as councillor for Burstock Ward stating it would be a wonderful decision.
  • The wildflower verges at Crosskeys in Broadwindsor came under criticism as shop manager Kevin Madder-Smith said customers had commented it is “the worst it’s looked in 5-6 years“. Cllr. dorothy Rowe, stated that there was slow progress this year due to the cold Spring weather, and the late verge cutting was delayed due to the wettest May on record. Kevn Madder Smith continued that the verges had not been cut enough making it difficult for dog walkers to pick up their dog’s mess.  Cllr. Rowe stated she would contact Senior Ranger, Russell Goff.
  • Hursey resident, James Brooke was granted permission to investigate and restore the Milestone Marker there.  He also commented on the broken finger post sign and was told that there is an ongoing repair programme and that the piece that had broken off had indeed been recovered and was awaiting repair.
  • James Brooke also voiced concern about the risk of a landslide on the B3164.  This is to be added to the agenda for the next meeting.
  • The next meeting will be on Monday 7th July – whether online or face to face has yet to be decided.

We currently have 14 Elected Councillors – Click HERE to identify them.

Contact the Town Clerk:

#PALMERSBREWERY – how Palmers are advertising the pub.


Full Moon – Thursday 24th June

June was traditionally the month for marriages – it is even named after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno. Following marriage comes the “honeymoon,” which give may give some credence to this Full Moon’s name. The bees are indeed making honey at this time. It was traditional to gift mead or honey to a newlywed couple during their first moon of marriage.

June’s Full Moon on the 24th is also known as the Strawberry Moon by the UK and many other Eurpean countries, being the time of year for ripening strawberries.  All other names have sweet or romantic connatations:

  • Full Rose Moon.
  • Mead Moon.
  • Lover’s Moon.
  • Hot Moon.



Councillor Simon Christopher’s Report – June 2021

Prior to Cllr. Simon Christopher submitting the following report at last night’s meeting of the Group Parish Council, he requested the Town Clerk “put it on record” that Cllr. Rebecca Knox* (Beaminster Ward), Cabinet Member for Communities, Health & Wellbeing had been extremely helpful with her experience and knowledge of the Broadwindsor Ward.

“I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of parish councillor Lloyd Curtis.  As Philip Hardwill has stated “We will miss him and the good he did for his local community”.
It is disappointing that we are not meeting face to face as I continue to believe that a face to face meeting is preferable to virtual meeting. However there is still justifiable concern about the spread of the Covid Virus and your caution is perfectly understandable. It will not have escaped the attention of many of you that I have been corresponding with the Highways team including Highway Lead Council member  Councillor Cherry  Brooks to press for resurfacing of local roads. This has been successful in some places but certainly not in relation to the B3165. I have the assurance of the lead member for highways responsible for road surfaces that this will be looked at further. That is to say every metre of the above road within Dorset from the Somerset Border down to the Devon  border. To remind you Councillor Ray Bryan is the Cabinet Member responsible for Highways . Councillor Cherry Brooks as stated is responsible for road surfaces.

Councillor Nocturin Lacey Clark is the lead member responsible for Hedgerows and verges. This leads us to the matter of Common Water Lane and the issues relating  to its use or mis use. Councillor Rebecca Knox also has interest here, as part of Common Water Lane is in her ward. Common Water Lane which appears to have been as issue for many years prior to me becoming a Dorset Councillor,  is the subject of continuing correspondence where we are waiting various responses from Dorset Council . I am not a solicitor or highways expert but I will be seeking a legal opinion at a face to face meeting this week with a specialist solicitor.

You will have noted my concerns over so many months about dogs not being on leads and disturbing and indeed harming livestock. This problem has been highlighted still further with the death of the cow at nearby Eggardon. It is useful to remind all that farmers have the right to shoot dogs in circumstances where dogs are deemed to be loose such that their livestock may be protected.

I have received on Friday 18 June , a lengthy e-mail about the damage to verges banks and road surfaces drains etc. by large vehicles .

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the future and indeed speaking with you in the days ahead. Suffice it to say that the e-mail is written in what may be termed a legal way quoting the Highways Act and the responsibilities of Dorset Council and the police.

I will be looking to arrange a meeting with the concerned resident shortly.

I am corresponding in the first instance with the Highways Team about this for their view. Such damage to drains is seen as leading to eventual greater damage to road surfaces property etc. This has been a concern across the Marshwood Vale and obviously across the Country for many years.

I have also received a residents e mail expressing concern re the possibility of the creation of  a concrete ramp across Hursey Common amongst other concerns.

Last week Dorset Council received an update from the Cabinet Member for Planning Councillor, David Walsh.  In the update he stressed the amount of officer time being devoted to consideration of the responses  to the consultation to the first draft of the Dorset Local Plan. Councillor Walsh stressed his dedication to making sure that Dorset has a new adopted Local Plan by the end of 2023.

Clearly the Government has previously indicated it wanted to simplify planning within England. I am referring here to the Planning For the Future White Paper last August seen as the largest overhaul of the planning system since the 1947 Town and Country Planning Act. This may or may not ultimately be pursued. In the meanwhile the sensible and appropriate course of action is for the local plan to progress through its various stages.

You may have read that Dorset Council has called for more Government action to bring better broadband to more remote rural areas. Dorset Council is quoting that 96 per cent of Dorset can get super fast broadband. Dorset Council’s deputy leader Peter Wharf said “While we very much welcome the National Project Gigabit funding coming to Dorset we want to ensure that this and any future investments in improving connectivity  are directed at our hardest to reach areas first”.

The Council has also invested £1million to give our residents and businesses in rural areas an additional top up when they apply for government broadband vouchers.

  • “However we get no say on how or where that top is spent and we are urging the Government to enable councils to have more influence on where money is invested locally”.
  • “Crucially we would like to see the Government return to its original commitment of bringing gigabit capable broadband to 100 per cent of premises”.
  • “In this day and age where broadband is essential it is imperative that no home or business is left behind “.

In addition to more funding, Dorset Council would  like to see national subsidy offers improved so that anyone on sub super fast broadband speeds can apply. Currently the offer, called the Universal Service Obligation (USO) is for people whose internet speeds are less than 10 Mbps.

I am meeting the Council Leader Spencer Flower for a one  to one discussions on Wednesday (23rd June). Amongst the discussion topics will be the need to see improvements to bus services.

To remind you earlier this year Sue McGowan Head of Dorset Travel said “We are intending to refresh our public transport strategy in line with the new national strategy ( Bus Back Better). I will be looking for commitment to improve bus services.”

You may recall that only local transport authorities who commit to establishing an Enhanced Partnership across the whole of the LTA area by 30th June 2021 and to have published by 31st October 2021 a bus improvement plan will continue to receive the Covid 19 Bus Services Improvement Grant or any new sources of funding from Central Government.

I look forward to working with the new Police and Crime Commissioner Mr. David Sidwick. I have started to make him aware of issues within the Marshwood Vale Dorset Council Ward.

It is excellent to see the desire within the community to maintain the existence of a shop in Broadwindsor . It will also be interesting  to hear the thoughts of people on the viability having a community run pub at the heart of the village.

With the planned improvements to the Broadwindsor Comrades Hall  (including air source heat pumps and photovoltaic roof panels), the recent repairs to planned improvements to Bernards’ Place by way of installation of new equipment and the the continued progress of the Broadwindsor Cricket Club these are encouraging times.

Best regards

Councillor Simon Christopher.
Dorset Councillor Marshwood Vale
07798 833 715


*Cllr. Rebecca Knox:

Committee appointments:

Her other appointed positions include:



Summer Solstice 2021

This year, the June solstice (Litha) occurs on Monday, 21st June, marking the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun will rise at 4.52am and set at 9.26pm. From now on the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer.
At Litha bonfires represents a reflection of the Sun at the peak of its strength. The chosen wood is often Oak (the King of the Trees) and aromatic herbs were scattered into the fire.  If the Oak is the King, then the Elder represents the Queen. Elderflowers are at their peak too.  Pick them on a sunny day and try the simple recipe for Elderflower Champagne below. Bees are now making honey. the Midsummer Full Moon on the 24th is known as the ‘Honey Moon

At Stonehenge, it is the second summer solstice’s celebrations to be cancelled due to Covid-19 safety guidlines.  The Sunset and Sunrise will be live-streamed from Stonehenge for free on English Heritage’s social media channels and will include exclusive interviews and music. Click HERE for more info.

Elderflower Champagne:

Do use screw top bottles – large plastic bottles used for squash etc. are perfect. This solution will fizz and if not bottled tightly it can explode! Because of this risk, perhaps keep it outside in the garden rather than in your kitchen or a cupboard.
Make sure the flower heads are clean and free from any wee beasties 🙂

  • 8 litres water
  • 1.25 kg sugar
  • 8 large elderflower heads
  • 4 lemons
  • 4 tablespoons mild white wine vinegar


Boil the water and dissolve the sugar into it. When the water is cool, add the elderflowers,  juice of two of the lemons and slices of the other two, plus the vinegar.
Cover with a clean cloth and leave for a day.
Strain through a fine sieve or piece of muslin, carefully squeezing the flowers to extract as much flavour as possible.
Store in clean screw top bottles.
Leave well alone for 10 days or so. Drink within a month. Enjoy!


Father’s Day – Sunday 20th June

Honouring fathers and all things paternal, Father’s Day has been celebrated on the third Sunday in June since 1910.

The Stableyard Restaurant at Redlands Yard are offering all Dads:

  • A bottle of beer/lager/cider
  • Roast lunch
  • Pudding

All for £19.50

There are 1/2 price puddings for everyone else 🙂 Be quick and call them on 01308 868362 to check availabilty!

Founded by the daughter of a U.S. Civil War Army veteran in 1910, in 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. Then in 1972, President Nixon established a permanent national observance of Father’s Day to be held on the 3rd Sunday of June each year. The U.K. follows this observation.

A customary day for the celebration of fatherhood in Catholic Europe is known to date back to at least 1508 and is usually celebrated on March 19th, recognised as the feast day of Saint Joseph.

Germany marks Father’s Day on Ascension Day in May or June, 40 days after Easter, while Australia and New Zealand commemorate it on the first Sunday in September.

In Thailand, Father’s Day is celebrated on 5th December, the birthday of their late king who was considered the ‘Father of the Nation‘.

Russia continues a tradition from the Soviet Union of celebrating “Man’s Day” on ‘Defender of the Fatherland Day’ on 23rd February, which marks the first mass draft into the Red Army.

In addition to Father’s Day, International Men’s Day is celebrated in many countries on November 19th in honour of both men and boys.