Full Moon – Friday, 12th August

August’s Full Moon is on Friday, 12th August at 02.36hrs so will appear slightly larger and brighter on Thursday evening. It is the final Supermoon of 2022.

This lunation is known as the Sturgeon Moon.  This is because the giant sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this part of summer.

The Sturgeon Moon is also referred to as:

  • Full Green Corn Moon, signalling that the corn was nearly ready for harvest.
  • Grain Moon,
  • Fruit Moon,
  • Barley Moon,
  • Wheat Cut Moon 
  • Blueberry Moon.

August also brings us the most popular meteor shower of the year.  As our planet rotates the sun, every August, the Earth crashes into a cloud of debris left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle. As the debris burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere, it produces the meteor shower that we call the Perseids.

The Perseid meteor shower gets its name as it appears to come out of the constellation Perseus. They can appear from any part of the sky, so the more sky you can see the better.
They are active now and set to peak on 13th August. Enjoy!


BFG Offer Free First Aid Training For Locals

As our village no longer has the service of any First Responders, Broadwindsor Fun Group are organising two sessions, dependant on interest, of a one day course of Emergency First Aid Training offering you a nationally recognised qualification certificate valid for 3 years.

The first one day course is being fully funded by Broadwindsor Fun Group*.  It will take place in the Autumn and numbers are strictly limited to 12 places for each course.

The course is being run by MICAS Training Ltd. It is a one day Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course, certified by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance.  In line with guidance provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the qualification supports workplace emergency first aiders for a period of 3 years, after which point learners will need to retake the course.

The course content:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a first aider.
  • Be able to assess an incident.
  • Be able to provide first aid to an unresponsive casualty (including CPR and the recovery position).
  • Be able to provide first aid to a casualty who is choking.
  • Be able to provide first aid to a casualty with external bleeding.
  • Know how to provide first aid to a casualty who is in shock.
  • Know how to provide first aid to a casualty with minor injuries.

Learners must undertake a practical assessment of their competence along with a knowledge assessment, where learners are required to provide a short response to a prescribed series of questions.

*The first one day course will be offered free of charge for members of the local community who are both willing & able to support events & general village first aid needs. Those who qualify from this one day course would have their names and their contact telephone number on display in the Comrades Hall.

Dependant on interest, a second course can be arranged for others at a later date, but a cost would be incurred by the learner.

Broadwindsor Fun Group


To express your interest, please contact bwfunday20@gmail.com in the first instance.

Thank you.


Pub Is The Hub’s Support For The White Lion

The White Lion’s new kitchen was opened with the expert help and a Community Services Fund grant from Pub is The Hub. As they now increase their food service, they are planning to offer a takeaway menu too. You can already have one of Louise’s delicious puddings to take home if you can’t manage one after your meal 🙂

All dishes are home-made with locally-sourced produce, with meat and cheese supplied by Nick Tett Butchers, Beaminster and fish from Davy’s Locker in Bridport, and fruit and vegetables from Washingpool Farm, Bridport.

Manager Kate Staff (above) said: “The new food offer has been attracting more local people into the pub and helping to create connections. We had 36 farmers meet up on pie night which was a great way to get them talking and socialising.”
Our vision is to make the White Lion the hub of Broadwindsor where everyone feels welcome.

To book your table, please speak to Chloe when in the pub or telephone: 01308 867070.

Reg Clarke, regional advisor from Pub is The Hub presented Chairman Rick Dyke with the certificate recognising the importance of The White Lion to the local community.
The plaque reads:

This pub has been
recognised for its important role
at the heart of
local community services

So what is Pub is The Hub?

Pub is The Hub is a not-for-profit organisation, which offers independent specialist advice to publicans on rural services diversification or the options for the community ownership of pubs, so they can all provide viable local services at the heart of their community.

With a proven track record of rural project development and delivery over the last 20 years, Pub is The Hub has worked with great publicans to open shops, libraries, cafes, community cinemas, allotments, play areas and much more. Since 2013, the organisation has also been able to offer small grants through its Community Services Fund.

Pub is The Hub has helped over 600 pubs diversify, with almost 200 of these benefitting from help through the Community Services Fund.

Building on its community services work, in 2018 Pub is The Hub conceived its ‘Join Inn – Last Orders for Loneliness’ campaign. ‘Join Inn’, specifically looks to support publicans and their communities to become better connected, helping local people feel less isolated and, in the process helping to alleviate loneliness.

Find them on Facebook HERE or visit their website: https://www.pubisthehub.org.uk.


Car Park Fully Booked – Thursday, 4th & Saturday, 6th

For your information:

On Thursday, 4th August and Saturday, 6th August the Comrades Hall have two Car Park Only bookings. The Hall itself is not hired out to anyone else and signs will be put in place to advise non-Hall users and visitors not to park there on these days.


Bull In Field – Gate Is Closed

A message from our local farmers 🙂

We have some younger animals in the lower fields at Lewesdon and the Angus bull, which is up in the higher fields, is desperately trying to get with them as he has done his business with his older girls.

The gate connecting the two groups has been pushed open by him a couple of times or left open unwittingly by walkers. We have put a chain and lock on it and ask if people could use the pedestrian gate in the east corner of the field if they are unable to climb over.

The ramifications of a big bull on young heifers is not a good outcome so hopefully people understand this temporary measure until the grass grows and we can move him elsewhere.

Many thanks,
The Frampton’s.


Quiz – Sunday, 7th August, 6pm – The White Lion

A Quiz night with a cash prize for the winning team!  Proving to be popular – Booking essential!

  • £3 per person (CASH ONLY)
  • Maximum of 4 persons per team.

A fun way to end your weekend 🙂

Please speak to Kate when in the pub or telephone: 01308 867070.