The White Lion – Vikki’s Specials For Easter

From Thursday evening through to Saturday evening, in addition to their usual menu (below), this week you can order the following from Vikki’s kitchen:

  • Homemade Fish Pie (Cod/Smoked Haddock) topped with Cheesy Mash with Fresh Vegetables  😋
  • Homemade Homity Pie (Cheese/Leek and Potato) with Fresh Vegetables 😋
  • Homemade Rabbit Pie with Mash or Chips and Fresh Vegetables  😋

For dessert…

Salted Caramel Meringue Roulade with cream  @ £4.00  😋

Happy Easter from all at the White Lion!

For Easter Sunday Lunch:

There is a choice of Roast Pork, Roast Turkey or Roast Lamb
all served with their accompaniments @ £8.50.

Please pre-order by 5pm Saturday.
Please collect between 12 noon – 2.00pm.

The White Lion, Broadwindsor


Telephone: 01308 867070
Message them through Facebook: HERE.

White Lion Takeaway - Jan 2021


Vaccination Update From Barton House Medical Practice

Our next vaccination session will be FRIDAY 2nd APRIL (yes, Good Friday 🙄 as the vaccine will expire otherwise!)
We will be inviting patients for the second dose of their Pfizer vaccine.
Patients who are due their next PFIZER vaccine (11-12 weeks after their first), who have not been contacted, may contact the booking call centre on 01308 808714 where a member of the PCN team will be available to assist.
PLEASE do not call the surgery as this will block our lines; patients will be contacted by text/phone by our Primary Care Network booking team.
Please refer to the Jurassic Coast Primary Care Network website (look for the Coronavirus “box” on the front page) for important information on what to expect on the day including important vaccine-specific information we would ask you to read prior to the appointment.
PLEASE do ensure you are prepared for the visit, particularly regarding parking at the BMC site. We have volunteer marshals throughout the site to ensure patients are looked after from start to finish.
We are expecting the weather to be mostly cooler but with a bit of sunshine 🌤. We will try all we can to minimise queues spilling to outside but please do come dressed for all weathers.
We will also be collecting for “The Cowshed at number 17“, Bridport Health and Wellbeing Champions’ allotment space behind the medical centre – all donations welcome, look out for the blue buckets!

Bernards’ Place Update

As always, Cllr. David Leader sends a huge thank you to all the wonderful people who turned up to help at Bernards’ place on Sunday morning. 

A very productive morning. The main photograph shows Chris, Jamie and John ready for action.  The volunteers also managed to plant wildflower seed in prepared ground alongside the footpath by The Old George and clean the fingerpost sign in the square.

Clive and Dorothy planting wildflower seeds by the side of The Old George, Broadwindsor.
Clive, Bob and Izzie. At the back of The Old George, Broadwindsor.
Sally and Dave, clearing at the Comrades Hall car park, Broadwindsor.
Terry and Brian, Comrades Hall, Broadwindsor.

Thank you everybody involved!


BGP CLT Update – Full Planning Permission achieved!

The Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust released this statment today:

“On behalf of BGP CLT, I am very pleased to inform you of the latest progress on our proposed development at Netherhay Lane, Drimpton. The S.106 Agreement  has now been signed by all parties and was sealed by Dorset Council on 19 March 2021. This completes the planning process and gives BGP CLT full planning permission for our development site, after a long and exacting 1 year and 10 months through the planning system.

Within the next few weeks, the 1.5 hectare site will be transferred to CLT ownership and immediately leased to the CLT’s development partner, Yarlington Housing Group (YHG. The BGP CLT Board has been closely involved with the planning and development process at all stages and will continue to take an active role throughout the construction stage. Our development partners are currently undertaking the tender process to select a construction company. BGP CLT is managing a project of community involvement throughout the construction stage, being led by Lesley Tibballs. We will be keeping the communities within Broadwindsor Group Parish area well informed about progress through local Newsletters, websites and Facebook.

Through the initial stages of the design process, 2 shared ownership units were included as part of the project. Problems have arisen  recently, however, concerning this type of property:  YHG has merged with Abri, and their latest business plan means that they will no longer buy back a share of these properties when they come on the market. This makes it very difficult for the owner/lessee, without the help of the housing association, to find another buyer who can access the required mortgage funding and also matches the local connection criteria required on this development. In addition, there are very few mortgage lenders willing to finance shared ownership properties. Because of these difficulties, the BGP CLT Board, which has always wished to support people on to the first step of property ownership, very reluctantly agreed to withdraw the shared ownership option. All 15 housing units will now be offered for affordable rent.

I and all members of BGP CLT Board, are greatly cheered at our achievement of full planning permission, and we look forward with great enthusiasm to participating in the next stages of this long-term project in Drimpton.”

David Leader – Chair, BGP CLT – 30 March 2021

Lesley Tibballs can be contacted at:

The principal aim of the Broadwindsor Group Parish CLT is to provide a small development of affordable housing for rent to people with a direct connection to the villages within this Parish:

  • Blackdown
  • Broadwindsor
  • Burstock
  • Drimpton
  • Hursey
  • Kittwhistle
  • Seaborough

Anyone interested in being part of the current and future CLT community projects are invited to contact Sheila Hawkins ( for a CLT membership. Learn more at their website HERE.orm.#Broadwindsor,#Burstock,#Blackdown,#Drimpton,#Hursey,#Kittwhistle,#Seaborough,#Dorset,#WestDorset,#BroadwindsorGroupParishCommunityLandTrust,#Netherhay,#BGPCLT,#DorsetCouncil,#NewHomes,#BeSafe,#SocialDistancing,#StaySafe

New Rules & Free Rapid Home Testing for Employers

On the day when the Stay At Home rule ends and the Rule of 6 (outdoors) comes into force and when shielding is due to end in 2 days, from 6th April, the workplace testing programme will supply home test kits to companies with over 10 workers where it is not possible to set up testing on-site, due to a lack of space or because companies operate across multiple sites.

Businesses across the country will be eligible to order the home test kits online to distribute to their employees. These self-test kits will be picked up by staff from their employer with clear instructions about how to take the test. Staff will then complete the home test in the normal way, before reporting their results to the NHS using the provided address.

Businesses are encouraged to register before 12th April in order to access free tests until the end of June, even if they’re not yet open or are not able to start using the tests straight away. Start HERE.

CoronavirusTesting will form a crucial part of everyday life as parts of society reopen. Regular testing could be the difference between a workplace being able to stay open and operational, or needing to close due to a Covid-19 outbreak.

For many employers on-site testing has already become an essential part of its employee offer and a routine part of working life.

Around 1 in 3 people with coronavirus don’t have symptoms, which means they could be spreading the virus in workplaces without knowing. The Government has also confirmed twice-weekly home testing using lateral flow tests for free to all adults in households with Primary, Secondary school and College aged children and young people, including childcare and support bubbles.

The Official of National Statistics (ONS), in response to the NHS Test and Trace, revealed that 86% of people testing positive for Coronavirus are fully complying with self-isolation guidance for their full isolation period. The majority of respondents (68%) also fully understood the self-isolation guidance. Of people who did not fully comply, the most common breaches were to buy food, get medicines or medical appointments.


Local Scout Groups Need Adult Helpers

Scout Groups welcome boys and girls from the ages of 5 ¾ to 14 years old.  Lockdown has made everyone realise how important fun, activities and being part of a community is to us and to children. Both the local Scout groups that serve our parish are in need of Adult Helpers ready for when the groups restart.  Active help.  Committee help.  General help. Assistant Leaders.  All offers of help are appreciated.

The 1st Beaminster Scout Group:

Beaminster’s Groups meet:

  • Beavers: Age 6-8 on Mondays 5.30pm to 6.30pm
  • Cubs: Age 8-10½ on Mondays 6.30pm to 8.00pm
  • Scouts: Age 10½ – 14 on Mondays 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Are you, or someone you know, over 18 and wanting to give something back to our local young people by becoming a helper at the weekly sessions? Perhaps you are ready to take on some new adventures yourself!
Be prepared” to have some fun, they have several positions which need filled.  Read more HERE or send a message for further information to

The 1st Mosterton Scout Group:

Mosterton’s Groups meet:

  • Beavers: aged 5 ¾ to 8 years inclusive – normally meet 4.45pm to 6.00pm.
  • Cubs: aged 8 to 10 ½ years inclusive – normally meet 6.00pm to 7.30pm.
  • Scouts: aged 10 ½ to 14 years old inclusive – normally meet 7.30pm to 9.00pm.

The 1st Mosterton group are also looking for Adult helpers for their group, please email: Chris at


Work Party Needed At Bernards’ Place This Sunday

Outside brushes and shovels will be the order of the day. Help is needed this Sunday, 28th March at 9am at Bernards’ Place in Broadwindsor. The plan is to tidy up the area and make it all look good for Easter!

AmmoniteChris Edgerley has almost completed his feature wall.  Flowers are already appearing in the trough planted by Ruth Stevens at the end of October last year. This Sunday, there will be some wildflower planting alongside the Old George as well.  With preparation of the verges at Crosskeys now underway, Broadwindsor is set to look very pretty indeed.

Please telephone David Leader on: 01308 868275 or 07867 608652


Full Moon – Saturday, 28th March

March’s Full Moon is known as the Worm Moon, which was originally thought to refer to the earthworms that appear as the soil thaws in Spring. This itself leads to the appearance of robins, chats and other worm eating birds.

An alternative explanation for this name comes from Captain Jonathan Carver, an 18th-century explorer, who wrote that this Moon name refers to a different sort of “worm”—beetle larvae—which begin to emerge from the thawing bark of trees and other winter hideouts at this time.

There are other names for this particular Full Moon all of which herald the transition from Winter into Spring.  Such names include:

  • Crow Comes Back Moon.
  • Sugar Moon – marking the time of year when the sap of sugar maples trees starts to flow.
  • Wind Strong Moon – referring to the strong windy days that come at this time of year.
  • The Sore Eyes Moon – from North Dakota where the blinding rays of sunlight reflect off the melting snow of late winter.

March’s full Moon often plays a role in religion too. Specifically, in Christianity, this Moon is known as the Lenten Moon if it is the last Full Moon of the winter season (i.e.: if it occurs before the Spring equinox) or as the Paschal Full Moon if it is the first Full Moon of Spring (i.e.: if it occurs after the Spring equinox).  This year we have a Paschal Full Moon.

Easter is a different date every year and some remember the date as 3 weeks after Mother’s Day. Another way to remember when Easter falls is that Easter is always observed on the Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon, which is the first Full Moon that occurs on or after the March equinox…. well almost…

Broadwindsor village churchThe ecclesiastical dates of the Full Moon and the March equinox are those used by the Christian Church. They were defined long ago in order to aid in the calculation of Easter’s date, which means that they may differ from the astronomical dates of these events.
In A.D. 325, a Full Moon calendar was created that did not take into account all the factors of lunar motion that we know about today. The Christian Church still follows this calendar, which means that the date of the ecclesiastical Full Moon may be one or two days off from the date of the astronomical Full Moon.
Additionally, the astronomical date of the equinox changes over time, but the Church has fixed the event in their calendar to March 21st. This means that the ecclesiastical date of the equinox will always be March 21st, even if the astronomical date is March 19th or 20th.

This year, the March equinox occurred on Saturday, 20th March. The first Full Moon to occur after that date is March’s Full Worm Moon, on Sunday, 28th March. This makes March’s Full Moon the Paschal Full Moon as well. Therefore, Easter will be observed on the first Sunday after March 28: Sunday, 4th April! 🙂

 It’s a period of new beginnings. Look for the spectacularly bright Moon as it rises above the horizon on Saturday evening!


Italian Specials From Vikki’s Kitchen At The White Lion

From Thursday evening through to Saturday evening, in addition to their usual menu (below), there’s an Italian theme in Vikki’s kitchen this week:

  • Homemade lasagne with Chips or Salad
  • Spaghetti and meatballs with Chips or Salad
  • Homemade mushroom tagliatelle with Chips or Salad

For dessert…

Tiramisu with cream @ £4.00


Sunday Lunch – £8.50

You can choose from Roast Beef, Roast Pork or Roast Turkey – all served with their accompaniments.

Please pre-order by 5pm Saturday.
Please collect between 12 noon – 2.00pm.

The White Lion, Broadwindsor


Telephone: 01308 867070
Message them through Facebook: HERE.

White Lion Takeaway - Jan 2021


A Day of Reflection – 23rd March 2021

Today, the UK remembers those who have died with coronavirus, marking one year since the first lockdown began.  Prime minister, Boris Johnson will address the nation this evening.

At noon, a minute’s silence is being held in memory of those who have died and at 8pm people are being encouraged to stand on doorsteps with phones, candles and torches to signify a “Beacon of Remembrance“.  In Wales, more than 100 historic buildings, including the Senedd, Britannia Bridge, Principality Stadium and castles at Caerphilly, Conwy, Caernarfon and I’m A Celebrity’s Gwrych, will be lit in yellow in memory of all those who have lost their lives.

It is one year since the Prime Minister directed the nation to “Stay at home!“.  With over a quarter of a million people in the UK lost to the Coronavirus, the Prime Minister claims the past year has been one of the most difficult in the country’s history. The Prime Minister also praised the “absolutely astonishing achievement” of British scientists and businesses in developing a vaccine and delivering it to half the adult population within a year. Unfortunately, the anniversary coincides with Boris Johnson fighting a diplomatic offensive behind the scenes in a bid to prevent the European Union carrying out a threat to block exports of Coronavirus vaccines to the UK.

From next week – £5,000 fines are set to come in for people who try to holiday abroad.

CoronavirusVets are warning of a possible link between a new variant of coronavirus and heart problems in cats and dogs after a increase in pets presenting with myocarditis at a specialist veterinary hospital in Buckinghamshire during the pandemic’s second wave.  Read the Guardian‘s full report HERE.

Businesses, theatres and other amenities are cautiously planning their reopening in April and May but the threat of a new variant of the virus and another Lockdown is very real as France and Italy are experiencing a third wave of infection. Germany goes into another Lockdown over Easter.
Public Health England figures show that 11,622 people had been confirmed as testing positive for Covid-19 by 9am on Monday (March 22) in Dorsetan increase from 11,560 the same time on Friday (March 19th).

Pablo Picasso's "Dove Of Peace"
Pablo Picasso’s “Dove Of Peace”

Many people have died the past year for reasons other than the Coronavirus but the restrictions in place have made the grieving process even more difficult than it would have been. It is a day of Reflection for us all.  Please, be safe and stay safe.