Local Farming

Photo by Emma HouseWe live in a rural community and farming is a way of life for many.
On this page, we aim to provide information of use to all living this caring and productive life.

Village residents can rent the allotment plots opposite the school – contact Helen Cudmore, Clerk to the Council on 01308 488440 or by email: hello@broadwindsorgroup.gov.uk.

Photo by Emma House

Delivering fresh milk & more from Clapton Farm to both our Community Stores and our doorsteps is Les Broom.
Contact him on: 01460 72667 or by email: lesbroom@btinternet.com

Marshwood Country BeefMarshwood Country Beef

Claire Hayball & her family run this local, small business supplying beef to the surrounding area. Their well loved cows are bred on their family run farm in the West Dorset hills. Supplying cuts of beef from the beginning of June 2021.
Contact: 01297 678362 or email marshwood.countrybeef@outlook.com

The Wagon HouseThe Wagon House

Stuart & Louise Hayball run this small family business, producing quality, fresh, pasteurised whole milk, from their lovely herd of British Holstein cows.
Contact: Email: thewagonhouse@hotmail.com or Message through their Facebook page HERE.

Red Tractor AssuranceRed Tractor is the largest food assurance scheme in the United Kingdom.

It claims to ensure the food is traceable, safe to eat and has been produced responsibly.  The Red Tractor scheme was launched in June 2000 by the National Farmers Union of England and Wales & tells us all to Buy British!
Since June 2010, Carling cans of lager have displayed the logo, as the barley used has been certified.


Many local farmers and those with a small holding regularly have fresh eggs available – one of the lovely advantages of living here!