Additional Restrictions Grant: Phase 3 – Apply Now

If you haven’t applied for this grant previously, you are eligible to apply for Phase 3 which covers the lockdown period of 16th February to 31st March 2021.

The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) is for businesses that are required to close under the imposed coronavirus restrictions that do not qualify for the Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed) Addendum and the Coronavirus Restart Grant for Business.

To qualify –

Your business must meet all these points:

  • must be in the Dorset Council area
  • have been open before January 2021 national restrictions were in place
  • must have been required to close due to national restrictions that came into force on 5 January 2021
  • must not have a liability to pay business rates

Or your business:

  • may be eligible if it has remained open during the January national restrictions but has been significantly impacted and suffered a severe loss of income directly as a result of the national restrictions (severe loss is defined as 50% or more, compared to your usual or forecasted income for this time of year)

Exclusions –

The following businesses are not eligible for this grant:

  • businesses in areas outside the scope of localised restrictions, as defined by government and not subject to a widespread national restriction
  • businesses that have chosen to close but not been required to
  • second homes
  • landlords of properties where they are not occupying them directly themselves for trading business purposes
  • businesses that have already received grant payments that equal the maximum levels of State Aid permitted under the de minimis and the COVID-19 Temporary State Aid Framework
  • businesses that have received a Local Restrictions Support Grant in relation to the national restrictions commencing on 5th November 2020
  • businesses that were in administration, insolvent or where a striking-off notice had been made at the date of the national restriction, 5th January 2021

If you have more than one business at the same address or premises, you will only be eligible for one grant.

Payments –

Grants will be awarded for each 14-day period of lockdown based on the size of business determined by number of employees:

  • 0 to 9 employees will get £467
  • 10 to 49 employees will get £700
  • 50 to 249 employees will get £1,050

Start your Application HERE.

If you applied previously:

Businesses that applied for and received an ARG payment previously will receive a further automatic payment covering the 11 days from 1st April to 11th April 2021 inclusive.
You do not need to re-apply.  A confirmation email to qualifying businesses in the week beginning 19th April was sent.
Previous successful applicants were paid automatically for the period covering the 44 days from 16th February to 31st March 2021 inclusive.

Please address any enquiries by Email:


Broadwindsor Group Parish Council – Online Meeting Monday 12th April 2021

Broadwindsor Group Parish Council are meeting online using the Zoom platform at 7.30pm on Monday 12th April 2021All are welcome to attend.

The full agenda is available to download HERE. Minutes of previous Group Parish Council meetings can be found online HERE

The meeting can be accessed HERE.
The Meeting ID: 13 8477 8938
Zoom is Free! – Sign Up and get it HERE.

This month Councillors are called upon to update their Disclosures of personal and prejudical Interests and Dispensations prior to the last meeting’s minutes being approved.
Any matters arising will be addressed.
Residents are then invited to give their views and ask questions of the Parish Council on issues on this Agenda. This will be followed by:

a. Report from Councillor Christopher, Dorset Council
b. Report from Dorset Police

This month’s Correspondance and Notices include a Request for a Grant from Bridport & District’s Citizens Advice and Chris Loder MP presents his views on a Proposed Dorset National Park.

In the Parish Council’s response to the Coronavirus – there will be a Call for Evidence: Local Authority Remote Meetings.

Accounts present a timetable for Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2020/2021 and seek to approve payments of an Annual grant of £1,800 to each of the Village Halls in Broadwindsor, Drimpton and Blackdown and to Broadwindsor Community Stores.  The Town Clerk receives a 3 month Salary Adjustment of £930.06 and £53.63 is being requested by Cllr. Rowe for reimbursement of wildflower seeds. £1.80 is to be approved for HMRC (NI).

There is only one Planning Application for consultation:

  • WD/D/20/002187, Ellaway Cottage, Wood Farm, Wood Lane, Kittwhistle, DT8 3HG

Updates and Reports will be delivered by Broadwindsor Cricket Club; Climate Change Emergency Working Group; Footpaths Officer; Common Water Lane and BWGP Community Land Trust.

There is a Grass Cutting contract at Hursey Common Sports Field, a ‘Scoop the Poop‘ poster and Ongoing Maintenance Considerations for a new Footpath in Drimpton to be discussed.

Residents are invited to give their views and ask questions of the Parish Council on any outstanding issues on this Agenda or raise issues for future consideration.

The date of the next meeting will then be arranged.

The FRM Trust are then to approve a payment of £224 to Broadwindsor Group Parish Council for their Trust Administration.

The meeting will then close.

The press and public are invited to attend.  Under the Openess of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014, members of the public may now film, photograph and make audio recordings of the proceedings of the formal Council meeting, though not, under current legislation, of the Public Participation session, as this is not part of the formal agenda of the meeting. Recording activity should be respectful to the conduct of the meeting and behavious that disrupts the meeting (such as oral commentary) will not be permitted.  Any member of the public shall not speak for more than five minutes.  A question asked by a member of the public during Public Participation shall not require a response or debate during the meeting though the Chairman may direct that a written response will be provided subsequent to the meeting.

There are 15 Elected Councillors – Click HERE to identify them.


New Rules & Free Rapid Home Testing for Employers

On the day when the Stay At Home rule ends and the Rule of 6 (outdoors) comes into force and when shielding is due to end in 2 days, from 6th April, the workplace testing programme will supply home test kits to companies with over 10 workers where it is not possible to set up testing on-site, due to a lack of space or because companies operate across multiple sites.

Businesses across the country will be eligible to order the home test kits online to distribute to their employees. These self-test kits will be picked up by staff from their employer with clear instructions about how to take the test. Staff will then complete the home test in the normal way, before reporting their results to the NHS using the provided address.

Businesses are encouraged to register before 12th April in order to access free tests until the end of June, even if they’re not yet open or are not able to start using the tests straight away. Start HERE.

CoronavirusTesting will form a crucial part of everyday life as parts of society reopen. Regular testing could be the difference between a workplace being able to stay open and operational, or needing to close due to a Covid-19 outbreak.

For many employers on-site testing has already become an essential part of its employee offer and a routine part of working life.

Around 1 in 3 people with coronavirus don’t have symptoms, which means they could be spreading the virus in workplaces without knowing. The Government has also confirmed twice-weekly home testing using lateral flow tests for free to all adults in households with Primary, Secondary school and College aged children and young people, including childcare and support bubbles.

The Official of National Statistics (ONS), in response to the NHS Test and Trace, revealed that 86% of people testing positive for Coronavirus are fully complying with self-isolation guidance for their full isolation period. The majority of respondents (68%) also fully understood the self-isolation guidance. Of people who did not fully comply, the most common breaches were to buy food, get medicines or medical appointments.


A Day of Reflection – 23rd March 2021

Today, the UK remembers those who have died with coronavirus, marking one year since the first lockdown began.  Prime minister, Boris Johnson will address the nation this evening.

At noon, a minute’s silence is being held in memory of those who have died and at 8pm people are being encouraged to stand on doorsteps with phones, candles and torches to signify a “Beacon of Remembrance“.  In Wales, more than 100 historic buildings, including the Senedd, Britannia Bridge, Principality Stadium and castles at Caerphilly, Conwy, Caernarfon and I’m A Celebrity’s Gwrych, will be lit in yellow in memory of all those who have lost their lives.

It is one year since the Prime Minister directed the nation to “Stay at home!“.  With over a quarter of a million people in the UK lost to the Coronavirus, the Prime Minister claims the past year has been one of the most difficult in the country’s history. The Prime Minister also praised the “absolutely astonishing achievement” of British scientists and businesses in developing a vaccine and delivering it to half the adult population within a year. Unfortunately, the anniversary coincides with Boris Johnson fighting a diplomatic offensive behind the scenes in a bid to prevent the European Union carrying out a threat to block exports of Coronavirus vaccines to the UK.

From next week – £5,000 fines are set to come in for people who try to holiday abroad.

CoronavirusVets are warning of a possible link between a new variant of coronavirus and heart problems in cats and dogs after a increase in pets presenting with myocarditis at a specialist veterinary hospital in Buckinghamshire during the pandemic’s second wave.  Read the Guardian‘s full report HERE.

Businesses, theatres and other amenities are cautiously planning their reopening in April and May but the threat of a new variant of the virus and another Lockdown is very real as France and Italy are experiencing a third wave of infection. Germany goes into another Lockdown over Easter.
Public Health England figures show that 11,622 people had been confirmed as testing positive for Covid-19 by 9am on Monday (March 22) in Dorsetan increase from 11,560 the same time on Friday (March 19th).

Pablo Picasso's "Dove Of Peace"
Pablo Picasso’s “Dove Of Peace”

Many people have died the past year for reasons other than the Coronavirus but the restrictions in place have made the grieving process even more difficult than it would have been. It is a day of Reflection for us all.  Please, be safe and stay safe.


C G Fry’s Planner Paul Hoffman Responds To Fuller Residents’ Concerns

Over half of last evening’s Group Parish Council meeting was taken up with Planner for C G Fry & Son, Paul Hoffman listening to the many comments and objections from residents re: Planning Application: WD/D/21/000123, the Land South of Fullers, Bridport Road, Broadwindsor.

Chairman, Rowland Hibbard brought item 9a on the agenda ahead of it’s proposed time as councillors, Leader and Rowe delivered the many comments and objections as well as the findings from their canvassing of residents. Village residents, Sandra Burrows, Jess Burns & Julie Steele delivered their objections to Paul Hoffman directly.

Cllr. Leader began, requesting additional trees on the north east border and the western boundary and other soft landscaping issues – none of which were expected to cause any problems. Unfortunately, the straight layout of the road cannot be altered. Paul Hoffman said that Dorset Council Highways had looked at the proposal and were satisfied with it as were they. “It is what it is in terms of the road.”

Cllr. Leader continued to then enquire about affordable housing – would they to be to buy or to rent?  Paul Hoffman replied that they were in discussion with various Housing Associations and that once they had consent, all of the affordale housing decisions will go to the Housing Association. As far as the tenures are – there is part ownership (up to 60%) and there are affordable rented homes.  These houses will never appear on the open market.  The Housing Association would always retain ownership of these affordable homes.

Cllr. Rowe began by addressing the 110m of hedgerow proposed to be planted at the western edge of the site and this was part of the mitigation for the loss of wildlife habitats. This hedgerow was the boundary of five properties and Cllr. Rowe sought reassurance from Paul Hoffman that that this hedge not be the reponsibility of householders and that a separate boundary was established on the western edge of the site with a mitigation hedge at least 2m away to ensure maximum protection for the displaced wildlife.  Paul responded by saying that this should not be a problem and proposed the fairly easy solution of building a timber fence with some trees.  When questioned further about maintenance, he added that either the landowner or the Management company would have the stewardship to maintain the area.

Five of the 22 houses proposed are four bedroomed houses and Councillor Rowe and Redlands resident Sandra Burrows stated that this did not go along with the village’s Neighbourhood Plan. Paul Hoffman defended their actions and stated that the vast majority of the scheme was in line with the village’s Neighbourhood planning policy and that four bedroomed houses were an obvious need and in keeping with similar properties in the village.

  • Fullers resident Jess Burns questioned the impact on amenity due to the closeness of one of the properties.  The 110m of hedgerow would not suffice and she was concerned that the elevation of one of the new four bedroomed properties was too close to the back of her property. The new occupied property would generate a considerable amount of noise creating a huge negative impact on amenity. Jess also compared the ridgelines of the properties at Fullers and Redlands to the proposed development.
  • Of the eight properties on the road, three were slightly above the height of those nearby and Redlands resident, Julie Steele expressed her concern about people being able to see into her property.
  • Cllr. Sewell expressed concern and sought reassurance from Paul Hoffman that the properties would not be sold as second homes and that the properties would provide affordable housing.  Chairman Cllr. Hibbard advised to wait to see which Housing Association had the contract and negate any difficulties with them rather than Fry’s.

As the Clerk has to submit the Council’s corporate decision by this Wednesday 10th March, Cllr. Fraser Hughes addressed the urgency to vote.

Cllr. Rowe commented that she was impressed by how many residents had taken the time to discuss their issues with herself and Cllr. Leader.  They had carefully considered their objections and stated that “We (the Parish Council) must give them (the Parishoners) the very best that we can.Cllr. Rowe added that there are many more issues such as street lighting and conservation.  Cllr. David Leader staed they must be clear on what and how they wanted the layout. Cllr. Steve Chubb reiterated the need to listen to the parishoners and to make sure it was all forwarded to Dorset Council.  Cllr. Simon Christopher had left the meeting by this time, having received no questions on his report.

All the Councillors agreed that C G Fry & Son had a positive and long standing history of development in the area being sensitive to both the area and the environment.

The Clerk suggested she collate the information, communicate with all on Tuesday and once there was clarity, submit the Corporate decision from the Parish Council on Wednesday. Cllr. Jacqui Sewell was clearly against the development.  Cllr. Peter Hardwill clearly supported the development. However, a decision had to be made by all.

It was agreed that subject to meeting the concerns and considerations of the Broadwindsor Parish residents, they would approve plan WD/D/21/000123.

Who are your Councillors? Click HERE.



Broadwindsor Group Parish Council – Online Meeting Monday 8th March 2021

Broadwindsor Group Parish Council are meeting online for the first time since January, using the Zoom platform at 7.30pm on Monday 8th March 2021All are welcome to attend.

The full agenda is available to download HERE.

The meeting can be accessed HERE.
The Meeting ID: 849 1591 6794
Zoom is Free! – Sign Up and get it HERE.

After the minutes of the last meeting have been approved, the only matter arising is the Clarification of the VAT Refund Rules.

Residents are then invited to give their views and ask questions of the Parish Council on issues on this Agenda. This will be followed by:
a. Report from Councillor Christopher, Dorset Council
b. Report from Dorset Police
c. The co-option to BWGPC, Seaborough Ward.

Folowing Correspondance & Notices, the PC’s response to Covid-19, the Finance Report & Accounts to be approved, there are 4 Planning Applications to be considered:

  • WD/D/20/002888, London House, Broadwindsor, DT8 3QD
  • WD/D/20/003017, Castlewood Farm, Marshwood, DT8 5QQ
  • WD/D/20/003296, Broadwindsor Cricket Club
  • WD/D/21/000123, Land South Of Fullers, Bridport Road, Broadwindsor

Planning Application WD/D/20/001135, Land at Oathill Farm Holiday & Touring Park has been Refused.

Other items on the agenda include Census 2021; Mobile Phone Coverage; Broadwindsor Cricket Club; Climate Change and Allotments.

The Highways item addresses:

  • Report fom Footpaths Officer
  • Verge Management
  • Common Water Lane
  • Hursey Common Sports Field – Grass cutting contract
  • Highways Reporting Protocol
  • Scoop the Poop poster

Following a report from the Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust on Affordable Housing and any items of interest for the next agenda, Residents are invited to give their views and ask questions of the Parish Council on any outstanding issues on this Agenda or raise issues for future consideration.

The date of the next meeting will then be arranged.

To read the agenda in full – please download it HERE.


Chris Loder MP Appeals Stay At Home

On Tuesday in Parliament, Chris Loder MP took the opportunity to thank all our schools across West Dorset for the way they have handled the most difficult of situations. He also asked that the question of vaccinations for our teachers should be moved higher up the agenda.

In his regular column in this week’s Bridport News, he stated the following:

I wrote this column on Tuesday afternoon as the Government announced 1,610 people had died, the largest number of daily deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, with over 90,000 people now having died from coronavirus in the United Kingdom.
I want to firstly give you a very real insight into the current position with coronavirus here in Dorset, because we are at a point with Covid that we have not seen before.
Our hospitals are not overwhelmed, and they are managing; but the realities of the pressures are considerable. This week, for the first time in many years, maybe ever, the Armed Forces – in our case the Royal Marines, have come to support our hospital staff in Dorset. Given their base in Poole we are fortunate to have them; following petitions by the MP for Bournemouth East and myself.
Police officers are training as ambulance drivers, MPs who were doctors or nurses before being elected to parliament are returning to hospitals. Indeed, I have offered my help to the railway should it be needed to get critical workers to work.
Just recently, when watching the television or going to the shops, I wonder if parts of our society have forgotten that we are a country in crisis, because we have become tired of it. Young people congregating, people trying to push the boundaries; even political groups delivering leaflets! But now is most certainly not the time to tire.
I am not one to be alarmist. I will rarely offer direct warnings. But if ever there was a time to recognise, for the sake of our families, friends and neighbours, that we must stay at home and respect the Government’s guidance – it is now. And if you know of neighbours that need your help, I cannot encourage you enough to offer it, if you can.

– Chris Loder, MP


£800 Million In Dormant Assets Scheme

Last week, the Government announced a major expansion of the Dormant Assets Scheme to support the UK as it recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. The scheme, which allows banks and building societies to donate funds to good causes and charities from dormant accounts, will now include assets from the insurance and pensions, investment, wealth management, and securities sectors.

More than £800 million will be made available to continue supporting urgent work to tackle youth unemployment, expand access to emergency loans for civil society organisations and help improve the availability of fair, affordable credit to people in vulnerable circumstances.

This funding is in addition to the £150 million unlocked in May 2020 to help charities’ coronavirus response and recovery. Read more HERE.




Broadwindsor Group Parish Council – Online Meeting Monday 11th January 2021

Broadwindsor Group Parish Council are meeting online using the Zoom platform at 7.30pm on Monday 11th January 2021All are welcome to attend.

The full agenda is available to download HERE.

The meeting can be accessed HERE.
The Meeting ID: 874 5530 6004
Zoom is Free! – Sign Up and get it HERE.

Once the minutes of the last meeting have been approved, there are no matters arising. Residents are then invited to give their views and ask questions of the Parish Council on issues on this Agenda. This will be followed by:
a. Report from Councillor Christopher, Dorset Council
b. Report from Dorset Police

There is a Parish Council vacancy for the Seaborough ward.

Parish Councillors will deliver their community updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are no new Planning Applications to consider but 2 have been approved:

WD/D/20/001069, Higher Farm, Seaborough, DT8 3QY: Approved
WD/D/20/001070, Higher Farm, Seaborough, DT8 3QY: Approved

There will be reports and updates from Broadwindsor Cricket Club on their fundraising, a Working Group Update on Climate Change Emergency and the Allotment Group.

Items in this month’s Highways section include the formal adoption of named verges in Broadwindsor:

a. Report from the Footpaths Officer
b. Verge Management in the Grouped Parish Area
c. To approve request for formal adoption from Dorset Council of named verges in Broadwindsor
d. Common Water Lane Update
e. Damaged Drimpton Bridge Update

Following a report from the Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust on Affordable Housing and any items of interest for the next agenda, Residents are invited to give their views and ask questions of the Parish Council on any outstanding issues on this Agenda or raise issues for future consideration.

After the date of the next meeting is established, they will receive the Finance report from the FMR Trust.


Your Christmas Bubble

Dorset will remain in Tier 2 – High Alert.  The rules for Christmas Day 2020 are different.

It is vital that we each take personal responsibility this Christmas to limit the spread of the virus and protect our loved ones, particularly if they are vulnerable.

One in three people with Coronavirus (COVID-19) have no symptoms and will be spreading it without realising it. So the safest way to celebrate Christmas this year is with your household or existing support bubble in your home. The more people you see, the more likely it is that you will catch or spread Coronavirus.

Living in Dorset, you may see a maximum of two other households (your ‘Christmas bubble’) on Christmas Day (25 December). You cannot see anyone from a Tier 4 area. You should think very carefully about the risks and only form a Christmas bubble if you feel you absolutely need to. Wherever possible, discuss alternatives to meeting up in person.

Christmas GarlandThe rules below are law for December 25th and taken from the Government’s website:

You can only form a Christmas bubble if you do not live in a Tier 4 area. If you are permitted to form a Christmas bubble and choose to do so:

  • keep your Christmas bubble as small as possible. Two other households is a maximum, not a target
  • do not join a Christmas bubble with anyone from a Tier 4 area
  • stop all unnecessary social contact outside your immediate household as soon as possible and for at least five days before you meet other households in your bubble
  • only meet your Christmas bubble in private homes or in your garden, places of worship, or public outdoor spaces
  • only see your bubble on Christmas Day. Do not stay overnight and keep your visits as short as possible
  • stay local where possible. Avoid travelling from a high prevalence to a low prevalence area
  • if you are meeting someone who is not in your Christmas or support bubble, you can only do so outside your home or garden and in accordance with the rules in your tier (either the tier you live in, or the tier you are meeting in – whichever is stricter)

When seeing your Christmas bubble, you should keep taking steps to reduce the spread of the virus. This includes:

  • meeting outdoors where possible
  • ensuring indoor spaces get as much fresh air as possible
  • making space between members of different households wherever you can
  • washing your hands regularly and for 20 seconds
  • following rules on self-isolation if you develop symptoms or test positive for coronavirus.

You should not visit another household if you, or anyone in your household, is self-isolating. You should get a free NHS test if you have symptoms, have been asked to by your local council or your hospital, or are taking part in a government pilot project.

Christmas Garland

Christmas GarlandFor more information on forming your Christmas Bubble under various circumstances – Please click HERE.

Christmas Garland