Happy Summer Solstice!

When Sarah Hunt and Dominic Withington first moved to Broadwindsor in 2021 , they were keen to make a little positive mark on the village.

At the side of North Cottage, the small patch adjacent to the allotment entrance was in need of a touch of TLC….

As Parish land but under the Allotment group. Sarah and Dominic cleared the scrub and planted 400 bulbs for the Spring 2023 season and seeded with poppies and of course the abundant oxeye daisy seed…

As you can see, the poppies are coming into glorious bloom now and the oxide daisies on the other side are looking smashing too.

Hopefully all who pass will take some joy from these beautiful plants and look forward to spring bloooms in 2023 before more poppies 🙂

Thank you Sarah & Dominic!
They do indeed look beautful.

Happy Summer Solstice!


Village Shop Seeks Loan From BGPC To Purchase The Freehold Of Premises

Stewart Urry, Secretary of Broadwindsor and District Community Enterprise (BADCE) informed members this week of the committee’s intention to seek a loan from Broadwindsor Group Parish Council at their meeting on Monday, 13th June.


  1. BADCE is registered under the Co – Operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014, number 31629R. Annual Returns, available on line, are filed with the Financial Conduct Authority. BADCE carries on business as a convenience store for the benefit of Broadwindsor village and the nearby district. BADCE has 330 members, on a one vote per member basis. The shop is an invaluable resource to the district, as has particularly been shown in the recent pandemic, and is widely supported by its members, volunteer assistants and the general public, and also by the local Council.

  2. BADCE was established in early 2013 after public fundraising of some £30,000. From its inception it has reported an annual financial surplus, modest by reference to turnover, but grocery is a low margin trade, and the shop is not in business to maximise profits. At 31 December 2021, its accounts show total members’ funds of £64,016, represented by some £45,000 in cash and bank deposits, with the balance invested in the shop business.

  3. BADCE occupies its premises at The Old Telephone Exchange (’TOTE’) in Drimpton Road, Broadwindsor under a lease agreement at a current annual rent of £4,000 per year, for a term expiring on 31 December 2022, with no security of tenure after that date. Relations with the landlord are good, but the risk is that circumstances may change, and a lease renewal might not be offered in 2023, or at a later date. In any event the annual rent is likely to rise with inflation. The current location suits the shop very well, and there is presently no other comparable site for the shop in the village. Leased tenure restricts the shop from making any improvements to the building, or on the shop site, and this limits the future development of the shop.

  4. Following negotiations with the landlord a price has been agreed for the freehold at £75,000 plus vendor legal fees. The value of the TOTE building is in the region of £75,000/100,000 based on other transactions in identical buildings round the country; recently such a building was offered for sale in Yetminster, let at just over £4k per year, for £99.5k. The landlord values the building at some £100,000, but is generously willing to sell it to BADCE at the discounted price of £75k. A professional opinion has been taken supporting this purchase price.

  5. The BADCE Committee recommends the purchase of the freehold, as a one off opportunity to provide long term security for the shop, at a very reasonable price for a freehold. In order to fund the purchase, grant opportunities have been sought over the last six months, but without success. The main problem is that most current grant programmes are for new projects, which cannot readily access funding in any conventional way, and BADCE does not meet these criteria. Also, the Committee does not think it an opportune time to raise further funds from the members: there are considerable funds in the bank, partly from the original members’ fund raising, and also the local community has only recently raised money for the local pub.

  6. BADCE is therefore looking at loan finance. The total cost of the freehold, with fees and costs, might be some £80,000. BADCE currently has some £45k of cash, but needs to retain a trading buffer of some £15k, making say £30k available for the purchase, and so is looking for loan finance of some £50k, and has approached BGPC for assistance.

  7. BGPC may be able to access loan finance through the Public Works Loan Board, where currently published repayment terms for a £50k loan show capital and interest repayments on say a 30 year term of a fixed amount of under £3,000 per year, which is less than the current £4,000 annual rent paid by the shop, which is not fixed for the future. So the shop could readily afford this loan repayment cost.

  8. In respect of a loan, BADCE would grant BGPC security over the TOTE freehold property, which has a value materially higher than a £50k loan, so BGPC would have good capital security for its loan. BGPC would also have income security as the shop can readily afford the projected loan repayment costs out of its current trading results. BADCE would also offer to pay any incidental costs to BGPC of the loan assistance.

S W Urry
Secretary – BADCE
May 2022

Only members of BADCE can attend the AGM which will be on Wednesday, 21st June at 6pm in the Comrades Hall.
To become a member – please contact the Secretary: stewart.urry@gmail.com.


Speed Indicator Devices Now Fitted In Broadwindsor

The long awaited Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) are now installed and operational across the Grouped Parish. Members of the Speedwatch group met with the installers this morning opposite Broadwindsor House, receiving instructions on how to use the app to monitor the device.

They will be rotated every six weeks and will be used in the following locations:

1. B3162 Drimpton Road, Broadwindsor (20mph limit)
2. West Street, Broadwindsor (20mph limit)
3. Bridport Road, Broadwindsor (20mph Limit)
4. Beaminster Road, Broadwindsor (20mph Limit) – fitted today.
5. Bridport Road, Drimpton (30mph Limit)

The rotation will be carried out by trained volunteers from the Speedwatch Groups, a very big thank you to them for their invaluable assistance and reporting back to the Group Parish council.


White Lion Community Pub Update – May 22

A message from Chairman, Rick Dyke:

The White Lion reopened its doors nearly 3 weeks ago and it is difficult to imagine how it could have been more successful without offering food. We have already expressed our appreciation of the contributions from many that enabled us to get to this point but it is also important to acknowledge the support from the community since we reopened.
Not all pubs in the area are able to open 6 days a week and receive enough custom for that to be viable. Our aim is to keep it that way and with this in mind will be arranging regular events in the future which we hope will not only maintain current levels of support but hopefully attract new custom too. Watch this space.

However, it has not all been plain sailing and with the benefit of hindsight, some things would have been done differently. Without wishing to make any excuses and for reasons which need no further explanation, responsibilities on the Management Committee changed dramatically in March and with those changes came some necessary decisions as to where our priorities lay.
Consequently, some aspects were given a lower priority, for example membership certificates. We received over 200 requests for membership which is a testament to the support there is within the community. However, it is also a significant undertaking in both preparing and issuing the certificates. You should have received an update sooner but we can advise that the production of those certificates will be completed within the next few days and then the process of issuing the 200+ individual emails with the certificate as an attachment will start. We expect all certificates to have been issued before the end of the month and will provide an update to that effect.

Another aspect that could have been handled better was the offer of skilled help from various tradespeople within the community. Ultimately, there were more offers of assistance than were needed but this should have been communicated. If you offered your support but did not hear further, hopefully you can accept our sincere apologies.

To finish on a positive note, work is progressing well in getting our kitchen ready. We are not ready to give precise details as there are still some aspects that are out of our control but we hope that we will be ready to add to the Fun Group‘s food offering over the Jubilee weekend. An announcement will follow once details have been finalised. You may also be pleased to know that in addition to our food service, coffee will be available too!


Local Employment: P/T Bar Work – The White Lion

The White Lion community pub needs help during busy times and are looking to employ a part-time person to support the Staff team.
Help will be needed during the busiest times, which are expected to be Friday and Saturday evenings, Sunday lunchtime and occasionally other times such as Bank Holidays and special events.
The role will include table and bar service, working under the direction of the manager, Kate.
Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
Salary will be in line with the national minimum wage.
If you’d like to be considered for an interview, please contact Kate, in person at the pub or by phone or text on 07513 326388.


Annual Parish Meeting – Tuesday, 24th May At 7pm

Broadwindsor Group Parish Council are holding their Annual Parish Meeting at the Comrades Hall, 7pm, on Tuesday, 24th May.
They invite all community groups and organisations within the Grouped Parish to join them and share your wonderful achievements and indeed, challenges of the past year. This is a great opportunity to hear about the fantastic things happening in our community and to have a good chat over a cup of tea and some delicious home bakes.
If you would like to be involved, please do get in contact, hello@broadwindsorgroup.gov.uk

Broadwindsor Group Parish Council – AGM

Broadwindsor’s Group Parish Council held their AGM earlier tonight, 9th May at Drimpton Village Hall.

Rowland Hibbard was re-elected as Chair & Jacqui Sewell was elected as Vice Chair.

Representatives were also appointed for:

  1. Broadwindsor School
  2. Blackdown, Comrades Hall and Drimpton Village Hall Committees
  3. Broadwindsor Community Sports Field
  4. Broadwindsor Allotment Group
  5. Footpaths Officer
  6. DAPTC Western Area Committee
  7. Other Representation?

Responsiblities were delegated for:

  1. MUGA
  2. Hursey Common
  3. Hursey Sports Field

Planning Applications submitted:

  • P/HOU/2022/00750, Hurst Farm Bungalow, School Lane, Blackdown, Dorset, DT8 3LE
  • PHOU/2022/02617, Island House, High Street, Broadwindsor, DT8 3QP (No link available)

Planning results:

  • P/TRC/2022/01701, 8 Kings Court, Broadwindsor, DT8 3QA (Tree Works): No Objection
  • P/HOU/2022/01638, Old Village Hall, Red Lane Junction to Junction at Seaborough Court, Seaborough, DT8 3QY: Granted
  • P/HOU/2022/00383, 6A Fullers, Broadwindsor, DT8 3PY: Refused

Broadwindsor Allotment Group received a £500.00 grant towards an Eco/Composting Toilet and Skip Hire.

Draft minutes of the meeting will be available soon HERE, together with previous Minutes of Meetings,


The White Lion, Broadwindsor Is Open!

With great anticipation, The White Lion opened its doors at 6pm last night with members of the Management committee lined up to welcome everyone….


Chairman Rick Dyke invited Elaine Leader, with Ryan & Rosie to ceremoniously cut the ribbon….


First customers were Adam Slater who bought a pint of Palmers Tally Ho! and Mike Eltherington, who enjoyed a pint of Palmers Copper.

Rick introduced the pub’s management…


Our resident poet, Peter Roe performed his poem, written specifically for the event, ‘Heart Of A Lion‘…

Rick thanked those involved…

How much will it cost you for your pint or glass of wine?

The pub will be open from:

  • Tuesday to Friday, from 6pm -11pm,
  • Saturdays, 11am- 11pm
  • Sundays, 12 noon – 10.30pm.

On Tuesday nights, the pub will not be serving food but customers are welcome to take in their fish and chips from Nat’s van that comes to the village every week.

Congratulations & Well Done All!


The White Lion On Radio Solent

Our Community Pub, The White Lion opens tomorrow (Friday,29th) at 6pm 🙂

If you are up early enough in the morning, please tune in to Radio Solent at 7.05am – Click HERE for the link – and you will hear Chairman Rick Dyke being interviewed. If you missed it – listen below.

Later at 8.05am,  village resident, Izzy Masey will be giving views from the community’s perspective and our resident poet, Peter Roe will recite his poem, written specifically for this occasion ‘Heart of a Lion‘ which is added below…

We have learned
from ages past
That hope and heart
and courage lasts
This beating heart
of wood and stone
A redoubt of place
for our village soul
A bastion of community
A centre for connection
participation, commiseration
and joyous celebration
Shelter from the storm
Take time to think
By our hearth
take food and drink
Reflect on the journey
Those that led and fell
Those valiant hearts
whose tales we’ll tell
On this small spot
of England’s ground
As long as people
gather round
About the Lionheart…
that lives in England still
This beating pulse
of a communities will
This White Lion…
This lions heart…
This Broadwindsor!

Peter Roe – April 2022

The pub will be open from:

  • Tuesday to Friday, from 6pm -11pm,
  • Saturdays, 11am- 11pm
  • Sundays, 12 noon – 10.30pm.

On Tuesday nights, the pub will not be serving food but customers are welcome to take in their fish and chips from Nat’s van that comes to the village every week.


The White Lion Broadwindsor Roars Back To Life

The White Lion at Broadwindsor will be reopening as a Community pub on Friday, 29th April at 6pm.

It follows months of negotiations with owners Palmers Brewery, a hugely successful public fundraising campaign and weeks of hard work by volunteers to refurbish the West Dorset village’s only public house.

The campaign had been spearheaded by parish council vice-chairman David Leader, who died suddenly last month at the age of 64.

Rick Dyke, Chairman of the White Lion Management Committee, said: ‘Without David’s energy, enthusiasm and diplomacy, we would not be about to reopen the pub. We hope that The White Lion will become the community hub that David envisaged.

He paid tribute to the local community which has so generously supported the committee’s fundraising efforts.

He added: ‘I’d also like to thank the many volunteers who have so freely given their time to help with the refurbishment, some of whom have been almost living in the pub in recent months. They know who they are!
I am sure everyone who visits The White Lion will agree that the transformation has been remarkable. I’d also like to thank all the committee members who have given so much of their time, knowledge and experience in delivering this project.

Around £50,000 was raised for refurbishment and working capital through public donations, grants, funding from the Parish Council, a contribution from Palmers Brewery and events, including a band night and two themed food evenings. A pop-up bar in the village hall (The Comrades Arms) has been running since October and raised nearly £10,000.

The tenancy agreement for The White Lion was signed by committee members on 14th February. Work has been going on behind the scenes ever since to get the pub ready to open.

Manager Kate Staff, whose parents live locally, will be running the pub with her daughters, Chloe and Louise. They met the community at an open evening in the pub in February when visitors had the opportunity to find out more about the refurbishment and future plans.

Since then, Kate has been leading the volunteer decorating team in transforming the interior into a lighter and brighter space.

It’s lovely to be a part of this amazing project,’ she said. ‘We’re really looking forward to opening the doors and welcoming customers back into the pub.
We want The White Lion to be the kind of place where people can meet up with family and friends or feel comfortable to come in on their own. The White Lion has played a central role in village life over the years so long may that continue

Initially, the pub will be open only for drinks until new equipment is installed in the kitchen. But it’s hoped that it won’t be long before the pub is serving food again.

The White Lion aims to be modestly profitable but not for private profit, offering food and drink with an emphasis on local produce.  The atmosphere is intended to be warm and friendly and a hub for the community.

The pub will be open from:

  • Tuesday to Friday, from 6pm -11pm,
  • Saturdays, 11am- 11pm
  • Sundays, 12 noon – 10.30pm.

On Tuesday nights, the pub will not be serving food but customers are welcome to take in their fish and chips from Nat’s van that comes to the village every week.