Remember To Decorate Your Windows With Pumpkin Drawings

Monday 26th – Friday 30th October 2020 is Half Term week. Keep yourself and children occupied and get involved to help produce a colourful display of Pumpkin drawings in your windows for the week leading up to Saturday 31st October around the parish.

As Trick or Treating is to be discouraged, go out on Hallowe’en and see how many Pumpkin drawings in windows you can spot!

🎃 If you do have a real pumpkin outside your door for Hallowe’en – please remember pumpkins are food, especially to lots of the wildlife! Deer, squirrels, raccoons, possums, badgers, mice, rats, chipmunks, birds, bugs and more. Sticking them outside somewhere where wildlife can access them but do not bleach your pumpkins to make them last longer – you can try using vinegar. 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water will work just as well. We really DO NOT want our wildlife eating bleached pumpkins!  🎃

Halloween SuncatchersOther cheerful ideas like these Hallowe’en Suncatchers by #playathomemama_g, black cardboard cut out spooky shapes or white draped cloth can all add atmosphere to your windows!
Have Fun! Be Spooky! Be Safe!



Please #SaveBroadwindsorCricket

Broadwindsor Cricket Club (BCC) was established in 1923 and currently welcomes more than 400 players each year. 

The current owners of Broadwindsor Cricket Ground have decided not to renew the lease and have now served BCC with a notice to vacate the Ground and remove the pavilion! This would tragically spell the end of a 97-year old Club.

However, after months of negotiations, the Club have come to an agreement to pay a fair price for the Ground. Broadwindsor Cricket Club must now raise £35,000 and are seeking financial aid from all players, friends and supporters to help #SaveBroadwindsorCricket.  They are also seeking support from Broadwindsor Group Parish Council at this Monday’s meeting.
They have submitted a total of 9 grant applications and  2 interest-free loan applications so far and have been successful in raising £10,000 – 28% toward their total fundraising figure.

They aim to raise £10,000 through their Crowdfunding campaign. If they don’t achieve their target – they will receive nothing!

The Ground on the Beaminster Road, where they have been playing under a lease agreement since 1965, was previously voted as one of the Top 5 Most Beautiful in the country by Wisden.
They have a £10,000 target and at the time of publishing, they have managed to raise £905 plus an estimated  £136.25 via Gift Aid.
They managed to host 40 games in 2019 which included their Sunday Mid-Wessex XI, the Middleton-Hands evening league and friendlies against many local & touring teams. Their grass roots Middleton-Hands evening league in their own words “absolutely enshrines the spirit of village cricket and is something to really shout about.”


Each year Broadwindsor Cricket Club are proud to encourage a number of youth and adult players to don pads for the first time whilst being supported by their teammates and competitors up to the standard of seasoned Dorset Premier League & West of England Premier League cricketers.

They also welcome Broadwindsor Primary school children for coaching on Friday afternoons during the summer.

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE AND SUPPORT BROADWINDSOR CRICKET CLUB HERE. Once purchased, the freehold will be placed in a Trust.


Broadwindsor Cricket Club are a constituted not-for-profit organisation and are registering as a Community Amateur Sports Club. This allows them to claim GiftAid on donations from tax-paying individuals for whom they have created a set of rewards. Added to this, they also hope to have match funding for all donations. This means your :

£10 donation = £10 from you + £2.50 GiftAid + £10 match funding.









Vote For Our Group Parish Council

Broadwindsor Parish Group Council has been short listed with four others as Council of the Month.  Organised by Public Sector Executive – give them your Vote on Twitter HERE. There’s still a few days left!

Nominated for their Outstanding Community Spirit, Helen Cudmore said “In the five years that I have been Clerk, the Parish Council has produced a comprehensive Neighbourhood Plan which was successfully adopted in 2019, initiated a Community Land Trust which has just received planning permission for fifteen much needed affordable homes for local people, completed an Emergency Plan which was successfully implemented during the recent pandemic and fundraiser for the installation of play equipment area for young people which was highlighted in its 2012 Parish Plan.