This Week is #RecycleWeek2020

It’s Recycle Week 2020! (21 – 27 September). Wherever you live. Wherever you call home. 89% of us recycle. Keep doing your bit. This year and every year.
In Broadwindsor,

  • there are recycling bins are at Redlands Yard  for tetrapaks and aluminium foil respectively.
  • there are recycling bins for crisp packets at Bernards’ Place and outside the school.
  • there are two large clothes recycling banks, also outside of the school.

Please remember to wash and crush your tetrapaks or the bins will fill up too quickly.  Please don’t put an item in the recycling bin if it’s not meant to go in there – the volunteers then have the undesirable job of having to sort through it all!

The local Eco-Group would welcome new volunteers to empty the two bins by Redlands Yard.  It needs emptied weekly and a monthly visit to Bridport Recycling Centre.  There is a rota, but more help is always welcome.  Usually a volunteer will have two dates allocated. All that is required are three black bin bags: one for aluminium and two for tetrapaks. Please contact Jackie Riley HERE or call her on 01308 868949.

Dorset CouncilBridport Recycling Centre is located at Broomhills Nursery, West Bay Fields, Bridport, Dorset DT6 5LB and is open 9am – 6pm (at the time of publishing).  Regular opening hours are due to change on October 1st but Government Guidelines and Regulations re: Covid-19 may change opening times before then.
All the following items are accepted at Bridport Recycling Centre:

Asbestos cannot be taken to this recycling centre.

There are van and trailer restrictions: Vans must have a valid permit or a hire agreement of a maximum of 3 days.
Vehicles that don’t require a permit can use a trailer, but the maximum trailer size is 1.2 metres wide and 1.8 metres long (approx. 6ft x 4ft).



Dorset Young Farmers

Dorset YFC is part of The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC). This is one of the largest rural youth organisations in the UK.  Established in 1921 NFYFC heads a nationwide body of 662 Young Farmers’ Clubs (YFCs) throughout England and Wales dedicated to supporting young people with an interest in agriculture and the countryside.
Their HQ is based at the Stinsford Business Centre in Kingston Maurward near Dorchester and they are a Registered Charity No: 301209.

Local Clubs are:

  • Beaminster Young Farmers – a thriving club for any young person aged between 10-26yrs. They currently have 37 members including, Farmers, Carpenters, Engineers, and people attending School and University.  They do a great deal of fundraising are earlier in the year presented a cheque to Fortuneswell Cancer Trust in the sum of £500.00.
    *They usually meet on alternate Tuesday nights at The Red Lion, 7.30pm – 9pm.
    Contact: Club & County Chairman Matt Frampton HERE
    (County Organiser Tracy Hounsome is currently dealing with all correspondence and Zoom meetings while Matt bravely continues his battle with cancer).
  • Marshwood Vale Young Farmers is another thriving club always usually active. with over 40 members, their club age also ranges from 10-26 years. Every year they raise great amounts of money to a charity which they choose every year. A popular fundraiser is their annual Winter Ball.
    *They usually meet every 1st Tuesday of the month at Broadoak Village Hall for 7:45pm.
    Contact: Club Chairman Tom Turner on 07824 447678, Club Secretary Lindsey Johnson on 07741 470474 or Club Secretary Hannah Bowditch on 07840 984637. Alternatively please

*Meetings cancelled due to Covid-19, Government Guidelines and Regulations.  Zoom meetings are taking place! The NFYFC has produced a full guidance document on what YFCs need to do for organising activities and meetings. NFYFC has made further updates to these Covid-Secure guidelines, which have been prepared with the support of the National Youth Agency. For more information, click HERE.

Orchid: Fighting Male CancerAlthough the Quiz is now over, you can still donate to Orchid Cancer through JustGiving HERE as the clubs continue to show their support to their Chairman. Orchid Cancer fund research, awareness and support to save men’s lives from all types of male cancer.

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Draw A Pumpkin for Your Window in Half Term Holiday

The following idea is becoming increasing popular through the social media platform Facebook – there is no indication of who first posted the idea but perhaps they had inspiration from Rev. Jo with her Advent Window Trail.

Monday 26th – Friday 30th October 2020 is scheduled to be Half Term Holiday week with Hallowe’en on the Saturday.  With Covid-19, Government restrictions and common sense – Trick or Treating is not an activity to do this year.

Draw a Pumpkin!

Draw a pumpkin for Hallowe'enThere appears to be a lot of enthusiasm generated already – let’s have our parishioners, young and old join in and put a Pumpkin drawing in your window this October.  A reminder will be published a few days before 🙂



Vote For Our Group Parish Council

Broadwindsor Parish Group Council has been short listed with four others as Council of the Month.  Organised by Public Sector Executive – give them your Vote on Twitter HERE. There’s still a few days left!

Nominated for their Outstanding Community Spirit, Helen Cudmore said “In the five years that I have been Clerk, the Parish Council has produced a comprehensive Neighbourhood Plan which was successfully adopted in 2019, initiated a Community Land Trust which has just received planning permission for fifteen much needed affordable homes for local people, completed an Emergency Plan which was successfully implemented during the recent pandemic and fundraiser for the installation of play equipment area for young people which was highlighted in its 2012 Parish Plan.


Sloe Gin

Sloe gin is a British red liqueur made with gin, sloes and sugar.

There are many locations in and around our lovely village where one can gather sloes from the Blackthorn bushes which had beautiful white blossom in the Spring.  The number of sloes you will find on a blackthorn bush or tree each year is very much linked to the weather during the previous spring and summer. Too dry and the sloes will be small and shrivelled. Too wet and cold and they will not develop at all. A good crop of plump, well-ripened sloes needs the perfect balance of warmth and water. This year – crops are good 🙂

There is a lot of debate about when to pick sloes. For the best flavour, wait until the berries are ripe. They should be a rich dark purple and should squash easily between your fingertips. It’s a good sign if they’ve already started to drop naturally to the ground.

If you’re picking them for sloe gin then traditionally you wait until after the first frost. These days, there’s no reason why you can’t pick them earlier, bag them up and pop them in your freezer to mimic that first frost. The theory behind this is that the frost splits the skins so the juices can flow into your gin without you having to go to the effort of pricking all the berries.


  • 1 litre bottle of gin
  • 500g sloes
  • 250g caster sugar
  • 1 large sterilised jar or 2 empty gin bottles


  1. Wash sloes and seal in an airtight bag. Freeze overnight or until you’re ready to make the gin.
  2. Put frozen sloes into sterilised jar or empty gin bottles.
  3. Add gin then the sugar directly onto frozen sloes. Their skins will split which means you avoid the laborious pricking of each individual sloe berry.
  4. Seal jar tightly and shake well.
  5. Store jar in a cool, dark place and shake every other day for a week. After the first week you only need to shake it once a week for 2 months.
  6. Leave for a minimum of 12 weeks.  The liquid should now be dark red and ready for drinking, although it does improve over time.

Serve sloe gin neat, over ice or drizzle over ice cream.  You can also make the cocktail Sloe Royale by adding some to sparkling wine, prosecco  or champagne.



Broadwindsor Cricket Club Broken Into

Last night (Friday, September 18th) a mower and scarifier were stolen from Broadwindsor Cricket Club.

The thieves probably had a car or small van as none of the larger items were taken.  The lock is cemented to the ground and this was broken. The top small gate was open so it is likely they gained access this way.

The incident has been reported to the police. If you saw or heard anything suspicious, or if you have been offered these items of machinery then please contact: Dorset Police – online HERE or call 101.
The crime/incident no. is: 55 200 141 436.




Madron – the Autumn Equinox

The Autumn equinox occurs on Tuesday, September 22nd*.  Summer has come to an end.
Madron, sometimes called Mabon is the time of year when crops are harvested and a time where once again light and dark are in balance. The wheel of the year turns: the sun is rising later now, and nightfall comes sooner.
Themes of celebration include grain, balance, thanksgiving and gratitude for what you’ve “harvested” – and abundance 🙂 Prepare your chutneys, jams and preserves and store for winter. It is a time to throw out the old and take on the new although it is also the feast of the healer, bringing justice. This Sabbat is marked by the release of symbolic prisoners such as old arguments or regrets,
Madron is very much about healing and putting mistakes behind us so we can move on and learn from the lessons we have had and move on with lessons yet to be learned.

*By the meteorological calendar, the first day of Autumn is always 1 September; ending on 30 November.



Our Shop Needs More Volunteers!

Our marvellous Community Stores is in desperate need as new volunteers are needed to cover staff and other volunteers being on holiday. The large white board to the right of the counter in the shop displays the names of people who have put their name down and volunteered to man the shop for a 2 hour shift next week – could YOU fill in any of the blanks to cover a 2 hour shift?  Once a shift has been agreed it is then the volunteer’s responsibility to arrange a relief should that be necessary.

You can be reassured that all the necessary measures are in place to keep you Covid-19 safe in the shop environment.
There is also a panic alarm fitted to ensure your safety.

Ready? Download an application form to volunteer HERE. Email your completed form to Volunteer Co-ordinator, Teri Small (her email address is on the form) or call into the shop and leave it there and speak to Kevin (Shop Manager) or if you prefer, phone him: 01308 867922.

Haven’t helped in the shop before?  Not confident in operating the till or debit card machines? This is NOT a problem. 🙂

Broadwindsor Community StoresAll new volunteers are supported by another experienced team member or a member of staff (Kevin, Jane & Margaret) – a “Buddy”.  You are given training and support to carry out the everyday tasks: either on the till, serving customers, or if that’s not for you, then help with administration, cleaning, or stock replenishment.
You can read and download their policies HERE which includes the Staff and Volunteer Handbook which outlines all the duties that must be undertaken in the successful daily running of the shop.

What do you get out of it?  Working as part of the team, you can:

‣ Participate in an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
‣ Increase your connection to the community.
‣ Feel productive.
‣ Use your skills and share your experience, interests and knowledge.
‣ Learn new skills.
‣ Make new friends.

Our award winning Broadwindsor Community Stores can only continue with your help.
Please don’t assume that because it’s only two hours, that there will be someone else to fill it because there isn’t!  Please help if you can.  Thank you.



Take Part In An Advent Window Trail This Christmas

Our lovely Rev. Jo has had the most lovely, community spirited idea and needs your participation for the project to be a success. Here are her words:

Something I had been thinking about for Christmas was a community activity that wouldn’t be Covid 19 sensitive. It is unlikely, I think, that we will be singing carols in the pub this year for example and our community carol services in church would need to be different too. I wondered about an Advent Trail around the village with different window displays every evening in Advent.

If you have a little search around the internet you will find many different Advent calendar ideas from beach huts in Brighton to windows around villages in Nottinghamshire and everything in between. Perhaps if we choose a theme, maybe Christmas carols, make a list of 24 and then families volunteered to decorate a window according to the theme. Then every evening in Advent, perhaps as early as 4pm, the new window was lit up so we could come and look on our evening strolls.

You would need a window visible from the street, as we don’t want to encourage people to walk up drives, but I think we probably have lots of visible windows in Broadwindsor and Drimpton. The final window, 24, probably should be at the church.  I’m happy to coordinate the idea but need a bit of local interest to make it succeed. If you think you would like to be part of an Advent Window Trail this December in either Broadwindsor or Drimpton then send me an email to and we can get planning.”

Rev Jo Neary
Pioneer Priest
Beaminster Area Team
01308 867816


Change of Hours at Beaminster Food Bank

The Food Bank in Beaminster is located in the Prout Bridge Building, 6 Prout Bridge, Beaminster DT8 3AY  and is an invaluable source to many.  They now open 10am – 12noon on Mondays and Fridays every week.

Those who need to use the Food Bank can get in contact via telephone: 07434 654 652 or email and arrange to collect a parcel. You do not need a referral – but it helps! If you have been referred, you’ll be given a voucher – which you should take to your nearest foodbank. There, your voucher will be redeemed for 3 days worth of nutritionally balanced food.

They are still taking donations which are always needed and very welcome. donation boxes can be found at:

  • Beaminster Pharmacy
  • Yarn Barton Centre
  • Co-op
  • Prout Bridge

Vouchers are accepted at Nick Tett‘s butchers and Fruit and Two Veg. Delivery can be arranged in emergencies.

They thank you so much for your support and do please encourage those who are in need to contact them. They provide fresh food and free groceries. They are fully stocked and ready to help. 🙂

Food Banks normally provide non perishable foods unless stated otherwise and will try to tailor if possible any special dietary requests e.g. vegetarian. Please note: Food Banks are not a long term solution. They are there to help in times of crisis.