A Community Pub In Broadwindsor?

Broadwindsor Group Parish Council has been approached by Palmers Brewery to see if the Community is interested in opening a Community Pub.

The issue is on the agenda for the next Parish Council meeting on the 21st June. In the meantime a small group of residents, including Parish Councillors, are undertaking some initial investigative work to assess the feasibility of such a project.  At the appropriate time a public meeting will be held to report the findings and canvas the views of residents.

Initial responses to the Council’s announcement on Facebook think it is a good idea.  However, being restricted to Palmer‘s products has quickly been highlighted as a cause for concern.  So much so that a Community Pub could be sited at the Comrades Hall.  This happened previously when the pub was closed and worked very well.

The Council have yet to name anyone in their investigative group, therefore please address your comments to Helen Cudmore, The Town Clerk: hello@broadwindsorgroup.gov.uk.