Witness Appeal: Broadwindsor Community Stores

Any witnesses to a vehicle, most probably a medium van turning around in front of shop and colliding with the canopy of the village shop are asked to please step forward.

The incident happened on the morning of Wednesday 2nd June. It is presumed that it happened before opening as the noise most certainly would have alerted staff and/or customers. Volunteer, Philip Coltart noticed the damage when coming in on duty. The vehicle involved cannot have escaped without damage to the rear of their vehicle as the 6×2 inch timber has been broken. Broadwindsor Community Stores to date, have found no witnesses to the incident.

Chris Edgerley, who will be reparing it in the next couple of weeks commented “It is going to be complex to fix without taking the whole structure down but that is my problem. I have done a temporary repair to pull the whole structure together.

Anyone with any information is asked to please let shop manager, Kevin Madder-Smith, or a senior member of the staff know, either in person, telephoning 01308 867922 or by email to kevinmaddersmith@badce.plus.com.


Celebrate With Broadwindsor Cricket Club

All are welcome at 2pm tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon at the Grand Opening of Broadwindsor Cricket Club.

Clive Stafford-Smith announced on Twitter last night that it was thanks to the generosity shown that the Club had been saved.  He also teased that there will be a “mystery England former test cricketer appearing for my team against regulars

In preparation for the Club’s Centenary, Clive Stafford-Smith OBE has carried out some research and is collating the history of the Club.  Read more HERE.

For a full list of this years fixtures, click HERE.


The White Lion – Open At 6pm, Friday 21st May

Vikki and Spike at the White Lion will be welcoming customers into the pub for a drink next Friday evening 🙂 The kitchen remains closed.

Opening Times:

  • Fridays: 6pm -10.30pm
  • Saturdays: 6pm -10.30pm
  • Sundays: 12 noon – 5.00pm

Covid restrictions still apply:

  • you must wear your mask, unless seated.
  • you must sign in with Track and Trace.
  • you must be seated.

Booking your table is advised.

Tel: 01308 867070
Email: info@whitelionbroadwindsor.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you again!


BWGPC Appointed Officers

At Thursday’s Annual General Meeting of our Group Parish Council, both Chairman, Rowland Hibbard and Vice Chairman, David Leader were re-elected unchallenged.  The councillors below adopted the following representative, liaison roles for the year 21/22:

  • Broadwindsor Primary School – David Leader.
  • Blackdown Village Hall – Peter Hardwill.
  • Drimpton Village Hall – Tim Bassett.
  • Comrades Hall – David Leader.
  • Hursey Sport Field – David Leader.
  • Broadwindsor Allotment Group: Kevin Madder-Smith.
  • Rights Of Way and Liaison Officer (Footpaths) – Dorothy Rowe.
  • Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils (DAPTC) Western Area Committee – Jacqui Sewell & Rowland Hibbard.
  • Broadwindsor Cricket Club – Andrew Frampton.
  • Beaminster & Villages local area partnership (BAVLAP) – Jacqui Sewell.

The Council’s next meeting will be held at Drimpton Village Hall on Monday, 21st June, 2021.

There are 15 Elected Councillors to Broadwindsor Group Parish Council – Click HERE to identify them and the options to contact them.


Last Week Of Vikki’s Specials At The White Lion

This weekend is your last opportunity to enjoy one of Vikki’s delicious homemade meals as the kitchen will be closed from Monday, 10th May.  It is hoped to bring you news soon of their future plans as most now know that Vikki & Spike handed their notice into Palmers Brewery last month.

In addition to the regular menu (shown below), Vikki’s specials this week from Thursday are:

  • Homemade Lamb Rogan Josh with Basmati Rice (Gluten Free).
  • Homemade Cottage Pie topped with Cheese & Onion Mash and Fresh Vegetables.
  • Homemade Rabbit Pie with with Fresh Vegetables and Chips or Mash.

Apologies from Vikki but there is no special dessert this week.

Please pre-order by 5pm the day prior for collection
Please collect between 6pm – 7.30pm

Yorkshire PudsSunday Lunch

This week you can choose between Roast Beef or Roast Turkey served with their accompaniments – £8.50

Please pre-order by 5pm Saturday.
Please collect between 12 noon – 2.00pm.

Telephone: 01308 867070
Message through Facebook: HERE.
White Lion Takeaway - Jan 2021


Broadwindsor Group Parish Council – Online A.G.M. Thursday, 6th May 2021

Broadwindsor Group Parish Council are holding their Annual General Meeting online using the Zoom platform at 7.30pm on Thursday, 6th May 2021All are welcome to attend.

The full agenda is available to download HERE. Minutes of previous Group Parish Council meetings can be found online HERE

The A.G.M. can be accessed HERE.
The Meeting ID: 93 9228 7205
Zoom is Free! – Sign Up and get it HERE.

The meeting begins with the election of the Chairman, currently Rowland Hibbard and the Vice Chairman, currently David Leader. The election is then followed by the signing of the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

There will be an update of Councillor’s Disclosures of personal and prejudical Interests and Dispensations prior to the last meeting’s minutes being approved.  Any matters arising will then be addressed.

Public Participation is item 6. and parishoners are invited to give their views and ask questions of the Parish Council on issues on this Agenda.  The next Public Participation is item 21. at the end of the meeting where residents are invited to give their views and ask questions of the Parish Council on any outstanding issues on this Agenda or raise issues for future consideration.

Item 7. Correspondance: there is a Message from the High Sheriff of Dorset, Michael Dooley.

Item 11. is when Representatives are appointed for the following:

  1. Broadwindsor School.
  2. Blackdown, Comrades Hall and Drimpton Village Hall Committees.
  3. Broadwindsor Community Sports Field.
  4. Broadwindsor Allotment Group.
  5. Footpaths Officer (Rights Of Way and Liaison Officer).
  6. Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils (DAPTC) Western Area Committee.
  7. Other Representation.

Item 13. indicates there are no Planning Applications received.

Item 18. addresses our Highways:

  • Report from the Footpaths Officer.
  • Verge Management in the Grouped Parish Area.
  • Common Water Lane Updated.
  • Results of Traffic Surveys for the Installation of Speed Indicator Devices.
  • Request from Resident, Seeking Permission to Install New Field Gateway between Shepherds Meadow and Bridge.

Item 22. closes the meeting.

The full agenda is available to download HERE.

The press and public are invited to attend.  Under the Openess of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014, members of the public may now film, photograph and make audio recordings of the proceedings of the formal Council meeting, though not, under current legislation, of the Public Participation session, as this is not part of the formal agenda of the meeting. Recording activity should be respectful to the conduct of the meeting and behavious that disrupts the meeting (such as oral commentary) will not be permitted.  Any member of the public shall not speak for more than five minutes.  A question asked by a member of the public during Public Participation shall not require a response or debate during the meeting though the Chairman may direct that a written response will be provided subsequent to the meeting.

The next Meeting of the Parish Council will convene on Monday, 21st June 2021.

There are 15 Elected Councillors to Broadwindsor Group Parish Council – Click HERE to identify them.

Thursday, 6th May is also the Election day for Dorset’s Police and Crime Commissioner. Read more HERE.


RNLI Lyme Regis Thank Broadwindsor Community

Jacqui Sewell, on behalf of the Post Office Users Group, received a letter from the Chairman of the RNLI Supporters Group, Ken Lavery after taking collection of all the books donated to the Post Office Group at the Comrades Hall.

Villagers responded by appearing with bags, cardboard boxes and with car boots loaded full of books at the Post Office on Friday, 23rd April.  Even more books had been left for collection at the Telephone Box Book Exchange.  Thank you to Broadwindsor Community Stores for providing some much needed cardboard boxes! The books were collected by a Lyme Regis RNLI Supporter earlier this week on Tuesday.

This year’s Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week is from Saturday 24 July 2021 – Saturday 31 July 2021

Keep up to date with Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week HERE.


Young Cricketers Sought

This year, Broadwindsor CC and Beaminster CC are jointly delivering a youth development section. They are currently looking for some more girls and boys who are interested in playing hardball competitive league cricket at under 14 & 16 ages this summer. The project is called ‘BCC2‘. More details are HERE.
Please get in contact if you are interested:
Email: secretary@broadwindsorcricket.co.uk or Chairman.BeaminsterCC@gmail.com
Telephone: 07494 841249 or
Message them through their Facebook page HERE.

Desperate to get back out playing, young cricketer, Jack Ronan hopes to play a major role in a victorious campaign by the Under-14’s and will play nine league games in addition to the Sunday games he plays for Broadwindsor 🙂

Broadwindsor Cricket Club made this week’s edition of the Bridport News highlighting their new car park which will be big enough for 20 cars. Dorset Council has approved a planning application for the change to a 885 square metre plot which will see the surface covered in crushed and rolled stone. 

Not only have we managed to secure the future of the club by raising the money to buy the ground this winter, we also have some improvement projects planned.
We plan to finish the internal amenities in the pavilion, install mains electricity and have just had plans approved to construct a new car park – might even be building some nets soon too.
The new car park will be big enough for 20 cars and will be constructed in the adjoining field to the right as you come in the entrance to the ground. We are aiming to complete all these projects over the next few months!




Not All Is As It Seems . . .

At the beginning of the month, Broadwindsor published a Happy Easter post with this beautiful image crediting Ernesto Murguia with how in June 2020, an artist published on Twitter saying her parents are beekeepers and they sent her this image from a fellow French bee keeper.  Such a beautiful image understandably went ‘viral’ on the internet – but not for the first time.  It has now come to light that the image is not a hive created entirely by bees. The story of this image, of bees, an artist, the National Trust, a folklorist, in South Africa and more…  Many thanks to Steve Byrne for his research and the thread on Twitter.

A post from the UK’s National Trust back in 2015 claimed to be the original source of the photograph.

After the image had been shared thousands and thousands of times, someone on Twitter challenged the National Trust, but they confirmed it was real:

National Trust Challenged

Then, as it begins to circulate again, a bee keeper named Brian Fanner replies to the National Trust:

Brian Fanner - "I made this"

Brian then proves this by sending his post from 2013:

Bee Heart - Brian Fanner

The inquisitive Steve Byrne then addresses both the National Trust and Brian Fanner on Twitter – the National Trust did not respond but Brian Fanner did!  He sent Steve this image –

with the following words:

The things that come up are really funny from how bees have “artistic sensibilities” to bees creating that shape “to increase airflow”. I’ve seen companies using it in their websites and so many claiming it came out of their hive somewhere in the world. 
I used this board, routed in the slots… a rush job I’ll admit… waxed in some foundation strips into the slots and screwed inside a deep langstroth hive lid and stuck it on the hive. The bees made do best they could…
Brian continued,The lines are slots into which a foundation wax with the comb pattern on it can be placed…secured with melted beeswax. Normally…a sheet…to guide the bees as to where to build. So they just come across this weird pattern of foundation strip and start building onto it.  After that they just fill it out best they can. It’s a simple manipulation.
The bees are Capensis. The honey was most likely early season succulent type plant called a ‘vygie‘. [mesembryanthemums]. Even @Pinterest use this as the cover image for ‘bee art’“.
I called the image ‘a sweet heart‘ dedicated to my wife…per the very first post of it on my Facebook page in 2013. We scraped all the comb off the board, strained out the wax and consumed…not a very practical artwork to keep.

So it is possible that the National Trust‘s social media person got it wrong in 2015 – the image would appear to have been around since 2013.

Steve commented:It seems to have travelled to many countries & the story has been told and retold. As a folklorist, the giveaway was in the “beekeeper forgot the frame” wording. It kept coming up again & again. That is classic folklore, where a memorable snippet repeats and is passed on. And that, folks, is what we call Internet Folklore, where stories spread and change quicker than ever, and involve communities of people experiencing a simple yet heartwarming tale.”

He concluded:The thing to take away? On the internet, search behind what you see. Don’t take things at face value. Don’t let your “aww” gene get in the way of thinking, hmm, is this for real? Because there are people out there who seek to use such kindly human instincts in unkind ways.

It’s still a delightful story. The artwork was made for his wife and they ate it together 🙂

You can download Steve’s full thread in a readable format HERE.

AristotleIn 2011, Brian Fanner was profiled on social media as keeping bees and was “a smallholder in the Hopefield district of the Renosterveld” in the Western Cape province of South Africa.  He was also mentioned in publications as a bee keeper.

In 2014, Brian, with his brother Mark started making their own electric Ukulele’s, based on the southern tip of Africa, and out in the countryside to boot, they became expert in-sources. They pretty much make everything themselves. They also have an office in Cape Town. To learn more about them and their rocking Ukuleles – Click HERE.




Broadwindsor Group Annual Parish Online Meeting – Tuesday, 27th April

Broadwindsor Group Parish Council are holding their Annual Parish Meeting online using the Zoom platform at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 27th April 2021.
This meeting welcomes Groups and Organisations wishing to present or submit a report.  All are welcome to attend.

The full agenda is available to download HERE.
Minutes of previous Group Parish Council meetings can be found online HERE

The meeting can be accessed HERE.
The Meeting ID: 834 9495 2686
Zoom is Free! – Sign Up and get it HERE.

Welcome and Introductions from Chairman Rowland Hibbard will be followed by any apologies for absence and approval of the minutes from May 2019.
The Chairman will then deliver the Annual Report of the Parish Council.

Reports will then be submitted from the following:

  • Dorset Council Report.
  • Marshwood Vale.
  • Community Policing Report.
  • Broadwindsor School.
  • Blackdown, Broadwindsor and Burstock Churches.
  • Village Halls Report : Blackdown; Comrades Hall; Drimpton.
  • Broadwindsor Group Parish Climate & Ecological Emergency Group.
  • Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust.
  • The FMR Trust.
  • The Blackdown Educational Trust.
  • The Sick Poor Fund.
  • Broadwindsor Allotment Group.
  • Broadwindsor Community Stores.
  • BroadwindsorRainbows, Guides and West Dorset Rangers.
  • Post Office Users Group.
  • Drimpton & Netherhay Youth Club.
  • Clapton, Wayford & Drimpton HorticulturalSociety.
  • Broadwindsor Cricket Club
  • Broadwindsor Community Sports Field

Please be aware:
The APM is recorded in both visual and audio formats.  They are stored securely for twelve months then deleted.  If you have any issues or queries about this – please contact the Clerk to the Council at hello@broadwindsorgroup.gov.uk.