Liberal Democrats Win West Dorset Vote

The results of the general election in Dorset’s five constituencies have been confirmed.

The results were as follows:

  • South Dorset – Lloyd Hatton, Labour (gain)
  • West Dorset – Edward Morello, Liberal Democrat (gain)
  • North Dorset – Simon Hoare, Conservative (hold)
  • Mid Dorset & North Poole – Vikki Slade, Liberal Democrat (gain)
  • Christchurch – Christopher Chope, Conservative (hold)

The overall turnout was 70.1% (53,228 ballots from electorate of 75,959)
(as reported on Dorset Council’s website)

For the first time ever, West Dorset is no longer a Conservative seat after the Liberal Democrats pulled off this historic win.

Pre-election, Edward Morello‘s promise read:
“West Dorset is everything that is great about Great Britain. Thriving market towns, historical monuments, beautiful beaches, and a beating agricultural heartland. We must stand up for our way of life if we want to protect it. We have been ignored and underfunded by a Conservative government in Westminster and a Conservative-run Dorset Council for years. They’ve taken our buses and NHS dentists; stopped picking up the litter and tidying the verges; cut services and raised taxes; and abandoned the elderly. If we want a better deal for West Dorset we need change. I promise to work every day to bring back services and protect those things that make West Dorset the wonderful place that it is.”

Edward Morello released a statement earlier today on social media:
A huge thank you to the voters of West Dorset for placing your trust in me, and to the many many people who worked incredibly hard to make this a reality.

Here’s hoping… for all of us! 🙂

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