Gladis’s Law

Cameron Farquharson is gathering a wealth of support for Gladis’s Law, Protecting livestock, informing dog owners: a campaign for a change in law to make it mandatory to keep dogs on a lead when walking near livestock. “We want to educate dog owners about the importance of using a lead.

Yesterday Cameron received the 2021 Sheep worrying by dogs survey from The National Sheep Association.  He shared the following on social media:

I am currently sat reading through it and the causes of the livestock incidents jumped out at me. People could select multiple answers.
  • 70% selected that the cause was not putting their dog(s)on a lead.
  • 66% believed that their dog(s) won’t attack livestock or won’t do damage if they do.
  • 49% Was down to a lack of regard or concern on the issue.
  • 39% had assumed their dog(s) would respond to commands off the lead.
  • 47% was down to allowing dog(s) to roam unaccompanied or escaped from gardens or kennels.
  • 5% Worrying on purpose/linked to poaching.
The NSA then asked farmers what was the outcome of them asking people to put their dogs on lead. Again people could select multiple answers.
  • 51% reported receiving Verbal abuse.
  • 48% were ignored by the dog owner.
  • 21% received Intimidation by the dog owner.
  • 16% Other (no understanding, land ownership).
  • 15% Polite refusal to use a lead.
  • 8% Retribution (vandalism).
  • 3% received physical abuse.

I will post more once I’ve read and understood. But I think we can all agree that the statistics from this survey are shocking. We need to change things for the better.”

Gladis’s Law, Protecting livestock, informing dog owners.

To keep up to date on the Gladis’s Law Facebook page – Click HERE.

Carer’s Week: Mon 7th – Sun 13th June 2021

Carer’s Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK. It also helps people who don’t think of themselves as having caring responsibilities to identify themselves as carers and access much-needed support.

New research shows 72% of carers have not had any breaks from their caring role since the start of the pandemic.  They have lost, on average, 25 hours of support a month they previously had from services or family and friends before the pandemic.

This year Carers Week is shining a spotlight on the lack of breaks that carers have been able to take in the past year, and the worrying impact this is having on their health and wellbeing, as well as their ability to work and live a meaningful life beyond caring.

To address this situation, they are calling on the government to urgently increase funding for carers’ breaks by an additional £1.2 billion, so all carers providing significant hours of care can take a break.  They are asking you to write to your MP by clicking the link HEREand that you please forward any response you receive from your MP to, so that they can follow up with them, if you are happy to do so.


For Carer’s Support in Dorset – Click HERE.

Carer’s Allowance:

Carer’s Allowance is the main benefit for carers. If you are looking after someone for 35 hours a week or more, you may be eligible. Carer’s Allowance is currently £67.60 a week (2021-22) and is taxable income.
The Government has also confirmed that providing emotional support counts towards the Carer’s Allowance threshold of 35 hours of care a week across the UK. These measures have been extended until August 2021.
To make a claim for Carer’s Allowance – Click HERE.


Farmers! Please Submit Your Evidence

Cameron Farquharson’s cow Gladis made the national news last week, sadly for tragic reasons.  Her death has highlighted the need for farmers to have more say in taking care of their livestock in dealing with dogs off their leads.

When Cameron announced the very sad news on Facebook the following day, he begged, as all our local farmers repeatedly do to “please please please adhere to the notice on the gate and KEEP YOUR DOGS ON A LEAD!” He added ” We cannot afford in financial terms and for mine and my children’s mental well-being to continuously deal with these distressing losses.”  His post was shared over 10,000 times and made the BBC news.

Cameron and his family, who run Redlands Coppice, are now working with a group of farmers, farming related businesses and an MP to bring about a change in the law to give livestock more protection which they are calling Gladis’s Law They are trying to make contact with as many local farmers, smallholders holders and general livestock owners who have experienced dog attacks or worrying on their livestock in order to collate as much evidence of the problem as possible. Gladis’s Law would make it an offence for dogs to be off lead on farm land or land with animals grazing.

Sign up to be kept up to date of their progress on Gladis’s Law HERE.

Please message/submit your evidence through Facebook to: Cameron Farquharson HERE or Rachel Hayball HERE at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Cameron’s family were “overwhelmed by the kindness shown” to them, as a family…. “so many we are not able to respond personally to each individual person as we would like. We have made this short video to introduce you to our hairy coos and say a personal thank you.


Gladis died on 27th May on Eggardon Hill when dogs (reportedly Labradors) chased her to death killing both her and her full term unborn calf. R.I.P. Gladis x

Dorset Police Rural Crime Team also released a two and a half minute video on Facebook on Saturday about putting dogs on a lead which you can view HERE.

If you are a farmer needing livestock worrying signage, please send their team an email: with the best name and address to send to and the quantity that’s required. Maximum of 4 signs per address.

Cameron has now launched a special Facebook page HERE to gather support.


Chris Loder MP Asks You To Sign His Petition

Chris Loder MP introduced his Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill in the House of Commons on 5th February 2020. On 29th April 2021, with the support of Lord Randall of Uxbridge, it became law: the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Act 2021 (c. 21).
Click HERE to read the full legislation.

Working hard to keep Animal Welfare at the top of the Government’s agenda, he is promoting his new Animal Welfare Action Plan with the aim to:

✅ Recognise animals as sentient in law.
✅ Ban the export of live animals for slaughter and fattening.
✅ Bring in new laws to tackle puppy smuggling.
✅ Prohibit keeping primates as pets.

Banning live animal exports is his priority. He would like your help and support by adding your name and signing his petition.  Click HERE.#Broadwindsor,#Burstock,#Blackdown,#Hursey,#Kittwhistle,#Seaborough,#Drimpton,#Dorset,#BWGPC,#DorsetCouncil,#AnimalWelfareBill,#ChrisLoderMP,#BeKind,#AnimalsDeserveJustice,#ConservativeAnimalWelfareFoundation,#SocialDistancing,#BeSafe,#StaySafe

Chris Loder MP – Highest Expenses Of All Dorset MPs

When he was elected in December 2019, Mr Loder’s claims were the lowest of the five Dorset MPs.  It has been revealed that now Chris Loder MP’s expenses are the highest of the five.

Figures from the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) reveal that West Dorset MP Chris Loder claimed higher business costs and expenses than any other new MP during the the 2019-20 financial year, costing the taxpayer around £71,000.

Mr Loder’s costs were the highest of all 156 new MPs elected in December 2019, and well above the average of £40,869 for the new intake of members.

The West Dorset MP cited the high cost of setting up a new office and buying equipment for staff, as well as having a one of the largest constituencies in the UK.

He spent £60,871.16 on office running costs, including £51,704.97 on staff wages and £9,166.19 on other office expenditures, plus £5,250.70 on accommodation, and a further £4,443.61 on travel and subsistence. His five most expensive types of costs were:

  • Payroll – costing £52,607.97
  • Hotels in London – £5,335.00
  • Buying equipment – £2,004.02
  • Rail travel – £1,769.35
  • Stationery and printing – £1,160.00

Talking to the Dorset Echo, Chris Loder MP said: “The costs of running an MP’s office are primarily for staff and office costs in running a base in the constituency and one in Westminster. I welcome the scrutiny of these costs, as it will show financial prudence with spending £15.5k less than the budget for this period, whilst setting up a completely new office from day one with a full staff team in place. West Dorset is not only the largest constituency in Dorset, it is one of the largest in the UK, and has ten per cent more electors than the average UK constituency.

To read the Dorset Echo’s full comparison of expenses – Click HERE.

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Chris Loder MP Appeals Stay At Home

On Tuesday in Parliament, Chris Loder MP took the opportunity to thank all our schools across West Dorset for the way they have handled the most difficult of situations. He also asked that the question of vaccinations for our teachers should be moved higher up the agenda.

In his regular column in this week’s Bridport News, he stated the following:

I wrote this column on Tuesday afternoon as the Government announced 1,610 people had died, the largest number of daily deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, with over 90,000 people now having died from coronavirus in the United Kingdom.
I want to firstly give you a very real insight into the current position with coronavirus here in Dorset, because we are at a point with Covid that we have not seen before.
Our hospitals are not overwhelmed, and they are managing; but the realities of the pressures are considerable. This week, for the first time in many years, maybe ever, the Armed Forces – in our case the Royal Marines, have come to support our hospital staff in Dorset. Given their base in Poole we are fortunate to have them; following petitions by the MP for Bournemouth East and myself.
Police officers are training as ambulance drivers, MPs who were doctors or nurses before being elected to parliament are returning to hospitals. Indeed, I have offered my help to the railway should it be needed to get critical workers to work.
Just recently, when watching the television or going to the shops, I wonder if parts of our society have forgotten that we are a country in crisis, because we have become tired of it. Young people congregating, people trying to push the boundaries; even political groups delivering leaflets! But now is most certainly not the time to tire.
I am not one to be alarmist. I will rarely offer direct warnings. But if ever there was a time to recognise, for the sake of our families, friends and neighbours, that we must stay at home and respect the Government’s guidance – it is now. And if you know of neighbours that need your help, I cannot encourage you enough to offer it, if you can.

– Chris Loder, MP


Chris Loder MP Responds To Why He Voted Against Free School Meals

After being exposed as voting against the Free Meals For School Children In Need during the holidays, our local MP Chris Loder was compelled to address the issue this evening and issued a letter of response on his website.

“Many constituents have taken the trouble to write to me on the question of free school meals and I have responded to them by letter today.” – Chris Loder, MP

Read his full letter HERE.






Feed The Children

The Stableyard Restaurant is the latest to join a list of local suppliers who are offering free meals to children for Half Term week following MP’s voting down free school meals for hungry children this winter.

The full list of the 322 MPs who voted such can be found HERE. It includes our MP for West Dorset, Chris Loder.

AristotleThe Stableyard Restaurant:

are offering a free meal to children who are entitled to free school meals in the Broadwindsor, Drimpton and surrounding areas, from 28th October – 31st October.

Pre-order the night before for collection between 12pm-3pm the following day. 01308 868362
Choose from any of the following takeaway meals;
* Soup & bread
* Macaroni cheese
* Sausage and chips
* Chicken bites and chips
* Jacket potato, plain or topping of cheese & beans
* Ham, cheese or jam sandwich with crisps
All they ask is that your child attends Broadwindsor or surrounding village schools, maximum 1 meal per child per day. They are funding this themselves and it is provided on a trust basis.
Click HERE to visit their website.

L&F Catering:

From Tuesday 27th until Friday 30th October KIDS EAT FREE at Nat and Jens vans!
Pick one meal per child from our KIDS MENU
Cod, fish cake, chicken nuggets or sausage all come with chips 😋
Children must be aged between 4 & 16 and attend a local school.
As always children attending the vans need to be accompanied by an adult.
We hope lots of you will make the most of us this half term 💜

Villages visits and times:

MONDAY – Burton Bradstock 5 – 6pm Puncknole 6.15 – 7pm
TUESDAY- Drimpton 5-6pm ~ Broadwindsor 6:45-8pm
WEDNESDAY-Martinstown 5-6:30pm ~ Portesham 6:45-8pm ~ Charminster 5-6.45pm,
THURSDAY- Bradpole(post office) 5-6pm ~ Cerne Abbas 5-6.45pm
FRIDAY- Charlton Down 5-7pm


The Half Moon at Melplash:

On a no question asked basis, a free meal to children from the local area.
With only a few clicks on their website, you can choose a meal from our Childrens menu or Brunch menu which will be available to collect between 12pm & 1pm (you must select these times to qualify)
All we ask, to qualify, is the children attend a school in our local community (both Beaminster & Bridport).
This is an act of kindness in a time when worry about the future is high & is entirely non-profit. Let’s work together to end child poverty. Click HERE to visit their website.
Use promo code #helpinghand this will allow you to checkout with 100% off child and brunch menu items only.
Please think of this as a helping hand from our family to yours to.


Beaminster Food Bank:

6, Prout Bridge, Beaminster, Dorset DT8 3AY
Contact: 01308 861030 (Children’s Centre)
Opening Hours: Mondays 10am – 12pm, Wednesdays 2pm – 4pm and Fridays 10am – 12pm

Bridport Food Bank:

Contact: 01308 301457
Food is distributed from 11.30am till 1pm on Walk-in-Wednesdays inside St Mary’s in South Street.

Broadwindsor resident, Paul Davies is raising funds for Bridport Food Bank – Donate HERE.



Dorset Citizen’s Advice have arrangements in place to help provide food. Their helpline is 01305 221000 and is open from 8:30am on today (Monday) or email: .

AristotleOther Businesses in Beaminster & Bridport have generous offers – please contact them to find out more.

  • Aroma Cafe, East Street
  • Bella’s, South Street
  • Brassica Restaurant, Beaminster
  • Bridge House Hotel, East Street
  • Burgers At The Bay, West Bay
  • Cilla & Camilla -Pack up boxes
  • Kernow Pantry, West Street
  • Long’s Fish and Chips, West Street
  • Moore Than Tea Cafe/Deli
  • Morrisons Community Champion
  • Refresh, South Street
  • Snack Shack, West Bay
  • The Three Horseshoes, Burton Bradstock
  • The White Lion, West Allington
  • Windy Corner Cafe, West Bay


Village Resident Launches Fund For Food Bank

Village resident Paul Davies witnessed something humbling this morning (Saturday 24th October). “In the checkout queue at Morrison’s behind a gent whose trolley was overloaded with packets of rice, bottles of Dolmio and cans of rice pudding. Nothing else. It went through at over £100. He paid with good cheer, wheeled through trolley to where they collect for the food bank and left the whole lot then walked out without any fuss. No “virtue signalling” You Sir, are a star. I hope you are a member of this site and see this- you clearly don’t want fuss but you should know how much that action means. MPs take note, be humbled and ashamed.”

Donate HERE!

“Inspired by the generosity of an anonymous gentleman in Morrisons, Bridport this morning and encouraged by the hundreds of positive responses on social media, I would like to see how much we as a community can raise to emulate the fabulous generosity of the unknown hero by raising as much as possible for the Cupboard Love Bridport food bank.
Please help if you can!!”

Donate HERE!

At the time of publishing – £135 of the £500 target has been raised 🙂




Chris Loder’s Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill

Chris Loder, the MP for West Dorset, introduced his Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill in the House of Commons on 5th February 2020. The Private Members’ Bill makes provision for the maximum penalty for certain offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to be increased from six months to up to five years.

The second reading, which was originally tabled for 12th June, will now take place on 23rd October 2020.

The Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill has been introduced to the House of Commons, before moving to the House of Lords. If passed, it will come into effect in two months after it receives Royal Assent.

We are renowned to be a nation of animal lovers – now let’s prove that by handing down appropriate penalties to those who bring unnecessary suffering to animals”.  Chris Loder MP

To track the progress of the Bill – click HERE.