Residue From Aircraft On Car – Anyone Else?

Village resident, Nick Roach has contacted the Editor hoping that someone can shed some light on an occurence last Tuesday, 21st June.

To explain, Nick has shared the contents of his email to Chris Loder MP, sent on Sunday afternoon. There is also a slideshow of his photographs taken demonstrating the airborne object, the dust trail and the deposits on his car.


Dear Chris,

I hope you are well.
We have a curious question which I hope you’ll be in a position to at least pass  on with a view or enlightening us please?
We moved into the beautiful area last September. And regularly walk up Lewesdon Hill behind our village of Broadwindsor.

Last week, Tuesday 21st June 2022, when walking on Lewesdon late pm, we were amazed to see overhead an unusual looking plane leaving behind it a very large trail. And as we watched over the next few minutes and hours, this trail expanded to become a cloud stretching across the sky as far as we could see. It was even still present several hours later, after dark. (pics attached. But we have video footage too, as we were so amazed we felt compelled to film it.)
We are of course well familiar with vapour trails left by planes. These quickly dissipate. And we are also aware the UK government have confirmed they support ‘greenhouse gas removal’, ‘Examples include the brightening of marine clouds and injection of aerosols into the stratosphere.’

UK Government: ‘UK government’s view on greenhouse gas removal technologies and solar radiation management’:

And, by way of further information:
Australian Government: ‘The Snowy Mountains Cloud Seeding Act 2004 enables Snowy Hydro Limited to conduct permanent cloud seeding operations within the Snowy Mountains in accordance with an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) approved by relevant Ministers.’:

And these steps sound like they could be productive. But to obstruct and protect us from the sun, the aerosols would presumably need to be sprayed earlier in the day than when the sun is going down? And I read ‘cloud seeding’ requires that rain clouds already be in the sky. On this day there were none.

The other part of the query is the following morning we found a strange residue evenly covering the entirety of our car, of a sort we’ve never seen before. Is this from the ‘dust cloud’ left by the plane?

The bottom line is of course, should we be concerned?
After all, although the term ‘chemtrails’ is associated with conspiracy nonsense, nonetheless it has been shown that there is history in this matter:

I would be most grateful for any time you can spare in enquiring about this please Chris. I’d recently been seeing pictures taken in other areas of strange trails left by planes, and confess to being a little complacent about living out in the country now, away from all that. And then this happens. And I’d love to know what the plane was, what it was doing, and what was this ‘dust cloud’ it was leaving in its wake?

Thank you very much indeed Chris.

Yours sincerely
Nick (Roach)


At the time of publishing, Nick has not received a reply from Chris Loder MP.

If you click on an image, it will open in a separate window enabling you to magnify it 🙂


Mild amusement, or perhaps bemusement? As stated in his email, Nick also has some video footage of the event. Please get in touch if that would be of interest to you. Thank you Nick 🙂