Dogs Or No Dogs In Comrades Hall?

There is a debate as to whether the Comrades Hall has any official ruling to ban dogs from entering inside the building. No dogs are allowed anywhere in the vicinity of the playground, which includes the footpath and that is not in question.

At the meeting in November 2021, it was thought that dogs had never been allowed in. Those present believed that it was no and that it should remain so.  These minutes were approved in April 2022 as the extract shows:

There are metal objects i.e. bike rack just by the front door to tie leads to however this exclusion does not apply to assistance dogs of which there are several types nowadays so be mindful if you see a person with a dog before you ask them to leave it outside new signage will be needed to show this both for the hall and Bernards’s Place DC will investigate the Internet.” – these minutes were approved 26th April 2022.

However, it seems from the extract above that no actual vote was taken as nothing beyond a discussion has been recorded.

There are many people in the village who say they’ve always taken their dogs – on a lead – into the Hall.

Nonetheless, members of the Hall Committee put up a sign (as left).

The first sign put up was removed/stolen.

The 2nd sign put up to replace it now looks like this:

Those in favour state that, providing the dog is well-behaved, dogs should be allowed to visit public institutions, such as the Outreach Post Office, which uses the Comrades Hall every Tuesday & Friday morning since January 2010.

Furthermore, as yet, there is no mention to the exclusion of dogs in the old documents* which have recently been uncovered revealing the Comrades Hall will be celebrating it’s own Platinum Jubilee in November this year.
*There remains approximately 100 pages which the Chair is working her way through.

If no democratic vote was recorded, then it suggests that any Criminal Damage was done, not by the removal of the sign, but by the installing of the sign.  One village resident stated – “The installation and ban of dogs sign on the outside wall of the CH will be reported, as requested by the fitter, to Police.” Many residents feel very strongly and it has to be acknowledged that we do live in a village with many dogs. We all live in a democratic society and we all strive to abide by that principle.

In need of funds to complete their Playground Development plan, the Comrades Hall Management Committee additionally risk losing potential income from dog training classes, which are proving increasingly popular and are already offered in some neighbouring village halls.

The signs cost £5.28 to purchase on Amazon and cannot be repeatedly afforded.

The new Chair of the Comrades Hall Management Committee, Jacqui Sewell (who had left the November meeting prior to the discussion about dogs took place) commented that “…on matter of dogs – no form of approval was minuted for the signs to be put up & this will be raised at our 12th July meeting“.
It will appear in ‘Matters Arising‘ – to be discussed.

Do you have strong views on this issue? Do you own a dog? Are you affected by this decision ?

Let your voice be heard, please contact Jacqui Sewell before Tuesday, 12th July, directly by email at:
Alternatively, you may make your comments to this post on Broadwindsor’s Facebook page, which is on view to all members of the public.