3 In Community Stores + Cashback

Broadwindsor Community Stores announced this morning that they are now allowing 3 customers at a time into the shop.  They do have a one way system in operation.   Please follow this without bumping into each other: the social distancing rules are there to protect everyone.


The store has also reintroduced their Cashback facility: up to £30 cashback with a minimum spend of £5.

They issued their thanks “to our wonderful customers for helping our dedicated volunteers make sure we’re all as safe as can be. 🙂

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Astronomy Session Cancelled

This afternoon’s Astronomy session on Zoom  has been cancelled due to ill health. Apologies to those who have registered.
It will be postponed until 14th July.

Astronomy – 3pm, Wednesday 9th June

Village resident Peter Davies will present his 3rd session for those with an interest in Astronomy this Wednesday at 3pm on Zoom.

This month there will be a recap on previous content and then move onto the subject of Time.

The sessions are 90 minutes each and there will be a 5-10 min break for tea after 40 mins.  Peter does recommend having a notepad and pen to take any notes. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions and/or discussion.

Magna HousingTo listen/participate – you must first email: Lori.Lee@magna.org.uk to register your interest for Data Protection reasons. If you do not receive an invitation to join from Lori Lee, please email Peter directly: pdavies1812@gmail.com.

Zoom is Free! – Sign Up and get it HERE.

This event is sponsored by Magna Housing and Broadwindsor.org.

On the morning of Thursday 1oth June, there is a partial solar eclipse. The disc of the Sun will appear as a crescent as the Moon partially obscures it. A greater solar eclipse will not be seen until 2025.


The Wagon House Now Open 7 Days A Week

Selling fresh pasteurised milk, delicious milkshakes, tea and coffee, the Wagon House‘s opening hours are now 7am-10pm, 7 days a week.

Also to tempt you are locally made cakes, fudge, strawberries, potatoes, fresh eggs, chutneys and jams.  Stuart & Louise look forward to welcoming you.

Email: thewagonhouse@hotmail.com
or Message through their Facebook page HERE.

Attisham Farm is located at Templemens Ash, just before Birdsmoorgate on the B3164, shown below.


360 View From Pilsdon Pen


Included on the website’s earlier post on Mental Health Awareness Week is this 43 second video recorded by local photographer, James Dawson. If you turn your volume up – you’ll feel that wind! #ConnectWithNatureDorset


This Month’s Astronomy On Zoom

At 3pm on Wednesday afternoon the 2nd month’s presentation on Astronomy by Peter Davies, Broadwindsor will begin on Zoom.

It will start with a brief recap on magnetic fields. distances and a bit more on planets’ magnetic fields.

Focussing on gravity, the following will be explored:

  • Gravity… what is it/purpose?
  • Gravity on different planets.
  • Gravity in space/galaxies.

There will also be an introduction to Black Holes.  As requested, there will be time allocated to explore some of the star formations/Constellations.

The sessions are 90 minutes each and there will be a 5-10 min break for tea after 40 mins.  Peter does recommend having a notepad and pen to take any notes. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions and/or discussion.

To listen/participate – you must first email: Lori.Lee@magna.org.uk to register your interest for Data Protection reasons. If you do not receive an invitation to join, please email Peter directly: pdavies1812@gmail.com.


Councillor Simon Christopher’s Report – May 2021

Cllr. Simon Christopher submitted the following report at this evening’s AGM of the Parish Council:

Dear Helen and Councillors,

Further to my previous report I comment as follows re school buses:
My understanding is that Service SB5 route operated by First Wessex running via Misterton Drimpton and Broadwindsor has been affected for a number of weeks by a road closure at Misterton associated with bridge strengthening.
I further understand that the work is for Somerset County Council and per the latest report I have, the work  is due to end on 21 May 2021.

I am informed by the Head of Travel at Dorset Council that First Group have been impacted by a number of other roadwork schemes happening before the tourist season proper commences and indeed the head of travel also points out that the service was further  affected by Somerset County Council roadworks south of Crewkerne for a couple of weeks during March.
The Head of Travel at Dorset Council has informed me that First Wessex did communicate with the headmaster at the school about the roadworks before hand and attempted to make appropriate adjustments to pick ups.
The head of Travel at Dorset Council has also passed on the additional comment from First Wessex:

‘’All drivers we use are familiar with the routes ,in fact we do not allow any driver to drive any routes they are unfamiliar with and they can only drive a route once fully trained and signed off’.’

Finally , the Head of Travel reported that First have agreed to look at the diversion route again to see if there are any alternative solutions to avoid the delay and promised to keep the portfolio holders, Councillor Ray Bryan and Councillor Andrew Parry and myself updated

I now turn to the support from HM Government for the bus sector. This involves the Covid 19 Bus Service Support Grant (CBSSG) Restart 

It is interesting to read in HM Governments communication Bus Back Better that there is a declared belief that and I quote ‘ Local collaboration is a key tenet of emergency funding”.  As a condition of receiving CBSSG, the Department of Transport can ask operators to demonstrate on request that consultations on service levels have taken place and that reasonable requests from Local Transport Authorities for service changes have been considered in good faith.
The Department for Transport can deny or recover CBSSG payments from operators who have not engaged adequately with Local Transport Authorities.
By the end of June 2021 Dorset Council, in order to have access to CBSSG is required to commit to entering into  Enhanced Partnerships.
By the end of October 2021 Dorset Council is required to have developed and agreed a Bus Services Improvement Fund.
Clearly there is a lot for Councillor Ray Bryan , the portfolio holder for Highways Travel and Environment to think about.

I continue to engage with interested parties about damage to the verge etc at Common Water Lane.

Turning to farming, which is at the core of economic activity  in so much of the Marshwood Vale Ward, farming has always been a dangerous industry. At this time of year many of us would have been thinking about attending the May agricultural shows including Devon County Show and Royal Bath and West Shows . These shows are both cancelled and as a consequence charities and other organisations and firms lose the opportunity to discuss with people in a true face to face way how farming can be made safer.
Close to one person a week dies in an accident on farms in this country despite countless campaigns to raise awareness of dangers whether to farmers and farm workers or walkers.
Farmers and farming organisations together with the Health & Safety Executive and charities have publicised the risks yet still people die on farms through accidents . No councillor should give up working towards farm safety. With respect to walkers there are risks associated with large livestock and large farm machinery.

Of course farming has changed with some farmers keeping their cattle indoors more than others . It is always helpful when farmers can have the chance to explain what they are doing to arrive at common sense solutions so that farming is safer.
One of the most famous farming commentators recently described the situation in a national magazine for those who work in or enter a farm environment,  your friends and family and I quote ‘may just have a concern about you because you are not young and nimble enough any more to climb a ladder or jump a gate if the bull turns nasty ‘ This may be seen by some as helpful advice!

After recent disturbing local events re attacks on sheep, I was interested and indeed saddened to read that more than two thirds of UK sheep farmers have experienced an increase in attacks on their flocks by dogs in the past  year according to a new survey.
The National Sheep Association (NSA) said the findings of its survey added further weight to evidence that an increase in dog ownership during the coronavirus lockdown may be driving the rise in attacks.
The NSA chief executive Phil Stocker noted that there was still much work  to do to educate the dog owning public about the need to keep their pets under control- and preferably on a lead  in the countryside ,especially near livestock.

Last Friday the National Sheep Association launched #LeadOn –  a two week campaign that aims to encourage dog owners to be responsible and act as an example to others by keeping their pets on leads in the presence of livestock.
Sheep farmers across the UK will be posting their experience on Facebook and Twitter about the devastating effect a dog attack on their flocks can have for all parties.

Finally in the Dorset Council area elections are taking place on 6 May 2021 for the Police and Crime Commissioner. Elsewhere in Dorset there will also be some town and parish council by elections.  I am advised that measures to ensure polling stations are safe include:

1 social distancing inside and outside venues.

2 limits on the number of people inside polling stations.

3 maximum ventilation of polling stations.

4 hand sanitiser.

5 regular cleaning.

Other points:

Voters will be required to follow the signage and any instructions at their polling station.
Voters are encouraged to bring their own pens/pencils.
Face Coverings are also required to be worn inside the polling station (Unless exempt).
Election staff will also be wearing face masks.

Please note that this not an exhaustive list of measures and advice from the Comms team  further info may be available in the first instance from the following – Dorset Council 01305 858233 or email: comms@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk.

Best regards,

Dorset Councillor Simon Christopher
Marshwood Vale
Tel: 07798 833 715


Last Week Of Vikki’s Specials At The White Lion

This weekend is your last opportunity to enjoy one of Vikki’s delicious homemade meals as the kitchen will be closed from Monday, 10th May.  It is hoped to bring you news soon of their future plans as most now know that Vikki & Spike handed their notice into Palmers Brewery last month.

In addition to the regular menu (shown below), Vikki’s specials this week from Thursday are:

  • Homemade Lamb Rogan Josh with Basmati Rice (Gluten Free).
  • Homemade Cottage Pie topped with Cheese & Onion Mash and Fresh Vegetables.
  • Homemade Rabbit Pie with with Fresh Vegetables and Chips or Mash.

Apologies from Vikki but there is no special dessert this week.

Please pre-order by 5pm the day prior for collection
Please collect between 6pm – 7.30pm

Yorkshire PudsSunday Lunch

This week you can choose between Roast Beef or Roast Turkey served with their accompaniments – £8.50

Please pre-order by 5pm Saturday.
Please collect between 12 noon – 2.00pm.

Telephone: 01308 867070
Message through Facebook: HERE.
White Lion Takeaway - Jan 2021


Congratulations To The New Inn At Stoke Abbott & The Half Moon At Melplash

Announced earlier today, the New Inn at Stoke Abbott have won 1st place in the Pub category of Bridport Food Festival’s Local Food Group, Food & Drink Lockdown Hero Awards 2021. Kirsty & Kevin shared their joy on social media “We are feeling so happy with the news…. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for us, it means so much that you all appreciate what we do.
Runner up was the Half Moon at Melplash.  Both pubs are very popular venues with locals.

All were congratulated for “the service that you have given to the community during lockdown has been exceptional and made life for many much more bearable“.

Other winners included:

  • Washingpool Farm – Food/Drink Retail.
  • Dark Bear – Takeaway & Home Delivery.
  • Taj Mahal – Restaurant/Cafe

A special award for Outstanding Service went to The George at Chideock.

To view the full announcement – click HERE.

This year’s Bridport Food Festival will be 13th – 19th June.

Congratulations to all!


Happy St. George’s Day

St. George’s Day is also known as the Feast of Saint George. As well as England, St. George is a Patron Saint of several countries: Portugal; Cyprus; Georgia; Serbia; Bulgaria; Bosnia & Herzegovin, and the Republic of Macedonia, all of who fly the red cross flag on the day.
St. George is also the patron saint of The Scout Movement, which has held St. George’s Day parades by Scouts (and now Girl Guides) since its first years.

Not much is known about Saint George’s early life, and what is known has been argued for centuries. It is believed that he was probably born around 280 AD in Lydda, Syria Palaestina, an area which is now in modern-day Israel and that he was probably born to noble birth.

St. George Slaying DragonThe Legend:

The myth of St. George & the Dragon became popularised around the time of the Crusades who brought back tales of a dragon-slaying Christian who saved a princess and her village from the flesh eating monster. It is said that the local villagers had offered up sheep everyday to appease the monster, but when that failed they tried feeding it their children, chosen by lottery! Until, on one occasion, it happened that the lot fell on the king’s daughter.  Distraught with grief, the King told the people they could have all his gold and silver and half of his kingdom if his daughter was spared. His people refused and the daughter was sent out to the lake, decked out as a bride, to be fed to the dragon…
By chance, George rode past the lake. Noticing him, the dragon charged for George, who fortified himself with the Sign of the Cross and charged on horseback delivering a grievous wound. With the dragon harnessed, George rode the princess back to the village, subsequently telling the villagers that he would only kill the dragon if they all became Christians. Unwilling to subject themselves back to the terror of the dragon, the king and his people agreed to convert to Christianity and George slew the dragon.  On the site where the dragon died, the king built a church to the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. George, and from its altar a spring arose whose waters cured all disease.

George became a solider, and ultimately an officer, in the Roman army under Emperor Diocletian. When the Emperor ordered the systematic persecution of Christians. George refused to take part, which resulted in his torture and subsequent death on 23rd April 303 AD. The Emperor’s wife was so inspired by George’s bravery and loyalty to his religion, that she too became a Christian and was subsequently executed for her faith.

The earliest documented mention of St. George in England comes from the Catholic monk the venerable Bede (c. 673–735). His feast day is also mentioned in the Durham Collectar, a ninth-century liturgical work.  The will of Alfred the Great is said to refer to the saint, in a reference to the church of Fordington, Dorset. At Fordington a stone over the south door records the miraculous appearance of to lead crusaders into battle. Early (c. 10th century) dedications of churches to St. George are noted in England, for example as well as Fordingham, Dorset, at Thetford, Southwark and Doncaster.

St. George's ChapelSt. George’s Chapel at Windsor castle was established by Edward III in 1348. The chapel, which is in the Lower Ward of Windsor Castle, had a big refurbishment started on it by Edward IV in 1475 that wasn’t finished until his grandson Henry VIII was on the throne in 1528.
It is both a Royal Peculiar, that is a Church of England parish or church exempt from the jurisdiction of the Diocese and the province in which it lies and subject to the direct jurisdiction of the monarch.  It was where the recent televised funeral of H.R.H. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh took place.

Order Of The GarterThe chapel also serves as the Chapel of the Order of the Garter. The Garter Service takes place at St George’s chapel every year because St George is the patron saint of the Order of the Garter. It is the most senior order of knighthood in the British honours system, outranked in precedence only by the Victoria Cross and the George Cross. It is granted by the Sovereign to people who have either served her well or contributed something special to the nation – such as Sir Winston Churchill.   The annual ceremony takes place in June.
The motto in gold lettering  ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense’ translates as “Shame on him who thinks evil of it.

St. George’s Day was a major feast and national holiday in England on a par with Christmas from the early 15th century. The tradition of celebration St. George’s Day had waned by the end of the 18th century after the union of England and Scotland in 1707.

English FlagA traditional custom on St. George’s Day is to fly or adorn the St. George’s Cross flag in some way: Pubs in particular can be seen on 23rd April with garlands of St. George’s crosses adorning them inside and out.
It is customary for the hymn “Jerusalem” to be sung in cathedrals, churches and chapels on St. George’s Day, or on the Sunday closest to it. Traditional English food and drink is likely to be be consumed.