The Old George For Sale – £850,000+

The Grade II listed property in the village square, The Old George B&B is on the market seeking offers in excess of £850,000.

Estate agents, Jackson-Stops state that the property itself dates back to the early 1600’s but was extensively refurbished in 1856 and now retains many Victorian features. All the details, floor plan and many more photographs of this beautiful, historic property can be viewed HERE and of course the opportunity to purchase.

Believed to be remaining in the village, we wish Christina lots of happiness in her new home.



Grants Up to £1,000 For College Studies Available

The Dorset Community Foundation’s Bursary Scheme awards grants of up to £1,000 to help students follow their dream career. Applications are now open.

Last year Dorset Community Foundation’s Bursary Scheme awarded more than £37,000 to support 72 students from the county who face financial disadvantage, additional issues such as those with disabled parents, those with Special Educational Needs or those not living with parents or guardians.

The total also includes disadvantaged students studying STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) at Bournemouth and Poole or Brockenhurst College funded by the community foundation’s Superior STEM Bursary Fund.

The grants can be used to cover the cost of travel to college, equipment, tools or clothing, study trips, laptops or meals. Grants Manager, Ellie Maguire said: “This isn’t an exhaustive list and students with other requirements for their course should contact us.”

Applicants must be 16yrs to 25yrs, attending a vocational course, and be enrolled at any of the following:

  • Bournemouth and Poole College,
  • Kingston Maurward College,
  • Brockenhurst College,
  • Weymouth College,
  • Yeovil College or
  • Wiltshire College’s Salisbury Campus.

Students should apply direct to their college for financial support before applying to DCF, although they may receive funds from both sources if needed.

Applications for bursaries to be paid in November are open until October 8th.
Further rounds of funding are also available.

For Application forms, and full details of criteria – Click HERE.


Meet Bailey & Buttons At The Wagon House


You are invited to meet Bailey & Buttons, two of the baby calves at the vending shed at The Wagon House on the Marshwood Road.

Visiting hours will be 12.30pm – 2.30pm on both Sunday, 29th and Bank Holiday Monday, 30th August.

The Wagon HouseStocked up with tasty treats, delicious milkshakes and fresh milk which comes straight from the cows on site.
It is fresh, rich, creamy and gently pasteurised before being taken up to the vending shed for customers to enjoy.

Stuart & Louise and Bailey & Buttons look forward to welcoming you.

or Message through their Facebook page HERE.

Attisham Farm is located at Templemens Ash, just before Birdsmoorgate on the B3164, shown below. Look for the signs!

 Sunday’s visitors…


Prout Bridge Project’s Village Afternoon Teas

The Prout Bridge Project (PBP) will have their new bus, Gilbert on the road offering Afternoon Teas – no need to book – from 2pm – 4pm on Thursdays on the following dates, at the following village venues:

  • Broadwindsor – Thursday, 29th July.
  • Drimpton – Thursday, 5th August.
  • Mosterton – Thursday, 12th August.
  • Salway Ash – Thursday, 26th August.

The team celebrated a sunny launch of their bus, Gilbert yesterday at Beaminster’s Memorial playing fields, welcoming friends, family and trustees.  This bus is a reminder of their founder Gil Streets, without whom they would not still be here today, continuing to support the community.

PBP is also offering free Village Activities on Thursday mornings, 10am – 12 noon at the following venues:

  • Mosterton – Thursday, 29th July.
  • Salway Ash – Thursday, 5th August.
  • Broadwindsor – Thursday, 12th August.
  • Drimpton – Thursday, 26th August.

*Please be aware that all dates are subject to Covid guidelines*For more information, please contact the Prout Bridge Project:
by email:
Telephone: 07802 514171

Click HERE to visit their website 🙂


Post Office 10 -12.30 Tuesdays & Fridays

Broadwindsor’s Post Office is open every Tuesday and Friday morning at the Comrades Hall. The clerks, John & Peter travel from Crewkerne’s Post Office to provide this invaluable service each week.  Please be sure to use the Post Office so we don’t lose it.
At this time, you are requested to continue to record your name and postcode upon entering for tracking purposes and to wear your mask.

The Post Office Users Group are holding a Coffee Morning, Plant & Craft sale this Saturday, 24th from 10.30am.  If you take your own coffee cup along – they’ll provide FREE REFILLS 🙂


Councillor Simon Christopher’s Report – July 2021

Cllr. Simon Christopher submitted the following report at this evening’s Informal Meeting of the Group Parish Council:

Dear Helen and Councillors,

It is good to see so much physical activity in keeping our local village halls up together and meeting the aspirations of residents both in terms of their actual use, but also their environmental impact. There was much discussion of what was termed the big society a decade or so ago and evidence of collaboration is very much in my mind in terms of not just community shops, but also possible community run pubs and existing community sports clubs in the Dorset Council Marshwood Vale Ward.
Dorset Council has continued to have virtual meetings. The most recent meeting of the Cabinet was on 22 June 2021 as social distancing requirements were not lifted on 21 June 2021.

Members were advised that where a Cabinet decision was required the appropriate Portfolio holder would be the responsible individual to make the decision whilst considering the views expressed by the wider Cabinet membership 

 You will be aware that the 2 main budgets in Dorset Council are in respect of care for Adults and Care of Children. There are also huge challenges around mental health generally and in respect of learning difficulties .

One report that was considered was the Dorset Care, Support Housing and Community Safety Framework.  Against a backdrop of an ageing population The Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Health Laura Miller, advised that the Council Sought to provide high quality personalised care and support services meeting the needs of service users whilst ensuring that they are delivered and financed in a sustainable way. The current Dorset Care Framework for Older People expires on 30 November 2022 and the Dorset Care Framework for Learning Disabilities needs to be refreshed to include mental health.

Procurement is governed by the Public Contract Regulations 2015 which allows Public Sector Bodies such as Dorset Council in terms of health and social care to adopt /innovate procurement models to best meet the needs of service users.

The framework will be in place for up to 10 years and will enable providers to join at any time (provided clearly that specific criteria is met) instead of fixed opening periods.

The proposed new Framework tool is the key to delivering flexible contracting with all sectors of the provider market including ( and I believe this is absolutely crucial) micro enterprises.

It is fair to say that Dorset Council continues to be under pressure both in terms of dealing with an increase in the number of planning applications and has been attempting to deal with an increase in the level of land charges searches. Across Dorset we are seeing changes in rural property ownership and re-evaluation of business models within the rural community, (which I will write more about later), but often these changes involve the need for planning applications.

With respect to Bus Back Better which was first publicised by H M Government in March 2021, I would like to reiterate that the Dorset Council bus service improvement plan will be published in Autumn 2021.

Councillor Ray Bryan, portfolio holder for Highways Tavel and Environment ,has been working on the Dorset Council Bus Service Improvement Plan.

He is quoted as saying “In response to the Government’s new National Bus Strategy which aims to make bus services more attractive, cheaper, easier to use, Faster, more reliable and greener.
The plan, is the so called Bus Service Improvement (ie: BSIP  Plan)

As a recap a plan will be a collaboration with local bus operators, community groups, and with passengers themselves.

The Council has reviewed the operations that Dorset has through the National Bus Strategy.

Their preferred approach is to develop an Enhanced Partnership for the council area.

An Enhanced Partnership is an agreement between the council and local bus operators to work together to improve local bus services. It requires an agreed vision of improvements and an action plan that will form the Bus Service Improvement Plan”

The plan will involve 5 key aspects:

  • Network and services
  • Fares
  • Ticketing
  • Passenger facilities
  • Bus priority measures

Councillor Bryan has further said that
“By working in close collaboration with the operators and local groups we will develop and deliver an ambitious Bus Service Improvement Plan for Dorset that puts the passenger first, raises further the perception of bus travel, generates mode shift away from private cars, and sees decarbonisation of the local transport fleet.

As a point of record the official notice is as follows
“By executive notice dated 29 June 2021 Dorset Council gave approval to proceed with the Development of and Enhancednotice of the intention to prepare an Enhanced Partnership Plan and accompanying Enhanced Partnership Scheme,as required and set out in section 138F of the Transport Act 2000.

As part of the process to develop the BSIP, the Council will be talking with community groups ,business groups passengers and the public to collect a wide range of thoughts and ideas which will help to shape the future vision and priorities for our bus network. The BSIP will be published in the Autumn”

I make no apology for stressing the importance of the Bus Service Improvement Plan that will be published in Autumn 2021 but the importance of public transport generally to include improvements to rail services and stations.

Several parish councillors are aware that I have continued to lobby Councillor Ray Bryan (mentioned above)  and the lead member for Highway Surfaces Councillor, Cherry Brooks to address the need for extensive parts of our local road network to be re surfaced. There are assurances that further resurfacing , and I refer in particular to the B3165  will take place this autumn.

We are of course in the middle of the most intensive part of the farming year.

While there are many who like seeing so much agricultural machinery working in the fields the fact that the machinery has to travel on our roads causes concern to some residents who write to me in connection with damaged roads, drains and verges. Of course, some damage may for instance be caused by say buses and lorries .

I would naturally be interested to hear the further thoughts of parish councillors and residents. I say this as I have within the Marshwood Vale Ward experience receipt of communication citing oversized agricultural machinery. In my experience agricultural machinery does not appear to be any larger than that you would see across the West Country.

I am writing this as we anticipate further easing of Covid restrictions and at a time when Covid cases are rising again across Dorset.
As of 9 July 2021, hospitalisations have been increasing with there being 14 people in hospital with Covid 19 in Dorset . The vaccine programme is however assessed as having a significant impact on the number of people being seriously unwell. That is the number of people requiring hospital treatment is at a much lower level compared to when Dorset was experiencing similar case rates in previous waves.

There are several walk-in vaccine clinics taking place across Dorset as residents are encouraged to grab a jab as it is termed prior to likely further easing of Covid 19 restrictions under step 4 of HM Government roadmap.

In summary the most recent data, to 9 July 2021 is as follows:

7 day cases per 100,000.
Dorset 96.4 compared to 69.2 per previous week.
The equivalent figure for Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole was 236.8 per 100.000 compared to 147.7per previous week.

I thought I would now turn to the question of the management of Dorset Council Owned Tree Policy . It is my understanding that Dorset Council is responsible for approximately 250,000 trees . The responsible Portfolio holder stated that town and parish councils were continually consulted and also confirmed that he was working closely with the County Farms in respect of tree replacement.

This now leads to the portfolio holder being quoted as stating that it was important to plant the right tree in the right place. This may seem an obvious comment but never more relevant.

I write this as it is a HM Government target to plant 30,000 hectares a year by 2025 this is under the DEFRA  England Trees Action Plan  2021-2024.  As part of the plan ,it was announced that the Forestry Commission would launch a new England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO),
There is much discussion of carbon sequestration biodiversity and timber production. And which tree species and location to assist in a fight to prevent soil erosion.

We are now seeing tickets being sold for some local agricultural shows eg: Honition at the start of August and Gillingham and Shaftesbury in the 3rd week of August . Both shows are unusually going to operate as 2 day shows due to ongoing concerns and capacity numbers appear somewhat uncertain Dorset County show in Dorchester and Melplash are both Cancelled.

These events are hugely important as are the functioning of livestock dispersal sales such as the one taking place at Frome market tomorrow (12 July ) in respect of a herd of organic dairy cows as farming is seen to operate in a manner closer to normality and a time when there is so much stress in the farming community . This stress includes the high incidence of TB in cattle and increasing testing requirements and cuts in Basic Payment ie support payments. Income is being lost in the the reduction in the Basic Payment Scheme which is being phased out Payment rates for the new sustainable farming incentive have now been set out by Defra Secretary George Eustace . This will have an impact naturally on farmers in the Marshwood Vale ward and indeed for farmers on the Dorset Council Farms Estate . Many of you will be aware that HM Government are encouraging farmers to move towards what is termed sustainable farming but also encouraging farmers to collaborate be more efficient and diversify.

In fact, with enhanced capital allowances for businesses in assisting with their tax it can be argued that HMG is being very generous in encouraging all rural business to be more efficient but increased efficiency and indeed diversification is not without broadband challenges……

Finally, within the Marshwood Vale Ward I have received notice of difficulties in respect of private drainage. You will be aware that not all of the extensive Marshwood Vale Ward is on mains drainage. The specific difficulties involve soakaways and I would welcome your thoughts by e mail as to  the extent to which private drainage is a problem for individual householders and their neighbours and the wider community.

Best regards

Councillor Simon Christopher
Dorset Councillor Marshwood Vale
077988 33715



Astronomy – 3pm, Wednesday 14th July

Village resident Peter Davies will present his 3rd session for those with an interest in Astronomy this Wednesday at 3pm on Zoom.  Last month’s session had to be cancelled due to illness.

This month there will be a recap on previous content and then move onto the subject of Time.

The sessions are 90 minutes each and there will be a 5-10 min break for tea after 40 mins.  Peter does recommend having a notepad and pen to take any notes. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions and/or discussion.

Magna HousingTo listen/participate – you must first email: to register your interest for Data Protection reasons. If you do not receive an invitation to join from Lori Lee, please email Peter directly:
Those who have already registered should receive their email invitation.

Zoom is Free! – Sign Up and get it HERE.

This event is sponsored by Magna Housing and

The Delta Aquariids meteor shower is visible from 13th July – 24th August, peaking around 30th July.


The Place I Love – A New Project Celebrating Life In Broadwindsor

This is a project celebrating community life and is being launched later this year by village resident Margery Hookings.  The aim is to bring people of all ages together in respecting and loving where we live – and Margery needs your input.

Margery at her window.Margery, who played the daily Sound of Music Through The Square Window requests during the first two lockdowns, is asking for village artists, photographers or craftspeople inspired by the local landscape to get in touch if they would like to take part in an Art Exhibition and Sale at Comrades Hall on Saturday 16th October.

The free event, which is in aid of Comrades Hall, will act as the public launch of the project she is leading as part of Windrose Rural Media Trust, which she first joined as a volunteer reporter for Dorset Farm Radio 15 years ago when she was editor of the Bridport and Lyme Regis News.

The village project is being funded by Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’s Stepping Into Nature scheme (funded by the National Community Lottery) and its Sustainable Development Fund, as well as by Broadwindsor Group Parish Council and through in-kind support. Margery is waiting to hear the outcome of an application to Dorset Council’s Community and Culture Fund.

She said: ‘There are several strands to The Place I Love, including collecting local field names and their uses past and present, collecting and performing folk songs from the area and the creation of a large, permanent map of the parish, with field names and points of interest and with a strong nod to the Countryside Code.

‘Between now and the project’s public launch, I’ll be sourcing maps, gathering historical information about the area – which will be passed to Dorset History Centre – and lining up interviews with people who live here about what it is they love about Broadwindsor.

The project will involve my Windrose colleagues, folk singer and collector Amanda Boyd and filmmaker James Harrison, along with local volunteers. A number of local people have already pledged their support and I’d love to hear from anyone else who would like to participate by giving me a hand or coming up with ideas of their own.”

The Place I Love theme presents the village with lots of interesting opportunities and could be replicated in other areas.’

If you’re interested in taking part in the exhibition or helping with the project please contact Margery by e-mail:



Windrose Rural Media Trust:

Windrose is a registered charity (no. 1136144). Formerly known as Trilith, it works across Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire on various heritage projects in rural areas. Its purpose is to use the media to undertake educational, archival and creative work in rural communities. It is best known for its archive of films of rural life in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, with films shows in village halls and other venues. It also undertakes new film and audio projects such as the Forever Archive series (which included Broadwindsor) and a project which combined archive film and folks songs for people with dementia.

Margery Hookings:

Margery has lived in Broadwindsor for 20 years and in Dorset for 39 years. A trained journalist, she now writes a weekly column in The People’s Friend Magazine, along with regular features focusing on local heritage, landscape and community for the Marshwood Vale Magazine. She is assistant editor of the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society’s quarterly magazine, The Greenwood Tree.

If you’re interested in taking part in the exhibition or helping Margery with her project please contact her by e-mail:


Local Gallery Nominated For Award

The Gallery of Makers at Broadwindsor’s Redlands Yard has been nominated for an award in the Best Art Gallery group for Dorset & Somerset in the *Muddy Stilletos Awards 2021.  Voting begins on Tuesday, 6th July. Click HERE to show them your support from that date.

Pop Up Corner

Clare Colby at the Gallery of Makers has no rental space remaining but does run a Pop Up corner which is currently changed fortnightly.  Clare is considering doing a Pop Up Gallery on Sundays. Anyone interested in taking part is asked to please contact Clare to discuss further and explore options.  Email: will promote the event when dates are confirmed 🙂


Gallery Of Makers

*Affectionately known as the Muddies, the awards are now in their 8th year and are becoming the most coveted #InLoveWithLocal awards for indie businesses across 25 counties. Last year their Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Hero Brown was named as one of the UK’s Top 50 inspirational women and a digital pioneer.  Read more HERE.
Please Note: Nominations are now closed and the voting begins on Tuesday, 6th July. Click HERE to give them your support.



Councillor Simon Christopher’s Report – June 2021

Prior to Cllr. Simon Christopher submitting the following report at last night’s meeting of the Group Parish Council, he requested the Town Clerk “put it on record” that Cllr. Rebecca Knox* (Beaminster Ward), Cabinet Member for Communities, Health & Wellbeing had been extremely helpful with her experience and knowledge of the Broadwindsor Ward.

“I was deeply saddened to hear of the death of parish councillor Lloyd Curtis.  As Philip Hardwill has stated “We will miss him and the good he did for his local community”.
It is disappointing that we are not meeting face to face as I continue to believe that a face to face meeting is preferable to virtual meeting. However there is still justifiable concern about the spread of the Covid Virus and your caution is perfectly understandable. It will not have escaped the attention of many of you that I have been corresponding with the Highways team including Highway Lead Council member  Councillor Cherry  Brooks to press for resurfacing of local roads. This has been successful in some places but certainly not in relation to the B3165. I have the assurance of the lead member for highways responsible for road surfaces that this will be looked at further. That is to say every metre of the above road within Dorset from the Somerset Border down to the Devon  border. To remind you Councillor Ray Bryan is the Cabinet Member responsible for Highways . Councillor Cherry Brooks as stated is responsible for road surfaces.

Councillor Nocturin Lacey Clark is the lead member responsible for Hedgerows and verges. This leads us to the matter of Common Water Lane and the issues relating  to its use or mis use. Councillor Rebecca Knox also has interest here, as part of Common Water Lane is in her ward. Common Water Lane which appears to have been as issue for many years prior to me becoming a Dorset Councillor,  is the subject of continuing correspondence where we are waiting various responses from Dorset Council . I am not a solicitor or highways expert but I will be seeking a legal opinion at a face to face meeting this week with a specialist solicitor.

You will have noted my concerns over so many months about dogs not being on leads and disturbing and indeed harming livestock. This problem has been highlighted still further with the death of the cow at nearby Eggardon. It is useful to remind all that farmers have the right to shoot dogs in circumstances where dogs are deemed to be loose such that their livestock may be protected.

I have received on Friday 18 June , a lengthy e-mail about the damage to verges banks and road surfaces drains etc. by large vehicles .

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the future and indeed speaking with you in the days ahead. Suffice it to say that the e-mail is written in what may be termed a legal way quoting the Highways Act and the responsibilities of Dorset Council and the police.

I will be looking to arrange a meeting with the concerned resident shortly.

I am corresponding in the first instance with the Highways Team about this for their view. Such damage to drains is seen as leading to eventual greater damage to road surfaces property etc. This has been a concern across the Marshwood Vale and obviously across the Country for many years.

I have also received a residents e mail expressing concern re the possibility of the creation of  a concrete ramp across Hursey Common amongst other concerns.

Last week Dorset Council received an update from the Cabinet Member for Planning Councillor, David Walsh.  In the update he stressed the amount of officer time being devoted to consideration of the responses  to the consultation to the first draft of the Dorset Local Plan. Councillor Walsh stressed his dedication to making sure that Dorset has a new adopted Local Plan by the end of 2023.

Clearly the Government has previously indicated it wanted to simplify planning within England. I am referring here to the Planning For the Future White Paper last August seen as the largest overhaul of the planning system since the 1947 Town and Country Planning Act. This may or may not ultimately be pursued. In the meanwhile the sensible and appropriate course of action is for the local plan to progress through its various stages.

You may have read that Dorset Council has called for more Government action to bring better broadband to more remote rural areas. Dorset Council is quoting that 96 per cent of Dorset can get super fast broadband. Dorset Council’s deputy leader Peter Wharf said “While we very much welcome the National Project Gigabit funding coming to Dorset we want to ensure that this and any future investments in improving connectivity  are directed at our hardest to reach areas first”.

The Council has also invested £1million to give our residents and businesses in rural areas an additional top up when they apply for government broadband vouchers.

  • “However we get no say on how or where that top is spent and we are urging the Government to enable councils to have more influence on where money is invested locally”.
  • “Crucially we would like to see the Government return to its original commitment of bringing gigabit capable broadband to 100 per cent of premises”.
  • “In this day and age where broadband is essential it is imperative that no home or business is left behind “.

In addition to more funding, Dorset Council would  like to see national subsidy offers improved so that anyone on sub super fast broadband speeds can apply. Currently the offer, called the Universal Service Obligation (USO) is for people whose internet speeds are less than 10 Mbps.

I am meeting the Council Leader Spencer Flower for a one  to one discussions on Wednesday (23rd June). Amongst the discussion topics will be the need to see improvements to bus services.

To remind you earlier this year Sue McGowan Head of Dorset Travel said “We are intending to refresh our public transport strategy in line with the new national strategy ( Bus Back Better). I will be looking for commitment to improve bus services.”

You may recall that only local transport authorities who commit to establishing an Enhanced Partnership across the whole of the LTA area by 30th June 2021 and to have published by 31st October 2021 a bus improvement plan will continue to receive the Covid 19 Bus Services Improvement Grant or any new sources of funding from Central Government.

I look forward to working with the new Police and Crime Commissioner Mr. David Sidwick. I have started to make him aware of issues within the Marshwood Vale Dorset Council Ward.

It is excellent to see the desire within the community to maintain the existence of a shop in Broadwindsor . It will also be interesting  to hear the thoughts of people on the viability having a community run pub at the heart of the village.

With the planned improvements to the Broadwindsor Comrades Hall  (including air source heat pumps and photovoltaic roof panels), the recent repairs to planned improvements to Bernards’ Place by way of installation of new equipment and the the continued progress of the Broadwindsor Cricket Club these are encouraging times.

Best regards

Councillor Simon Christopher.
Dorset Councillor Marshwood Vale
07798 833 715


*Cllr. Rebecca Knox:

Committee appointments:

Her other appointed positions include: