Meet Rebecca Burt – Broadwindsor’s New Councillor

Broadwindsor resident Rebecca Burt has been co-opted to Broadwindsor’s Group Parish Council to represent the Broadwindsor ward.

Bex, as she’s known to her friends and colleagues, moved to the village in 2018 with her husband Martin and their son Eddie who attends Broadwindsor school. Bex brings a wealth of experience as a teacher and working with young people and has volunteered at both the community shop and outreach post office.

We wish Bex the very best in her new role 🙂


More Volunteers Needed At Broadwindsor Community Stores

We all so appreciate our community village shop.  It simply wouldn’t function without the marvellous management team now led by Jane and,  just as importantly, the team of volunteers who smile and serve you when you go in 🙂

A healthy number of volunteers make it easier on all as individuals cover fewer shifts, or sometimes just the one.

It is an excellent way to learn new skills, feel productive and meet more people within the parish community.  An opportunity for you to give back to this community enterprise – it is fun too!

Full training is provided – contact Volunteer co-ordinator, Terri Small at:


Changes & Continuity At Broadwindsor Community Stores 

Sadly, Mike Moles, the recently appointed manager at Broadwindsor Community Stores is unable to continue with the position and has tendered his resignation. Once again a new manager would have to be found…

Broadwindsor Community Stores has seen many changes over its almost ten years of trading but it has had one positive constant: Jane Sloman.

If you’re a regular, Jane will most likely greet you by your name, know what you like and if you ask her about anything in the shop, she most likely will have the answer. Talk to anyone who uses the village shop and they not only know Jane but think highly of her.

Sue Williams, 2015

I remember my interview like it was yesterday,’ she said. ‘The shop wasn’t open yet so Sue Williams, the first manager, and I sat on a couple of upside-down crates in the empty shop to do the interview.

And I got the job! Haven’t looked back since!

After ten years of being a valuable shop assistant Jane has now accepted to take on the manager’s role, much to the shop committee’s delight and no doubt the whole community.

Andrew Hookings, Chairman of Broadwindsor Community Stores, said: “Jane has been with us since the shop opened in March 2013. She is very popular with volunteers and customers alike.  The community knows Jane has had a tough time over the last couple of years, and she has thankfully come through. Jane richly deserves this opportunity.”

The shop committee is now looking for a part-time shop assistant to help Jane and work alongside her colleague, Margaret, as well as with the volunteers who together make the Broadwindsor Village Shop team. The part-time shop assistant role will be on a temporary basis whilst Jane settles into her new role with the aim of being a permanent position.
Anyone interested in the position is asked to please email directly.

Good luck for your future Mike
& Well done Jane 🙂


Meet Mike Moles – New Manager At Broadwindsor Community Stores

Pictured outside Broadwindsor Community Stores with Margaret is Mike Moles, the newly appointed shop manager.

Mike’s not there full time yet as he has a moral obligation to the community he is leaving but will be there in the afternoons this week being shown ‘the ropes’ by both Margaret and Jane who have held the fort fantastically & remarkably since Kevin left.

Welcome to Broadwindsor Mike!


Village Shop Seeks Loan From BGPC To Purchase The Freehold Of Premises

Stewart Urry, Secretary of Broadwindsor and District Community Enterprise (BADCE) informed members this week of the committee’s intention to seek a loan from Broadwindsor Group Parish Council at their meeting on Monday, 13th June.


  1. BADCE is registered under the Co – Operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014, number 31629R. Annual Returns, available on line, are filed with the Financial Conduct Authority. BADCE carries on business as a convenience store for the benefit of Broadwindsor village and the nearby district. BADCE has 330 members, on a one vote per member basis. The shop is an invaluable resource to the district, as has particularly been shown in the recent pandemic, and is widely supported by its members, volunteer assistants and the general public, and also by the local Council.

  2. BADCE was established in early 2013 after public fundraising of some £30,000. From its inception it has reported an annual financial surplus, modest by reference to turnover, but grocery is a low margin trade, and the shop is not in business to maximise profits. At 31 December 2021, its accounts show total members’ funds of £64,016, represented by some £45,000 in cash and bank deposits, with the balance invested in the shop business.

  3. BADCE occupies its premises at The Old Telephone Exchange (’TOTE’) in Drimpton Road, Broadwindsor under a lease agreement at a current annual rent of £4,000 per year, for a term expiring on 31 December 2022, with no security of tenure after that date. Relations with the landlord are good, but the risk is that circumstances may change, and a lease renewal might not be offered in 2023, or at a later date. In any event the annual rent is likely to rise with inflation. The current location suits the shop very well, and there is presently no other comparable site for the shop in the village. Leased tenure restricts the shop from making any improvements to the building, or on the shop site, and this limits the future development of the shop.

  4. Following negotiations with the landlord a price has been agreed for the freehold at £75,000 plus vendor legal fees. The value of the TOTE building is in the region of £75,000/100,000 based on other transactions in identical buildings round the country; recently such a building was offered for sale in Yetminster, let at just over £4k per year, for £99.5k. The landlord values the building at some £100,000, but is generously willing to sell it to BADCE at the discounted price of £75k. A professional opinion has been taken supporting this purchase price.

  5. The BADCE Committee recommends the purchase of the freehold, as a one off opportunity to provide long term security for the shop, at a very reasonable price for a freehold. In order to fund the purchase, grant opportunities have been sought over the last six months, but without success. The main problem is that most current grant programmes are for new projects, which cannot readily access funding in any conventional way, and BADCE does not meet these criteria. Also, the Committee does not think it an opportune time to raise further funds from the members: there are considerable funds in the bank, partly from the original members’ fund raising, and also the local community has only recently raised money for the local pub.

  6. BADCE is therefore looking at loan finance. The total cost of the freehold, with fees and costs, might be some £80,000. BADCE currently has some £45k of cash, but needs to retain a trading buffer of some £15k, making say £30k available for the purchase, and so is looking for loan finance of some £50k, and has approached BGPC for assistance.

  7. BGPC may be able to access loan finance through the Public Works Loan Board, where currently published repayment terms for a £50k loan show capital and interest repayments on say a 30 year term of a fixed amount of under £3,000 per year, which is less than the current £4,000 annual rent paid by the shop, which is not fixed for the future. So the shop could readily afford this loan repayment cost.

  8. In respect of a loan, BADCE would grant BGPC security over the TOTE freehold property, which has a value materially higher than a £50k loan, so BGPC would have good capital security for its loan. BGPC would also have income security as the shop can readily afford the projected loan repayment costs out of its current trading results. BADCE would also offer to pay any incidental costs to BGPC of the loan assistance.

S W Urry
Secretary – BADCE
May 2022

Only members of BADCE can attend the AGM which will be on Wednesday, 21st June at 6pm in the Comrades Hall.
To become a member – please contact the Secretary:


Broadwindsor Community Stores – Jubilee Hours

Over the Platinum Jubilee holiday weekend, our village shop will be open ‘Sunday hours’, from 8am – 12noon.

This will be on Thursday, 2nd June through to Sunday, 5th June.

Our thanks to the volunteers who will give their time to make it possible 🙂

Please note: the last delivery of bread from Evershot bakery will be Wednesday, 1st, so any orders must be in by Tuesday, 31st May.

Keep up to date on offers in the shop by following them on their Facebook page HERE.


Old Village Shop Sold At Auction

Earlier this afternoon, the old village shop in the square sold for it’s guide price of £175,000 at Symonds & Sampson’s Property auction held in Sherborne. (More details of the property can be viewed HERE)

Alastair Boyd, with his wife Dee ran the shop for several years.  After Dee died, Alastair closed the shop and this led to the creation of our wonderful Broadwindsor Community Stores which opened in March 2013.

The Grade II Listed building has 3 bedroomed living accommodation above and a small garden at the rear. After lying empty for ten years, the property will require some modernisation and improvement.  With the necessary work that has to be done there together with the work going on at The White Lion – the look of Broadwindsor’s village square is rapidly changing.

We look forward to welcoming the new owner
and wish them every happiness in their new home 🙂

Thank you to Richard Thornborough for the photograph above which shows the village shop in the Edwardian era 🙂


T-Shirt With Village Slogan

As many will be aware the T-shirt logo poll closed recently with the slogan Where Community Matters‘ receiving the most votes.  There were 2,768 votes cast with the winner receiving nearly 30% of them.

The sponsor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has stated that a small company has been asked to research how and where the T-shirts can be produced.

Originally, the sponsor had stated that any profits for the sale of the T-shirts should be put forward to support the Save the White Lion fund. However, given the fact that this worthy cause has exceeded its target, it has been decided that the profits will go towards the purchase of a memorial for those lost in conflict.  At present no external memorial exists in the village.

T-shirts will be £15 and the size chart is below:

If you have any questions or orders, please contact my private e mail: putting T-shirt in the subject title.

Thank you.
Adrian Gray.


The Winning Slogan Is…

Where Community Matters

Submitted by Lynne Staff, of Drimpton Road, Broadwindsor receiving 29.6% of the 2,768 votes cast.

2nd with 24.6%Where Good Things Happen

3rd with 23%Where Community Thrives

4th with 18.6%White Lion Preservation Society

Others – 4.2%

Lynne’s slogan will be printed on the front of T-shirts being printed with The White Lion logo on the back.

Proceeds from the sale of the T-shirts will go to the Save The White Lion fund.

Congratulations to Lynne, who will receive a free T-shirt once they are printed and many thanks to everybody who took the time to vote.


Voting Closes 23.59hrs Tomorrow, Sunday 20th February

Over 100 people have voted with 180 votes. With 21 suggestions to choose from, leading with 22.2%, at the time of publishing, is “Where Good Things Happen” followed closely by “White Lion Preservation Society” at 19.4%.

This could change by tomorrow when voting ends… Vote now!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

344 days, 9 hours, 45 minutes & 9 seconds remaining
Vote for your favourite! Choose up to 3 max.
2768 votes · 5546 answers