Save The White Lion NEWS Update #4

A summary of the latest minutes from the Steering Group’s meeting on 30th November, provided by Margery Hookings:

Work is going on behind the scenes to re-open the White Lion in Broadwindsor as a community pub. The community needs to raise at least £30,000 to make it happen.

The Steering Group comprises:

  • David Leader (Chair)
  • Elaine Leader
  • Susanna Newall
  • Chris Newall
  • Sandra Burrows
  • Charles Ouin
  • Luke Pickering
  • Andrew Hookings
  • Margery Hookings
  • Fraser Hughes
  • Chris Edgerley
  • Rick Dyke.

 The following is a summary of the latest meeting, excluding commercially sensitive or personal information.

Save the White Lion, summary of meeting 30/11/21

Company structure:
Work ongoing. A set of articles has been drafted for a new company limited by guarantee with Community Interest objects. If acceptable this entity will shortly be registered at Companies House.
Business plan and application for membership almost ready for publication for circulation to donors. 

Bank account:
Once the new company is established, a bank account can be set up.

The earliest for us to be ready to go to the public would be the first week of January.
Looking at four weeks for refurb so maybe opening in March.

Call for action:
Public meeting, possibly mid-January, followed by door-to-door around the village, coupled with social media campaign. Unanimously agreed that company membership to cost £30. Like a supporter’s club, people can donate any amount to the appeal (less or more than membership costs). By buying membership, members can attend an annual meeting.

Grant funding streams in addition to public donation:
Ongoing research and submission at any time.

Ongoing discussions with applicants.

John Heys:
John is standing down from the steering group because of other commitments. He was thanked for his hard work. He still wants to be involved in practical side of refurb.
Chris E will help with in overseeing quotes etc.

Next meeting:
Date to be confirmed.