Village Playlist

At the end of March 2020 when our village was put in lockdown because of the Coronavirus pandemic, resident Margery Hookings began a new one o’clock music slot in the square – one upbeat new song a day after the opening number on Thursday, March 26th , The Sound of Music Through The Square Window. . . .

“A plan has developed for the playlist to be played in full at a celebratory party when we can meet again on a sunny day. . .
The playlist is shown in reverse below, the most recent being at the top of this page and are mostly YouTube links – Who knows how long it will become!” – March 26th 2020

**STOP PRESS** Finale on Sunday 7th  June 2020** (Which would have been the last day of the village’s Fun Day celebrations).

Sunday, June 7th – What else could it be? Appropriately, from the same musical that kicked all of this off – So Long, Farewell.
Thank You For The Music Margery! x

Sunday, June 7th – Louis Armstrong’s original version – because we really do have Our Wonderful World – let’s look after it!

Sunday, June 7th – Sunday, June 7th – A special “Thank You!” to villager, Simon Emmerson.  Appropriate to stay local. It’s the lovely Pilsdon Pen by The Imagined Village, composed by Simon Emmerson, who lent his speakers and mixing desk for the Sound of Music Through The Square Window. Thank you, Simon, the music could be heard all over the village, although not quite as far as Lewesdon Hill and Pilsdon Pen, which are both featured in this video.

Sunday, June 7th – for Emma Gale.  Her husband teaches guitar and ukulele at the village primary school. If schools or youth groups are interesting in the sheet music for this pretty little song, Emma will be happy to supply it.

Sunday, June 7th – for band member, John Ouin who has been in the village all through lockdown. 

Sunday, June 7th – the final set continued with a song that had many of the men in the village performing today as they did previously for a Fun Day celebration. (Videos will be posted later as many villager’s recorded it on their mobile phones!).

Sunday, June 7th – Selected by Margery in the hope to get people dancing 🙂

Sunday, June 7th – the final day of Music Through The Square Window! The set continued with  . . . a dedication from Margery to her son, Aaron Hull-Smith.

Sunday, June 7th – for our Rev. Jo, whose birthday it is today & for David Haines.

Sunday, June 7th – the final day of Music Through The Square Window! The set began with, in all her glory (and surely everyone knows the words by now!) . . . Julie Andrews performing The Sound of Music.

Saturday, June 6th – for the whole village from Margery.  Finale tomorrow!

Saturday, June 6th – for Margery herself – her favourite song.

Saturday, June 6th – for all the village’s many Groups & Organisations.

Friday, June 5th – for Andy Hull.

Friday, June 5th – for Janet  & John Iveson.

Friday, June 5th – the first for Margery’s daughter, Amy Stephenson.

Thursday, June 4th – the final one today for Ella Stephenson.

Thursday, June 4th – for Tilly Stephenson

Thursday, June 4th – the first for Faye Stephenson.

Wednesday, June 3rd – for Robin Hookings.

Wednesday, June 3rd – for Isabella Coombes.

Wednesday, June 3rd – for Josh Coombes.

Tuesday, June 2nd – for Gary, our Postie & for Moya Brewer.

Tuesday, June 2nd – for our Recycling & Refuse workers.

Tuesday, June 2nd – for Holly Coombes.

Monday, June 1st – for our wonderful Primary School.

Monday, June 1st – for Jenny Kerr

Monday, June 1st – for those workers & tradespeople who keep our Utilities Services operating.

Sunday, May 31st – the final tune today for Sarah Heaver.

Sunday, May 31st – for Poppy Hookings.

Sunday, May 31st – for John Tattershal.

Sunday, May 31st – the first of four today for Margery herself – because she likes this tune!

Saturday, May 30th – for EVERYONE!

Saturday, May 30th – for Laurence Logsdon.

Saturday, May 30th – for Ann Davis.

Saturday, May 30th – for Helen & Andrew Carless – Happy Anniversary!

Friday, May 29th – for Denise Prole.

Friday, May 29th – for Tricia Urry.

Friday, May 29th – the first of threefor King Charles II, whose birthday it would have been today.

Thursday, May 28th – for Dominic Cummings.

Thursday, May 28th – for Ella Stoodley.

Thursday, May 28th – for Su Woolfe & also for the staff and residents at Broadwindsor House.

Wednesday, May 27th – for Izzy Masey.

Wednesday, May 27th – for Nick Chandler.

Wednesday, May 27th – for all our Emergency Workers.

Tuesday, May 26th – for Maggie Ouin.

Tuesday, May 26th – for Mark Frampton.

Tuesday, May 26th – for Brian Thomas.

Bank Holiday Monday, May 25th – for Jean & Mike Frampton.

Bank Holiday Monday, May 25th – for Andy Violet.

Bank Holiday Monday, May 25th – for anyone and no one in particular.

Sunday, May 24th – for Sue Dodd, Sarah Haselwood and Lucy Pullicino.

Sunday, May 24th – for Sonja Rodriguez.

Sunday, May 24th – for Keith Palmer.

Sunday, May 24th – for Julie Coghlan – Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday also to Irene Shields, who would have been 77  today, but sadly died suddenly at her home in Edinburgh earlier this week – Happy Birthday Irene xx

Saturday, May 23rd – for Cindy Bodycombe.

Saturday, May 23rd – for Den Chandler.

Saturday, May 23rd – for Anne Vicary

Friday, May 22ndtoday’s final tune: a full seven minutes for Reza Shields.

Friday, May 22nd – for our Environment & Nature, which surely has benefited from this worldwide lockdown.

Friday, May 22nd – a trio of songs today, the first for Chris Edgerley.

Thursday, May 21st today’s final tune for Ken Bodycombe.

Thursday, May 21st for Adam Slater.

Thursday, May 21st – for Leonie Farnsworth.

Wednesday, May 20thfor Karen Emmerson.

Wednesday, May 20th the second for our Church, closed due to the Covid-19 regulations.

Wednesday, May 20th – the first of today’s triple bill for Diane Korner 


Tuesday, May 19th – the last of today’s trio for Les the Milkman!

Tuesday, May 19th – for Rodney Crabb.

Tuesday, May 19th – a trio of songs today beginning with this one Nicki Jones – Happy Birthday!

Monday, May 18th – the second of today’s songs is for James Dawson

Monday, May 18th – the first of two songs today, this one for Camille Newall.

Sunday, May 17th – closing today’s trio, requested by Richard Frampton.

Sunday, May 17th – Requested by Farra Pedley

Sunday, May 17th – a trio for this sunny Sunday – the first for Malcolm Heaver.

Saturday, May 16th – the second of today’s songs for the Pickering family.

Saturday, May 16th – the first of two songs, the first for Kim Hagger – Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 15th – for everyone helping to keep our Community Stores open.

Friday, May 15th – for Tony Jukes.

Thursday, May 14th – the second song today for Andrea Lowden-Todd and Jason Todd

Thursday, May 14th – the first of two songs today, this one for Amber Whiting

Wednesday, May 13thalso played today was Tom Jones singing ‘Help Yourself’ but the actual request made by Adrian Gray was for this parody – ‘Don’t Help Yourself

Wednesday, May 13th – for Suzy Edgerly

Tuesday, May 12th – the last of today’s trio.

Tuesday, May 12th – the second of today’s trio.

Tuesday, May 12th – A trio of songs, all three being dedicated to nurses everywhere for International Nurses’ Day.

Monday, May 11th – today’s second song for Sue Woolfe.

Monday, May 11th – Two songs today. The first for David Leader.

Sunday, May 10th: the final of today’s trio is for June Ruffle.

Sunday, May 10th: the second of today’s trio is for all the visitors that would usually be here on this sunny bank holiday. The band’s Johnny Kalsi has stayed in the village many times.

Sunday, May 10th: A trio of songs, the first for Sally Sarling, in memory of her husband, Derek.

Saturday, May 9th: the final of today’s trio for – Jenny Frampton.

Saturday, May 9th: the second for Fletcher’s sister – Cailin Samways.

Saturday, May 9th: A Bank Holiday trio of tunes, the first for Fletcher Samways – Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 8th: VE Day – the 3rd & final tune of today’s 3 part VE medley (with lyrics).

Friday, May 8th: VE Day – the 2nd of today’s 3 part VE medley (with lyrics).

Friday, May 8th: VE Day – the 1st of today’s 3 part VE medley.

Friday, May 8th: VE Day – Replacing Julie Andrews’ introduction – today was replaced with Richard Dimbleby’s report from London on 8 May 1945 and included Winston Churchill’s speech from The Ministry of Health. (’twas the best [socially distanced] attendance to date!) This led into a 3 tune medley commemorating the day.

Thursday, May 7th – for Chris Sewell.

Thursday, May 7th the first of two songs today, this one for Richard Childs – Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, May 6th – for Connor Gaylard 🙂

Wednesday, May 6ththe first of two songs today, this one for Ann Wood.

Tuesday, May 5th – for Hannah Moss & also requested by Graham Colls.

Monday, May 4th –  for David Crane – Happy Birthday!

Sunday, May 3rdthe third and final song for today, dedicated to Jennifer Gould.

Sunday, May 3rdthe second – for Margery whose friend, Jennifer sadly died from cancer yesterday.

Sunday, May 3rd – a trio of songs – the first for Dr Rosie Crane.

Saturday, May 2nd – for Rachel Davies

Friday, May 1st – for Nick Chandler

Thursday, April 30th – for, of course, Colonel Tom Moore! Happy 100th birthday!

Wednesday, April 29th – for Andrew Frampton.

Tuesday, April 28th – for Andrew Hookings.

** We also have to mention Margery’s lovely radio interview on the World Service earlier today which you can listen to on BBC Sounds, starting at 18mins 01secs. Click HERE. **

Monday, April 27th – for Dorothy Rowe

Sunday, April 26th – for Geoff Kerr

Saturday, April 25th – for Hannah Sprague and Jess Bridgman


Friday, April 24th – for Brian Wing chosen by Margaret Wing for her birthday tomorrow.

Thursday, April 23rd – for Clare Wilson, celebrating her birthday today

Wednesday, April 22nd – for Margery Hookings, whose window we hear the music from!

Tuesday, April 21st – Requested by Jane Bowles for her hospital worker friends Kate French and Ann McCann.

Monday, April 20th – for Simon Emmerson.

Sunday, April 19th – for Terry Clarke & Captain Tom Moore! Now with Simon Emmerson’s sound system too.

Saturday, April 18th – for Dave Haines.

Friday, April 17th – for Tanya Bruce-Lockhart.

Thursday, April 16th – for John Eggleton aka Spanish John.

Wednesday, April 15th – for Wendy Shields.

Tuesday, April 14th – for Megan Jones.

Easter Monday, April 13th – for Mark Phillips aka Spike, our  pub landlord.

Easter Sunday, April 12th – for Avis Miller.

Saturday, April 11th – for Angela Beeston & also for Jenny Frampton.

Good Friday. April 10th – for Sally Dawson.

Thursday, April 9th – for all our hard working farmers.

Wednesday, April 8thfor our vicar, Rev. Jo

Tuesday, April 7th – for Clive Parrish

Monday, April 6th – for Mandy Crane.

Sunday April 5th – for Jayne Childs.

Saturday, April 4th – In memory of Bill Withers, who died on the 3rd.

Friday, 3rd April – for Kevin, manager of our Community Stores.

Thursday, 2nd April – for Billy Lintell.

Wednesday, 1st April – for Susanne Slater.

Tuesday, 31st March – for Jess Chandler.

Monday, 30th March – for Diane Corner.

Sunday, 29th March – for Margaret Wing.


Saturday, 28th March – for Vikki Phillips, our landlady at the White Lion.

Friday, March 27th – for Amanda Napier.

Thursday, March 26th – is where we began . . . pinned to the top of the page.

Thank you Margery!

Margery at her window.