Bishops’ Kitchen – August 21

The Bishops' Kitchen

This Lammas you are offered two recipes to use Summer Fruits.


  • 425ml sparkling rose wine
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 2 x 11g sachets gelatine powder
  • 1tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 350g small strawberries
  • 225g raspberries
  • 350g blackberries, redcurrants & blueberries 110g of each or any combination you like.


Prepare the fruit, remove stalks & 1/2 strawberries. Gently mix the fruit in a large bowl.
In a small pan heat ½ the rose wine till it begins to simmer. whisk in the sugar & gelatine make sure everything has dissolved before adding the remaining wine & lime juice, & allow to cool.
Lay the mixed fruit in a loaf tin then pour the liquid over save 150ml. lay a sheet of Clingfilm over the tin & place another loaf tin on top. Put a couple of tins with weights (beans) & place in fridge for about 1 hour or until it has set remove tin weights & Clingfilm.
Warm up the remaining 150ml wine mixture & pour over surface of terrine recover with Clingfilm & place in fridge overnight to set firm.
When ready to serve turn out the terrine by dipping in hot water & inverting it on to a plate use a very sharp knife dipped in hot water & cut into slices.


  • 700g soft fruit one or more of the following raspberries, redcurrants, loganberries, blackberries & blackcurrants
  • 110g caster sugar
  • 284ml whipping cream
  • 284ml Greek yoghurt
  • 175ml demerara sugar


Pick over the fruit & place in large pan sprinkle over the caster sugar & gently heat for 3-5mins until the sugar melts & the juices begin to run. Do not over stir or the fruit will break down to a mush.
Place fruit in serving dish & allow to get quite cold. Whip the cream till thick then fold in the yoghurt & spread this over the fruit right up to the edge to seal the fruit underneath. Cover with Clingfilm & chill for @ least 2 hours.
Then about 2 hours before serving spread the surface thickly with the brown sugar and spay the surface very lightly with water, this helps the sugar to melt.
Use a blow torch or the grill set high to caramelise to a golden brown now leave to cool. Place back in refrigerator where the sugar will form a crusty surface, yum–yum!!

All recipes are from village resident, Richard Childs.

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