Can you give 2 lines of poetry to describe the lockdown?

Poetry required!Our creative lady who brings us the Sound of Music through the Square Window at 1pm each day in lockdown is now seeking contributions from villagers of a mere 2 lines of poetry so she may construct a village lockdown poem.

When the White Lion was closed and the village was without a pub, Margery collaborated with Matt Harvey to give us “The Ode To The White Lion“.  Then in 2012, the “Village Poem”, written for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Your lines don’t have to rhyme – just to give a flavour of what your lockdown in the village is like for you and yours.

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A villager’s plea to Chris Loder MP . . .

Concerned village resident Shane Pym voices all our concerns:

“Post Edit:
I have just emailed my MP with my concerns I strongly advise all my west country friends to do the same:

Dear Chris.
I’m a member of a couple of Self Build Campervan pages and after our beloved leaders televised speech all the talk last night was of coming west for the coming weekend (as Scotland and Wales closed) to “self isolate with a beer and a sea view” and saying they are allowed as “Boris said so” Dorset has been one of the safest English counties to be in so far during this crisis, I think all that may be about to change, Can you assure me that the prime minister will issue definite advice today to clarify the situation i.e. that it is not okay to drive from Birmingham to a West Country beach to take ones exercise over the weekend or I fear the second wave may originate in the West Country.
I await your response.
Kind regards.
Shane Pym

☹️Buckle up my West country Face Book buddies I fear the ride may be about to get rough ☹️ ”

Our MP Chris Loder’s email has been given above to encourage you to express your concerns directly.