15 New Homes Approved in Netherhay, Drimpton

Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust

With unanimous support from the Planning Committee, the application WD/D/19/001343 – Land North of 6 Netherhay Lane, Drimpton was approved this afternoon.

All of the proposed homes will be two storey apart from a semi-detached pair of bungalows to the south. All are planned to be fitted with solar panels and/or an air source heat pump. Bird and bat boxes are proposed across the site with a landscaping scheme which should encourage nature.
The site will have two 1-bed properties for two people; four 1 bed 2 person flats; five 2 bed 4 person houses; three 3 bed 5 person units and one 3 bed 6 person unit.
Parking will be off-road either alongside the relevant dwelling or off the road frontage.
The four flats would each have a private outside space, as well as a communal space.

The Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust were congratulated for their hard work and patience.  The principal aim of the Broadwindsor Group Parish CLT is to provide a small development of affordable housing for rent to people with a direct connection to the villages within this Parish:

  • Blackdown
  • Broadwindsor
  • Burstock
  • Drimpton
  • Hursey
  • Kittwhistle
  • Seaborough

Find out more about the Broadwindsor Group CLT by visiting their website HERE or
Message them through Facebook HERE.

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