Local Hedgehog Numbers Increasing


These delightful baby hedgehogs were filmed earlier today by village resident, Dave Shaw– just before he started his lawnmower up. Dave and his wife Ann have named them John, Paul, George and Ringo 🙂

Considered a gardener’s best friend, hedgehogs will happily hoover up slugs roaming in vegetable beds. Famously covered in spines, hedgehogs like to eat all sorts of bugs, but especially slugs and crunchy beetles. They are most active at night and hibernate over winter from around November to April, usually choosing to nest in piles of leaves or logs.

Homemade Hedgehog House – John Eggleton

Locally, several hedgehog sightings have been reported at both sides of Fullers, in Redlands Lane and by the White Lion. More than one Fullers resident have even made accommodation for their regular nocturnal visitors.

You can expand your knowledge of our native hedgehogs at:

  • The Dorset Wildlife Trust – Click HERE.
  • The Woodland Trust – Click HERE.
  • The British Hedhehog Preservation Society  – Click HERE.
  • On Saturday 30th October, the Dorset Mammal Group are holding a talk and slideshow on hedgehogs at the Public Hall (Skyrm room) in Beaminster.
    Free admission and refreshments are available.
    Hedgehogs Need Help

Hedgehogs are protected in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981. Priority Species under the UK Post-2010 Biodiversity Framework.
IUCN Red List for British Mammals – vulnerable to extinction.