The Countryside Code

No Bonfires or BBQsNatural England has updated the Countryside Code.

It now includes ‘don’t have BBQs or fires‘ as well as ‘check what facilities are open‘ and ‘obey social distancing measures‘.
Whether you’re enjoying our countryside as a walker, cyclist or horse rider, please follow the Countryside Code in order to respect others and protect our natural environment…and have a BBQ at home!

The Countryside Code:

Respect other people

  • Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors
  • Park carefully so access to gateways and driveways are clear
  • Leave gates and property as you find them
  • Follow paths but give way to others where it’s narrow

Protect the natural environment

  • Leave no trace of your visit, take all your litter home
  • Don’t have BBQs or fires
  • Keep dogs under effective control*
  • Dog poo – bag it and bin it

Enjoy the outdoors

  • Plan ahead, check what facilities are open, be prepared
  • Follow advice and local signs and obey social distancing measures

* Dogs: A local note –

  • Dogs can disturb farm animals, people and wild life. By law your dog has to have a short lead in the country side.
  • If you’re on a public foot path your dog can have no lead only if he’s under control.
  • If your dog scares or injures a farmer’s animal they are entitled to shoot it if they want.
  • If you’re being chased by the farmer’s animals, let your dog off; don’t protect it.
  • Make sure your dog does not disturb nesting birds.
  • By law and for safety, clear up dog poo because it carries disease. 
  • Do NOT hang bags of poo on fences, gates, trees or bushes.  You take it to the nearest bin.
  • Please follow the code and please, keep your dog under control.  Thank you 🙂

The Countryside Code