National Black Dog Day – 1st October

Started in 2012, October 1st is National Black Dog Day! Founded by Colleen Paige, an author and forerunner in the advocacy and promotion of pet care and fair treatment of animals, it’s a day to get the word out and encourage people to adopt black dogs, who often get left behind in shelters just because of the colour of their fur.
Referred to as “Black Dog Syndrome”, this is a phenomenon where black dogs are passed over for adoption in favour of lighter-colored animals 🙁
Among dogs, yellow dogs were considered friendliest, brown dogs second friendliest, and black dogs least friendly. Darker pets were similarly judged less adoptable and black dogs were considered the most aggressive.

The term “black dog” is most commonly used to describe a state of depression, characterised by either poor behaviour or the lack of will to do anything, including things you once loved.

Not to be confused with International Dog Day on August 26th which encourages dog ownership of all breeds – when seeking a new companion, be sure to consider the mutts, mixes, purebreds, and everything in between.

The photograph is of Ronnie, a three year old black labrador who lives down Hursey with her owner Annie 🙂

For those who prefer cats… National Black Cat Day is held each year on 27th October.