Shopping Permits Throughout The County?

Dorset Council

You have until midnight on Saturday, December 5th to have your say on a new shoppers permit for Dorset.

Residents in the former West Dorset District Council area have been able to purchase shopping permits for several years. This took the form of a cardboard disk which is displayed in vehicle windscreens.  It currently allows 2 hours’ parking per day (or 3 hours if a disabled badge is also displayed), 7 days a week.

They want to know if this should be extended across the Dorset Council area, or if the permits should be withdrawn. The new proposed permit may be virtual where the registration number allows access for a set period in short stay car parks.

Let them know what you think while you still can!

Complete their 5 minute consultation HERE.

If a decision is made to stop the scheme, the Western Dorset permits will remain valid until their expiry date.