Local Police Report

At Monday’s Group Parish Council meeting, PC Alex Bishop submitted a report giving much cause for concern and reiterates the necessity of staying alert.

  • Around the 8th September some building materials were stolen from the side of the road by a farm near Broadwindsor.  The remaining items were then moved to a shed, but then subsequently stolen from the shed a little while later.
  • Around the same time a quad bike was stolen from a premises in Drimpton.  The quad was parked on a driveway in view and not secured.  This is the fourth quad stolen from Bridport area over the last few months.
  • At some time between the 14th and 19th September, an isolated building at Broadwindsor Cricket Club was broken into and a mower and scarifier were stolen.
  • In the early hours of the 24th September, a person was seen on a gravel driveway in Seaborough.  When the resident opened the door they heard the person run off and a car drive away.
  • There was a report made on October 8th of a scam call from a person purporting to work for BT.  They attempted to get the recipient to grant them access to their iPad.  BT do not cold call and if there is any issue with your line, they would put it in writing.

PC Bishop stated “Please be vigilant with calls, especially cold calls, even if they say they work for a company such as BT.” PC Bishop had not yet been cleared to get back to face to face engagements at this time but reassured that he would let the relevant people know when he can start coming back to the Post Office/Coffee mornings.

More recently, Dorset Police say an ‘old-style’ cream coloured Mitsubishi was seen around the buildings at a farm in the Nettlecombe area near Bridport at 3.30am on Wednesday (October 14).

Dorset PoliceAs ever, please be vigilant and continue to report any suspicious activity to them on 101, or online at Dorset.Police.uk.

If you believe a crime is in progress, please call 999.

Dorset Police are conducting a survey: Your Dorset. Your Police. Your View. Hidden Specialisms which looks into how much you know about Dorset Police’s work to prevent vulnerability and hidden harm.  There are 14 questions.
Complete the survey HERE.