Meet Nick Serpell – Professional Genealogist

Nick Serpell is resident in Drimpton. For more than ten years Nick worked as the BBC’s Obituary Editor, spending his time delving into the lives of some of the most famous people on the planet, and telling their stories.

Have you ever wondered about your ancestors? Let Nick take you back to meet them… here is what he can do for you:

“You may just want a straightforward family tree of your direct ancestry. On the other hand, you may have a query about one particular family member. Did great grandfather Smith actually run off with the maidservant?
Perhaps you have started your own research and hit one of the famous ‘brick walls’ and cannot find a way to break it down. Don’t worry, that can happen to all of us. Or maybe you have an old letter or document that mentions a distant relative and you want to find out more about them.
Has one of your ancestors just disappeared? I once researched someone who abandoned his wife and family and seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth. Ten years later he popped up 200 miles away having changed his name and acquired another wife while still married to the first one!
Or, maybe you’d like a narrative history of your family, based on the facts I discover. I have written widely for the BBC website so have plenty of experience to enable me to write an engaging history of your family and its times.
Whatever your query, I can probably help.”

Nick charges a flat rate of £25/hour for all his services be it analysis and report writing or travelling time if he needs to visit archives or record offices. He also charges for any parking fees or rail fares at cost.  Nick also offers the facility to photograph headstones for those who cannot make the journey to the burial place.

Available to give talks to organisations, large or small, about any aspect of family history, including giving people an idea as to how they can start researching their own ancestors, get in touch with Nick for more information.

His full terms & conditions are HERE.

Contact Nick: 07811 433134 or 01308 868892

Only a genealogist thinks a step
backwards is progress