Please! Keep Your Dog On A Lead & Under Control!

Lambing Season

Lambing season will soon be upon us. Indeed there are already a few prancing by their mothers already!

Broadwindsor.Org has reported twice in this first month of 2023, cases of sheep worrying and death: first at Hursey and then at Common Water Lane.  It’s alarming having to reiterate to those who live within our community and yet take no heed.

Only yesterday, an elderly villager walking her two dogs down to Hursey encountered another dog walker with two dogs leaving Hursey Common. Although the individual leaving had put the leads on the two dogs, “the youngest of these must have either slipped or been released from its lead because it barrelled at speed straight past me up to her (dog) and started attacking her – tearing lumps of fur out of her. I walked as swiftly as possible moving toward the fighting pair with my stick raised which, along with the second individual shouting its name, eventually made the thing (dog) run back to her at the gate.”
“The woman shouted her apologies, explained he was still young and hadn’t yet learned ‘manners’, then added that’s why she had put him on the lead.”

This prompted our elderly villager to request it be highlighted that it’s not only sheep and lambs… “owners of any dog which had demonstrated unmistakably aggressive behaviour, should be more responsible and kinder to others by keeping their animal on a lead at all times or make it wear a muzzle when it was off lead.”.

Please be a responsible dog owner 🙂

Photo: Natalie Frampton

Dogs that attack people, livestock or assistance dogs must be reported to the Police by dialling 101. They are the investigating body for these incidents – Click HERE.