Broadwindsor Fun Day To Be Held In June

Broadwindsor Fun Group

Questionnaire update from Chairman of Broadwindsor Fun Group, Adrian Gray:

Earlier this month. the Fun Group hand delivered questionnaires to every house in Broadwindsor and Hursey plus a few to the wider community.

The purpose being to assess the community’s thoughts on holding events this year and to seek support in the administration of these. Indeed the group has had a great deal of success over the last few years bringing together various individuals and village groups to ensure that things are inclusive and community based.

I have now personally read every reply and would like to express my and the Fun Group’s gratitude to those who have taken the time to complete and return the forms. If anyone has not returned their form, you can drop it off at the shop so that their thoughts can be added to the mix. Whilst those received already are now undergoing further assessment, it is noted that several people have made great suggestions and a few offered to help at any event held. Indeed the positive nature of the replies is very appreciated. One person felt it appropriate use this platform to make a personal attack on me and the Fun Group. This individual also failed to make any constructive suggestions and lacked any moral courage by choosing to not say who they were.  I would appeal  to this person to make contact with me so that their grievances can be identified, discussed and hopefully a positive way forward be formulated. Their comments are at odds with other returns but should still be valued and considered.

We are still looking for more people to work with and possibly on, the planning team for events.  The current four people simply cannot bear the load alone.

Finally the headline finding is that people do not support an event in the village to celebrate the Coronation and favour an event in June. This is not to say that the Parish Council or another group may well run an event. We also need to consider some of the new suggestions made by some but again we need people to join the planning team.

Given the positive nature of the questionnaire returns, together with the lovely comments made personally to me and others I would suggest that the village is far from fractured as some may suggest. I optimistically look forward to more people coming on board.

Adrian Gray
Chair BFG