Chimney Fires

The Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Rescue team have already attended several chimney fires this month.

If you haven’t already had your chimney swept ready for winter, make sure you get yours cleaned before the cold weather really kicks in.
Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue

More advice on chimney safety and some useful links can be found on their website HERE.


Could You Become A Fireman?

Many children say they want to be a fireman when they grow up and a brave few grow up to be just that.  Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Service are recruiting.

You will be able to register your interest and start your application from 10am on Monday 5 October 2020.  All applications must be completed before the closing date of midnight on Friday 9 October 2020.

Due to the high volumes of application, the process will be managed online and supported by email only and you will be given clear instructions, and how to access support if needed, at each stage.

What GCSE’s/Qualifications do you need?

You do not need to have any GCSEs or Qualifications in order to apply to this process. They will be assessing candidates through the online ability test process that they have put in place.

Do you have these characteristics?

  • Are you a role model that leads by example?
  • Are you a team player?
  • Want to work within your community and make a difference?
  • Looking for a challenging and rewarding career?
  • Respect for diversity, with a fair and ethical approach?
  • Do you have physical and mental strength?
  • Are you calm under pressure with the ability to work outside your comfort zone?
  • Can you stay focused and achieve a goal under stressful emergency situations?
  • Do you have the drive, ability and initiative to make a positive personal impact?
  • Are you able to work at height and in dark confined spaces?

At the initial stage of the recruitment process, they ask you to sit online tests. These include Situational Judgment Test and a Behavioral Style Questionnaire (Clicking the link will download the pdf document to your device.) and Fire Service Ability Tests in verbal, numerical and mechanical reasoning. These will be completed online at home.

Here is an idea of what to expect in the tests:

The test comprises 12 questions and you will have 9 minutes to answer them to the best of your ability.
You will be presented with passages of information and four statements about that passage. For each of the four statements you must select one of the following answers:

1) True (the statement is definitely true based solely on the information contained in the passage)

2) False (the statement is definitely false based solely on the information contained in the passage)

3) Cannot Say (it cannot be determined whether the statement is true or false without further information)

This test does not count towards your real assessment in any way, it is purely for the purpose of candidate preparation. This example test is shorter than the real FRS Verbal Reasoning test which comprises 20 questions and has a maximum time limit of 15 minutes.

Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and RescueThey recommend that their assessments are completed on either a desktop or laptop computer.   It is not recommended to complete the assessments using a tablet or mobile device.

  • Click HERE and confirm you are over 16yrs of age and view the example English (Verbal) test.
  • Click HERE and confirm you are over 16yrs of age and view the example Numerical test.
  • Click HERE and confirm you are over 16yrs of age and view the example Mechanical Reasoning test.
  • Click HERE for their Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Click HERE for more information on their Recruitment Process and to register online.