Join the Big Garden Birdwatch, 27th-29th January

The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch is fun, free and for everyone. You don’t need a garden to take part!

Counting birds from your balcony, or your local park will play a vital role in helping the RSPB understand how UK birds are doing. Let’s look out for birds together on Friday 27th through to Sunday 29th January.

There are 3 things you have to do:

1. Watch the birds around you for one hour.
2. Count how many of each species of bird lands on your patch.
3. Go online and tell us what you saw.

Click HERE to sign up, take part and get your free guide.

Why is this important?

The fact that we’ve lost 38 million birds from UK skies in the last 50 years underlines that nature is in crisis. We see it in our own back gardens with house sparrows struggling and starlings undergoing a severe decline. As a conservation charity, your Birdwatch results help the RSPB monitor how our UK birds are faring in the face of the nature and climate emergency. But they can’t do it without your support.

Attracting birds to your garden:

With birds facing greater challenges due to the nature and climate emergency, every Birdwatch matters. So it’s time to get your patch ready for Birdwatch. Top up your bird table and fill the bird bath to the brim. Make sure to remove old food and clean your feeders weekly, as disease can be a serious issue for some species.
Greenfinch numbers have massively dropped due to a disease that spreads around contaminated feeders and water bowls, and chaffinches are now struggling. Click HERE for guidance on cleaning feeders to keep you and your garden birds safe.

Click HERE to sign up, take part and get your free guide.


Big Garden Birdwatch 29th – 31st January

The RSPB are running a Big Garden Birdwatch from Friday 29th January through to and including Sunday 31st January.

It uses the same straightforward principle as the Big Butterfly Count last summer in that you spend an hour counting the birds you see in your garden or from your balcony, then tell them what you saw. Everyone can take part for free, whether you’re a novice birdwatcher, or a seasoned pro.

Sign up HERE and receive your free guide, help with identifying what you see and expert advice on feeding the birds. Plus, you’ll also receive 20% off in their shop and free delivery.

I'm a Robin!

They are also running a Fun Quiz which you can share on social media –
What kind of garden bird are you?
Find out HERE.


Family Membership of the RSPB
starts at £6/month (for 2 adults and up to 5 children) – Find out more HERE.