Beetle Drive Afternoon – 2pm Saturday, 29th January

Broadwindsor Fun Group are holding a Beetle Drive afternoon at the Comrades Hall at 2pm on Saturday, 29th January to raise funds for the Jubilee Fun Day in June.

Great fun for all the family – the aim of the game is to be the first player to draw a complete beetle and shout ‘Beetle!’. In teams of four…

Each part of the beetle’s body has a number that matches a number on the dice:

Once ‘Beetle!’ has been called the game will end. Each member of the group works out their score; 1 point for each part of the beetle that you have drawn. The person with the highest score on your table has won your game and now would move to the next table (in an anticlockwise direction). If 2 people on the table have the same highest score, then the youngest person would move.  Because of the pandemic, the Group will not have people moving onto different tables so you will stay with your group throughout the afternoon.

12 games will be played.

There will be a short interval halfway through with light refreshments on sale.

Prizes will be awarded for those with the highest overall point score and for the best drawn beetle by a junior 🙂

Tickets on sale now: £2.00 in advance at Broadwindsor Community Stores or £3.00 at the door.

🙂 An affordable afternoon’s fun in a somewhat dreary January!