Spooked Horses Explore Fullers

Following last night’s loud and heavy thunderstorm and a couple of hours before this morning’s Full moon, two beautiful horses, normally resident up Common Water Lane were spooked and found themselves eating the grass at the end of Fullers.

A resident of Fullers was out at approximately 2.30am walking his dog, when he thought he’d heard a hedgehog – residents themselves too up at Fullers 🙂 – “Instead two horses came out of the darkness chewing the grass. They were friendly and obviously used to dogs. I stood there for awhile before deciding to ring Police, which I did at 02.48hrs.” The resident waited with the horses outside No. 20, with his dog and a torch ready to alert any drivers turning into Fullers, concerned the horses would be injured.

Sometime after 3am, two police officers appeared stating they had had reports about horses walking along the road and asked whether the resident knew who they belonged to. “Surely if I knew, then I would go to the owner!! ” The resident mentioned he was aware of horses up Common Water Lane and a riding stable in Littlewindsor.  The police were unable to contact the stable as they only had an ansaphone response.  The police decided to drive the 6 minutes to Littlewindsor. The resident’s infirm knee had begun to swell with him standing for so long, so he decided to return to his home in the cul-de-sac of FullersBoth horses followed him and began eating the grass there!

Mark Grinter from Common Water Lane who owns the horses, stopped the resident on his 2nd dog walk to discuss the incident.  He had found his horses up Hollis Hill, in a field with the gate shut – he would like to convey his thanks to whoever secured them and put them there. He also called into the village shop to thank villagers and residents for their forebearance and understanding, Thank you!


Expect Those Country Smells By Fullers & Trusthams

We live in the countryside, we are used to farm vehicles on our roads and we adapt to those ‘country smells’ that visitors gag at… Here is a polite message from local farmers, Andrew & Tim Frampton:

The war in Ukraine has meant that artificial fertiliser prices namely ammonium nitrate has increased four fold in price and is now very difficult to get hold of as well .We have just signed a contact to rent the fields behind Fullers and Trusthams for another year and the ground is in desperate need of fertiliser .We usually use artificial fertiliser but this year are forced to use 🐄 🚽 so it may smell for a couple days before being absorbed and we just wanted to warn residents and apologise for any smell but it will only linger for a couple days. We hope residents will understand. Thank you.

Photos: Andrew Frampton.