An Incredible Evening

Approximately 500 people flocked to Broadwindsor’s Cricket Club Pavilion last night to watch Broadwindsor Fun Group’s organised Firework display led by village resident & member of Broadwindsor Fun GroupAndrew Hookings.

Stewards were in place and worked ‘flat out’ for 3 hours, continually guiding people and their families safely in and out of the grounds.

The Fun Group’s Food stall had some people queuing for 50 minutes before completely selling out of burgers and hot dogs, almost exclusively cooked by Vice-chairman, Martin Burt with his trusty meat thermomenter! Delicious hot soups and mulled wine also sold very well.
The Cricket Club’s bar sold out too, with a quick trip to the Co-op required to stock up!

All those involved under estimated the crowd who attended and this has been attributed to local advertising; no other local organised displays taking place; the forecast of dry weather and admission was free 🙂

Special thanks must go to Margery Hookings who raised an astonishing  £743.07 in her special family collection bucket!

Incredible. I can’t recall ever seeing that many people in the village” was one local comment made.  David Leader, who worked with the BFG Core group on the food stall stated “I don’t think I have ever been involved in catering for so many people in such a short period of time.” Cars parking on the verges at Cross Keys and on the grass area at the front of Redlands Lane was not appreciated but thankfully were there for just one hour.

Broadwindsor House have posted lovely videos on their Facebook page – Click HERE & HERE.

A huge thank you to all involved and all who came along to support the event!

Following the success of this event, Broadwindsor Fun Group and Broadwindsor Cricket Club will have a debrief meeting with a view to holding the event next year.

Don’t forget…

This Tuesday evening at 7.30pm – Broadwindsor Fun Group are holding their Open Planning meeting to discuss 2022’s Jubilee’s celebrations and more fundraising dates.
All are welcome.  For more information and the Agenda – Click HERE.


Details Of Tonight’s Fireworks Event

A favourable sky is expected for Broadwindsor Fun Group’s Fireworks event this evening, held in cooperation with Broadwindsor Cricket Club and sponsorship received from Cllr. Simon Christopher.

  • Admission is FREE. Donation buckets will be rattled 🙂
  • Pedestrian access from 5.30pm.
  • Redlands Yard (formerly the Craft Centre) are kindly allowing the use of their car park for those driving.
  • Stewards will be in place to guide you safely into and from the Cricket Club’s Pavilion Spectators area.
  • Please dispose of your rubbish sensibly and do not leave any behind.
  • Sorry – no Sparklers allowed!

A bar* will be available and the following will also be on sale from 5.30pm…

  • Burgers @ £3 each
  • Hot dogs @ £2 each
  • Cup of Soup @ £1 each
    – Curried Lentil
    – Roasted Butternut Squash
    – Potato & Vegetable
  • Mulled wine* @ £3 each
  • Glo Sticks @ 2 for 50p

*Please drink responsibily. You are advised not to drink alcohol if you are driving.

Thank you to Andrew Hookings and his team for organising the fireworks. Enjoy!


Broadwindsor Fun Group Planning Meeting – 7.30pm Tuesday, 9th November

Fireworks this Friday – please come along!
Redlands Yard
have made their car park available and there will be stewards on the road to guide you to the Cricket Ground. Hot soup, burgers, hot dogs, mulled wine and a bar too! Sorry no sparklers allowed but Glow Sticks will be on sale: 2 for 50p.


Please also come along to the Broadwindsor Fun Group’s Open Planning Meeting next week.

7.30pm Tuesday, 9th November – Comrades Hall

We would like to crystalise plans for the Jubilee weekend and have also started pencilling in dates for some fund raisers to enable a fun and varied selection of events to be held next year.

The Agenda is as follows:

  1. Welcome by Chairman.
  2. Fireworks event debrief. (Held in conjunction with Broadwindsor Cricket Club)
  3. Christmas Party nightSaturday, 18th December.
    A festive night of Christmas music classics to dance to from The Silver Lining Band. £8 for adults & £5 for under 18s (Price includes a plate of nibbles). Numbers are strictly limited for this fun festive event – so get your tickets, which will be available after this meeting at Broadwindsor Community Stores or ordered online via
  4. Jubilee weekend 2022
  • Thursday evening – Beacon lighting at the allotments.
  • Friday – free.
  • Saturday – Family fun day & of music & children’s activities in Bernard’s Place until late.
  • Sunday – Reuse Bernard’s place for a lunchtime BYO picnic & early evening band, culminating with the announcement of scarecrow prizes & a big raffle draw.
  1. Potential fundraisers in Comrades Hall– thoughts on events/dates & volunteers please to help us run so many events.
  • Beetle drive afternoon – Saturday, 29th January.
  • Bingo night – Saturday, 19th February, first weekend of half term.
  • Quiz night – Saturday, 26th March
  • Easter buns/ afternoon event – Saturday 16th April
  • Big breakfast – Saturday, 7th May
  • Curry night – Saturday, 21st May – combined mini fundraiser & final planning session for everyone involved in the Jubilee Weekend.
  • Any other suggestions
  1. Other events
  • Classic Cars Display – August 2022
  • Any other suggestions
  1. Risk assessments & insurances
  2. Any other business
  3. Date of Next Full Meeting. Early March 2022? – afternoon or evening?

Please come along and bring your ideas
and say what you can do to help!

7.30pm Tuesday, 9th November – Comrades Hall

Broadwindsor Fun Group


Calming Spooked Pets On Fireworks Night

Loud bangs, explosions, unexpected noises and darker nights can all contribute to making your pet dog or cat feel extremely stressed and anxious.  The RSPCA estimate that 45% of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks.

This year Broadwindsor Fun Group are holding a firework display at Broadwindsor’s Cricket Ground at 7pm on Friday, 5th November. Both Councillor Simon Christopher and Broadwindsor House have sponsored this event.

You may already know that your pet is scared of fireworks from previous years or you may have a new pet and this could be their first experience of fireworks.

Tips to calm dogs:

  • Walk them during daylight hours to avoid times when fireworks are likely to be set off.
  • Close windows and curtains to muffle the sound of fireworks.
  • Put on some music or tv to mask the firework sounds.
  • Create a quiet space where your dog can feel in control.
  • Create some hiding places around your home.


  • Provide hiding places in your home.
  • Cats can become more stressed if they’re outside during fireworks.
  • Make sure your cats are microchipped in case they’re startled and escape outside.

There are medications (Pheromone diffusers, sprays and collars ) that can be prescribed and purchased, but they don’t have an immediate effect. Talk to your vet as far in advance of Fireworks Night as you can.

The morning after a nearby fireworks display, check your garden for any fallout or shrapnel which may pose a risk. Fireworks contain highly toxic ingredients that can be fatal to your pet if accidentally eaten, so remember to stay extra vigilant during fireworks season.

It’s not just animals in the home that can be scared of fireworks – horses can be too.

  • For top tips on keeping your horse safe and secure during the firework season – please follow the advice from the British Horse Society – Click HERE.

Please don’t let off fireworks in your garden – go to an organised display 🙂


Broadwindsor’s Fireworks Event – Friday 5th November

The Broadwindsor Fun Group, in cooperation with Broadwindsor Cricket Club and with a donation from Cllr. Simon Christopher have organised a wonderful evening for all on Friday, 5th November.
Free entry! The evening starts at 5.30pm, when you can purchase hot food from the BBQ: sausages, burgers or some homemade hot soup.  Please take cash as there isn’t the facility to take cards. BFG will also be selling some seasonal mulled wine for the adults and glo sticks for the children.
Lesley from the Knapp Inn will be running a bar with their profits going to the Cricket Club who are fundraising to purchase solar panels.
BFG member Andrew Hookings will be leading the fireworks team.
Those lovely fireworks in the poster?  Thanks to village resident Annie Collins for the photograph.