Who Visits & Who Follows Broadwindsor.org? The Year In Review


It has been just over a year since Broadwindsor.org launched in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The aim always has been to provide the ever changing rules and information for local people within our village, the parish and to support local commercial businesses throughout the ongoing pandemic.

After one year, Broadwindsor can reveal the following fun facts & statistics all of which are correct at the time of publishing:

  • The website, Broadwindsor.org now has 6,500 visitors each month.
  • On Twitter, Broadwindsor.org currently has 730 followers.
  • The Shrewsbury Morris Dancers whose mantra is “Dance, Have Fun, Laugh, Repeatare Broadwindsor.org’s biggest follower on Twitter this month with 1.3K followers.
  • On Facebook, Broadwindsor.org has 750 followers.
  • Although almost as many followers on Twitter, Facebook refers 75% of visitors to the Broadwindsor.org website!
  • 68% of visitors to Broadwindsor.org reside in the U.K.
  • 28% of visitors to Broadwindsor.org reside in the U.S. of A.
  • The remaining 4% reside in all the continents of our world as the diagram below shows.

World Visitors Mar 2020 - Mar 2021
The website also demonstrates a wide demographic –

How do you access the website?

  • Desktop 21%
  • Tablet 16%
  • Mobile 63%

After this last 12 months when everybody has suffered and struggled, Broadwindsor.org will now evolve into a new and  independent, not-for-profit local community organisation – purely to generate enough revenue to cover the essential operational overheads in order to keep it going.  The Editor’s labour continues to be voluntary.

Consequently, from April 6th 2021, all the commercial advertisers who are listed and have been promoted and supported on the website throughout this past year will be asked to pay £15 a year for their inclusion on the website’s local business listing page and with features throughout the year 2021 – 2022 Businesses will be emailed directly in due course.

  • £15/year works out as £0.04 per day.
  • Where else will you get such personalised advertising reaching all corners of the globe?
  • Broadwindsor.org needs you to keep it going!