Broadwindsor Group Parish Council Meeting – Monday, 11th July, 7.30pm

BGPC’s meeting will be held at Broadwindsor Cricket Pavilion on Monday, 11th July, 7.30pm.  If the forecast doesn’t look good, they will switch to the Comrades Hall but will confirm a couple of days before. All are welcome to join them! The full Agenda can be downloaded HERE.

The Group Parish Council very recently won a single star award from the Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils.
The councillors have achieved 40% participation of training and development events to strengthen and update their Council knowledge.

Item 9. This month’s Planning Applications Received and Circulated for Consultation:

c. Results:

  • P/NMA/2022/03380, 12 Marksmead, Drimpton, DT8 3RZ: Granted
  • P/TRT/2022/02919, Brent Paddock, Axe Lane, Drimpton, DT8 3FN: Consent (Tree Works)
  • P/HOU/2022/02617, Island House, High Street, Broadwindsor, DT8 3QP: Granted
  • P/FUL/2022/01699, Comrades Hall, High Street, Broadwindsor, DT8 3QP: Granted
  • P/HOU/2022/00458, 18 Redlands Lane, Broadwindsor, DT8 3ST: Granted
  • P/HOU/2021/04585, Blackbird Cottage, The Square, Broadwindsor, DT8 3QD: Granted
  • P/LBC/2021/04586, Blackbird Cottage, The Square, Broadwindsor, DT8 3QD: Granted

Item 10. looks at the request for a loan from BADCE with a) Community Consultation Update and b) To Resolve to Approve the Request.

The full Agenda can be downloaded HERE.

The press and public are invited to attend. Under the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014, members of the public may now film, photograph and make audio recordings of the proceedings of the formal Council meeting, though not, under current legislation, of the Public Participation session, as this is not part of the formal agenda of the meeting. Recording activity should be respectful to the conduct of the meeting and behaviour that disrupts the meeting (such as oral commentary) will not be permitted. Any member of the public shall not speak for more than five minutes. A question asked by a member of the public during Public Participation shall not require a response or debate during the meeting though the Chairman may direct that a written response will be provided subsequent to the meeting.