Update On Tetrapak And Foil Recycling

Update from Hursey resident, Sara Dyke:

In response to my recent post on Broadwindsor.org, I am delighted to report that we now have a full rota of volunteers (including several on the reserve list!).

Firstly a massive thank you to those who are willing to continue to volunteer and to those who have stepped up to fill the gaps. Your help is hugely appreciated.

Secondly, as a community, it would be really helpful to continue to use this facility considerately and I would like to gently remind everyone that the volunteers are handling the recycling and transporting it in their own vehicles. If we could all follow the following guidelines it makes the job more pleasant. Please also see the photos as a reminder of what to recycle.

  • Please ensure the tetrapaks are CLEAN and FLATTENED to maximise bin space.
  • Please ensure the foil is CLEAN and FLATTENED for the same reason. If milk bottle lids can be put inside a larger foil tray if possible. This speeds up the process and prevents litter on windy days!
  • Crisp packets are NOT to be put in the foil recycling. Basically, if it doesn’t keep its shape when scrunched up, it cannot be included with the foil.
  • If you drive to shop at Morrison’s or visit Bridport Recycling Centre, you may want to consider taking your recycling there at the same time. There is also a foil recycling bin at Yarn Barton car park in Beaminster. This would free up space in the bins for those who don’t drive or who are unable to do their own.
  • Please feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts on 07840 128763 or saradyke60@gmail.com.

Please note that the bins are now to be located at the front of Comrades Hall in the car park area.

Thank you.
Sara Dyke.


Could You Help Broadwindsor Continue To Recycle?

Hursey resident, Sara Dyke is asking for your help:

As many of you are aware, the bins for the collection of foil and tetrapaks are now located in Comrades Hall car park. Historically this collection has been a great initiative, but, of late, a few issues have emerged which have severely threatened the continuation of this voluntary service.

I am very happy to coordinate this service going forward but before doing so would like to gauge the degree of will and engagement from our community for this to continue.

In order for this to run smoothly in the future we need to have a happy band of volunteers (ideally 11 plus me) so that the task of emptying the bins and taking the contents to either Morrison’s car park (which is easier as the receptacle for the tetrapak is larger) or Bridport recycling centre, becomes an annual event for many rather than an onerous task for a few.

As well as emptying the bins, the person whose “month” it is, needs to check that the bins are not overfilling. The rota has not always been filled, leaving gaps in collections which has contributed to unsightly litter. Unless I am able to populate a rota and reissue important guidelines for the community to follow, these bins will be withdrawn by the end of January.

Recycle!Please could you let me know on either on 07840 128763 or saradyke60@gmail.com if you are willing to continue to help or would like to volunteer your help. Or, if you would like a chat before you commit to get a better understanding of what is involved I am happy to discuss.

It would be a shame if this service folds as until Dorset Council have sufficient funds to offer a kerbside service it is up to us to do our own recycling of foil and tetrapak. I do need responses by Monday 23rd January at the latest please!

Thank you.

Sara Dyke.


Village Recycling Update

The recycling bins for tetrapaks and aluminium foil items are moving from Redlands Yard to the Comrades Hall car park.

  • Please take your recycling there from now on.
  • Please don’t put any other items in these bins – it is very unpleasant for volunteers!!

…Talking of which they urgently need more. Recently, two volunteers have left and now there are slots for the upcoming months not covered.

If you are able, please help. It isn’t difficult or time consuming… a trip to Bridport. What it does mean is that this service, which is so important, can remain local.
Contact Jackie Riley: 01308 862632


Thank you so much 🙂


Recycling At Redlands Yard

A message from Jackie Riley:

The recycling of tetrapaks and aluminium items has been going on for some years now with the help of six sets of volunteers managing a month every six months and has largely been working well with backup from Tony and I.

Recently I received a complaint as the bins were overflowing.  It is vital if you cannot manage your month or even some of it to let me know so I can either swop you with someone else or step in and help. If this doesn’t happen then we have the situation we had last week with tetrapaks everywhere and a very unsightly situation. It is also a potential attraction to vermin even more concerning.

I would be delighted to receive the offer of help from more people so I have a bank of people to provide back up.  All it entails is weekly emptying of both bins and at the end of your month a trip to Bridport recycling when you are heading that way to be environmentally friendly.   Provision of two large bin bags and that is it!

Pegs have been provided to ensure the bin bags stay secure.

Many thanks for any offers of help in advance.  This benefits us all and the planet.

Jackie Riley, 01308 862632


Medication Delivery Unavailable On Tuesdays

Barton House Medical Practice have issued the following message:

Regrettably from 31st May 2022 we are no longer able to offer our free medication delivery service on a Tuesday to Mosterton, Broadwindsor or Marshwood. Currently Friday deliveries will remain the same.
It’s saddens us to have to stop this service but unfortunately it’s out of our control.
We would LOVE to reinstate this service so if you, or you know of anyone who would be keen to volunteer then please contact the surgery.
It would entail a couple of hours on a Tuesday with full milage paid where you would be required to take medication from the surgery to local drop off points to help out our patients who are unable to collect from the surgery/pharmacy.

If you can help – please contact the surgery on 01308 861938.



Broadwindsor’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Only 13 weeks remain until the nation begins to celebrate our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022.

Broadwindsor Fun Group are very busy organising several events which include:

  • Bunting! And lots of it – over 700 triangles already 🙂 The next workshop Friday, 4th March at 10am at Comrades Hall. More HERE,
  • The Beacon ceremony at Broadwindsor Allotments on the evening of Thursday, 2nd June.
  • Stalls, Fun and Games, a BBQ and live entertainment on Saturday 4th.
  • A Choir singing the Queen’s celebratory song.
  • A Jubilee Picnic on Sunday, 5th June from 1pm which will follow the church’s service at 12 noon.

Previous stall holders should have received an invitation to participate this year.  Anyone else interested should contact bwfunday20@gmail.com or speak directly with a Fun Group committee member.  The Core committee are:

  • Adrian Gray– Chairman.
  • Martin Burt – Vice Chairman.
  • Wendy Shields – Secretary, Admin & IT.
  • Michele Williams – Treasurer.
  • Lynne Staff – Catering.

Help is still required to ensure that all the childrens’ activities take place and that they are safe during their parade-   This includes face painting and art/craft activities.  If you think you may be able to help/cover a shift between 9.30am- 2pm – please get in touch: bwfunday20@gmail.com .

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022 – Get involved!
Contact bwfunday20@gmail.com


Trying to Trace Hutchins Family In Broadwindsor…

The photograph shows Linda Hutchins Taniguchi. Linda plans to visit the village next May (Covid allowing) from the USA.  Linda has provided the following information in the hope of moving forward with her quest to trace more of her family…

Linda’s Hutchins family was from Broadwindsor back to Mathew Hutchins (1640-1708) who is buried in the cemetery. His son was Hugh Hutchins (1667-1727), is also buried there.

Hugh‘s wife was Mary Knight and Mathew‘s wife was Margaret (surname unknown). Hugh‘s son was Thomas Hutchins who travelled to the USA in the late 1600’s or early 1700’s and settled in one of the original 13 colonies, Massachusets.

Does anyone know of any Hutchins still in the area?  If you have any information on these families that you can share, Linda would really appreciate it! Linda also asks if there is anything in the area named after Hutchins?

Please contact info@broadwindsor.org if you can assist.

Thank you!