Update On Tetrapak And Foil Recycling

Update from Hursey resident, Sara Dyke:

In response to my recent post on Broadwindsor.org, I am delighted to report that we now have a full rota of volunteers (including several on the reserve list!).

Firstly a massive thank you to those who are willing to continue to volunteer and to those who have stepped up to fill the gaps. Your help is hugely appreciated.

Secondly, as a community, it would be really helpful to continue to use this facility considerately and I would like to gently remind everyone that the volunteers are handling the recycling and transporting it in their own vehicles. If we could all follow the following guidelines it makes the job more pleasant. Please also see the photos as a reminder of what to recycle.

  • Please ensure the tetrapaks are CLEAN and FLATTENED to maximise bin space.
  • Please ensure the foil is CLEAN and FLATTENED for the same reason. If milk bottle lids can be put inside a larger foil tray if possible. This speeds up the process and prevents litter on windy days!
  • Crisp packets are NOT to be put in the foil recycling. Basically, if it doesn’t keep its shape when scrunched up, it cannot be included with the foil.
  • If you drive to shop at Morrison’s or visit Bridport Recycling Centre, you may want to consider taking your recycling there at the same time. There is also a foil recycling bin at Yarn Barton car park in Beaminster. This would free up space in the bins for those who don’t drive or who are unable to do their own.
  • Please feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts on 07840 128763 or saradyke60@gmail.com.

Please note that the bins are now to be located at the front of Comrades Hall in the car park area.

Thank you.
Sara Dyke.