Coffee Morning & Plant Sale – Saturday, 23rd, 10am

Broadwindsor’s Horticultural Society are holding their Annual coffee morning and plant sale at the Comrades Hall this Saturday morning, 10am – 12 noon.

They also run the Best Garden or Allotment competition.  You can download the entry form HERE. The closing date for entries is Friday, 26th May. Gardens and allotments are inspected first in June and then again in August. The winner is announced and a cup awarded at their Annual Show on the August Bank Holiday Monday.

Last year, villager Bob Link took first prize with his allotment in Broadwindsor and went on to win the Melplash show too! More HERE.

Please direct all enquiries to Chairman, Brian Stone:


Visit The Wagon House Of Horrors

Have some Hallowe’en fun atThe Wagon House of Horrors’! Sunday, 31st October 2pm – 4pm
Fancy dress is optional, but a free bag of sweets will be given to all who do dress up!
  • Wear your best spooky costume,
  • Have a go at some fun Hallowe’en games,
  • Meet their baby calves,
  • Try their Mouldy Green Strawberry Milkshake & Blood Red Chocolate Milkshake,
  • Enjoy some yummy Halloween treats!
Post your best Hallowe’en photo’s on their Facebook page – Click HERE (must include one of their products in the photo). The winner will be announced at 5pm on Monday 1st November as the photo with the most ‘likes’ & will win a surprise Hallowe’en treat box! Good luck & have fun!
or Message through their Facebook page HERE.


Haiku Winners

From the entries submitted.. 1st prize is awarded to Izzy Masey who wrote:

Lovely Dorset gem .
Lewesdon Hill to Broad Welcome.
Happy place to be.

– Izzy Masey

The two Runners up were Katie Tiplady-Startin with:

Village life of peace.
Stone shining, green grass on show.
One way system joy.

and Helen Aldworth with:

I can see Dorset.
Pilsdon Pen is really high.
Is it the highest?

Each win a copy of Peter Roe’s ‘I’m in Love with My Barista‘ which retails at £6 and is available at Broadwindsor Community Stores for £5 🙂

Congratulations and thank you to all those who entered.


One Day Remaining… get your entry in.

On the topic of Broadwindsor or Dorset – write a Haiku.

Write 3 lines….

  • the first line must have 5 syllables.
  • the second line must have 7 syllables
  • the third and final line must have 5 syllables

All ages welcome to enter 🙂

email: or via Facebook Messenger HERE.

Winners announced on Saturday.


A Poet In Residence In The Village – Peter Roe

Peter Roe was born and raised a ‘Northern Lad’ in Buxton in the Peak District. He served in the RAF and has had a career with computers and emerging technologies in education. He has lived in Dorset for nearly twenty years and recently moved into Cambridge Barn in Broadwindsor. Peter is a performance poet and writer, a self confessed “Nerd” and “Technology Geek”. He is co-host of Bridport’s spoken word event Apothecary and the Second Bard of Caer Dur (Dorchester).

He has two published poetry collections and has recently been short listed and Highly Commended for a third collection written during lockdowns. Both Peter’s previous collections sold out and his second collection was reprinted last November. “I’m in Love With My Barista” is by turns a funny and heart warming romp through middle England in pursuit of love, revolution and vegetable boxes. Peter is a frequent performer across the SouthWest and is currently organising a spoken word event at The Roman Villa in Dorchester for Dorset Museums. has three copies of  Peter Roe’s “I’m in Love With My Barista” to give away.
All you have to do is…
Craft a Haiku
…about Broadwindsor or Dorset… That’s three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables and submit to by the 23rd of July.


Peter was recently shortlisted and won a ‘Highly Commended’ in the Hedgehog Poetry Full Fat Poetry Collection competition. Upon leaving his old home last month, Peter wrote ‘In You I Live…’

That first night with you I remember laying here
Listening to the sounds
Soft noises
As you relaxed
Releasing the days tension
Alien to me then
But now familiar
A part of me
Your rhythm has become mine
The breath and pace in your day
Matched with my own
To feel so welcome
To feel your presence
Your warmth
Was special
Now as I place my things In boxes and bags
Ready to leave you
Sounds have changed
Noises echo
I feel you are more distant
This is as it should be
I go now to a new home
I hope she is as kind to me
As you have been…
                                        – Peter Roe – June 2021

Welcome to Broadwindsor Peter  🙂

May you be happy & healthy in your new home.


New Awards At Bridport Food Festival

Bridport Food Festival are pleased to announce their new ‘Lockdown Hero’ awards devised to recognise and say a BIG ‘Thank You‘ to the local food & drink businesses: cafes, restaurants, pubs, butchers, bakers, greengrocers, farm shops, market traders, etc., who have risen to the challenges of the pandemic and continued to feed us and provide us with much needed treats. Many have increased what they offer and have set up new, or adapted their services, to provide delivery and collection services.

Awards will be presented to six categories:

  1. Restaurants, Cafes & Tea Rooms
  2. Pubs & Bars
  3. Takeaway shops
  4. Food/Drink Shops, market stalls, Farm Shops
  5. Producers, wholesalers, Caterers
  6. Special Award for an outstanding service or offer from any of the above categories
You, their customers, are asked to nominate the businesses you feel have gone the ‘extra mile’ to offer either an extra or special delivery, service or product to keep everyone supplied with all those essentials or treats during the lockdown periods.
You are invited to nominate a businesses in each of the six categories. Voting is open now and will finish at midnight on 31st March 2021.
Cast your vote HERE.
There will be a winner and runner up in each category, judged by the number of votes and quality of comments received. The winners will be announced in April 2021.

Bridport Food Festival was originally conceived by the West Dorset Food and Land Trust, with support from the Countryside Agency, The Marshwood Vale Magazine, Denhay Farms and Bridport Town Council, and was launched with the help of Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall in 2004.


Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards launch on Monday 1st March.

This is the third year that the team of Paul, Tom and Michelle (and Rosie and Coco the Spaniels) from Surrey, UK have held the competition. The overall winner in 2020 was Mark Fitzpatrick with Terry the Turtle flipping the bird. The other images used were all finalists in last year’s competition. 

To enter the competition, you must visit their website*, complete the online entry form and upload your entry(ies) before the deadline of 11.59pm, BST on 30th June 2021. They state: “We do not control the internet, and are not computer geeks, so we can’t take responsibility for any technical problems. It is up to you to ensure your entries reach us on time, no excuses.
This is a wildlife photography competition and that means no domestic animals and no animals that live in zoos or other captive environments.

Please read all the Terms & Conditions before entering HERE.

Yaron Schmid
– The look on his face! That was brilliant!

Competition Categories:

  • You can enter a total of up to 10 images, 4 portfolio entries AND an additional 6 entries into the other categories, and 2 videos – that’s it, no more.
  • You can enter up to 3 images into each category, except the Amazing Internet (and they are…) Portfolio category where you have to enter 4 pictures. (More info on the categories below.)
  • The total number of images across all categories must not exceed 10.
  • There is only one category for video.
Muhammad Faishol Husni – I love you darlin’

Here are all the Categories with details of what they are asking for:

The Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures of the Land Category

Enter up to three of your funniest pictures of wildlife which lives on the land. Couldn’t be simpler. Don’t panic if the animal, like a squirrel, for example, looks like he is flying, it still lives on the land, so bung it in here. Another thing, remember if your pic is hilarious but in the wrong category, fret not they will put it into the right category, simple as that.

The Spectrum Creatures in the Air Category

You guessed it, birds, bats and any other creatures that fly. If you have a funny pterodactyl image, put it in, seriously, although that might mean the image is more than 99 years old, so wouldn’t be acceptable, but perhaps worth trying.

The ThinkTank Photo Junior Category

This is a category for kids with a talent for taking great and funny wildlife pictures. You have to be less than 16 years old by 11.59pm 30th June 2020 (BST). So, if you are 15 and turn 16 on July the 9th, bummer big time!! Enter your funny pics into the other categories! If you have a query, fret not ping us an email; PJ and Tom (who run the competition and write this drivel are desperate for emails, as they have no friends.)

The Amazing Internet Portfolio Category

Amazing Internet websiteThis is a brilliant category and to be honest a hard one. They want a collection of 4 images which are a collection, or portfolio, (that clue is in the category title) of really funny wildlife images. You can put 4 unconnected images in, as your portfolio, but you will get more points if the 4 images are connected, say “4 African Mammal Funny pics” for example, or they can be 4 images which are really funny from a single scene, I think you get where they are going with this one.

The Underwater Category

Ok, you can put an underwater picture of an elephant swimming and farting at the same time, but they  would move it into Creatures of the Land, so this category is for creatures (fish mainly to be honest) which live in water. There are a few marine mammals, amphibians and reptiles and so on which live in water so the spectrum is broad.

The Video Clip Category

Listen carefully; this is the category where you can enter up to 2 video clips and each one can be no more than 60 seconds. They should be a maximum resolution of 1080p HD at 30fps with a maximum file size of 150MB but any resolution below that is acceptable too. Videos will be uploaded to Vimeo which accepts most major and popular video types. Please check the Vimeo website if you have any questions.
Please do not add music, captions or anything like that to the video (don’t worry about peoples voices that’s ok), but do make sure you edit it as judiciously as possible. Much better you send them a 15 second clip which is short, sharp and brilliant, rather than them having to trawl through 45 seconds of dull video to find the funny 10 seconds at the end.

To view their Gallery of all previous finalists and winners – click HERE.

*Enter the Competition from 1st March 2021.

If you have any queries, please email
Competition Director & Chair of the Judging Panel :

Daniel Friend – Oh what have I done…

This year the Comedy Wildlife Awards are supporting a wonderful grass roots conservation project; the Gunung Palung Orang-utan Conservation Program in Borneo, which helps to protect the environment that the wild Orangutans inhabitat, so they can survive and hopefully flourish. You can go to their website HERE and have a look at the incredible work they do and spread that word as well.


A Quick Reminder…

BBC1 at 8.30pm tonight!

Read the original post HERE.


Local Dairy Farmer On Next Saturday Night’s TV

Local dairy farmer and Parish Councillor, Andrew Frampton is making a return to the small screen next Saturday on BBC1 at 8.30pm.  He is taking part in Michael McIntyre’s new prime TV show, The Wheel.

The Wheel is a general knowledge quiz show in which seven celebrities are strapped to the circumference of the giant wheel. Each celebrity has brought one area of expertise to the show – and it is on these areas that the contestants must answer questions.
The contestants themselves are underneath The Wheel, on another smaller wheel! This Contestant Wheel is spun, and whichever contestant is randomly selected, rises up on their chair, to take their place at the centre of The Wheel and begin the game. The contestant at the centre of The Wheel is in control – if they can stay there until the end of the show then they could win a life-changing sum of money. However, one wrong answer or spin of The Wheel and they’ll be back down to the Contestant Wheel, and they might never return… Once all seven categories have been completed, whichever contestant is in control of The Wheel faces one final question to try and take home a huge sum of money. They’ve got just 30 seconds to discuss the question with their chosen celebrity expert, before they must lock in their answer. If they get it right, they take home the cash. Get it wrong however, and they’re off The Wheel, opening the door to one of the other players.

As 3 contestants take part in each show, Andrew has a 1 in 3 chance of winning.  You will have to watch on Saturday 16th January, night to see how he does.

Andrew is no stranger to television or taking part in TV shows having starred in one of the first reality TV shows called Chained in 2001 where he was chained to a woman and five other men for a week with one man being let off the chain each day until the woman found her perfect match. Andrew reached the final two!
Andrew was also a contestant in Jason Manford‘s game show First and Last in 2019 but was eliminated in the second round.
When asked how he got involved with this latest one Andrew replied, “I saw a flier for the new show back in July and the huge prize money caught my eye! I filled in an online form then the next day had a phone call where I had to talk about myself for three minutes and then answer a 25 general knowledge questions. Following that I had another audition on Zoom where we were filmed and were given very hard quiz questions and had to work out the answers. I got the phone call in September to say I had been offered a place as a contestant subject to a criminal record checks and physiological analysis as a duty of care from the production company. They filmed 10 episodes in Mid October in a converted aircraft hanger in Hertfordshire recording two shows a day. There was an audience there but all were socially distanced and with masks. I met Michael before the show and he told us we weren’t allowed to win any more money than he was getting paid!“.

The seven celebrities on Andrew‘s episode are: Sophie Ellis-Bexter, Greg Wallace, Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, Jay Blades (Repair Shop), Natalie Cassidy (Eastenders), Dr Alex George (Love Island) & Trevor Nelson (Radio 2).

Catch Andrew at 20:30hrs on BBC 1 next Saturday, 16th January as he tries to get a spot on the wheel and have a chance of winning a huge amount of money. 

Good luck Andrew!

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Peter Davies Wins Local Bowls Championship

It was mainly sunshine this afternoon and a brief rain shower was followed by a beautiful rainbow high in the sky over Fullers and our village.  Three local villagers were in competition.

The match was close at times and despite scoring the most Woody’s of the afternoon, Peter Davies (in main photo) had accumulated the most points over the last 14 weeks with 226 and at 3pm was declared the overall Winner of their championship.Christmas GarlandThe title of the most Woody’s overall could have been declared before the match began as Steve ‘Slick’ Kylie was so far ahead on this count!

Steve won this afternoon’s match but overall had accumulated 217 points and he received the Runner up trophy.Christmas GarlandThere was also a trophy for the one coming in last and the Loser’s trophy went to Mike ‘Slammer’ Steer who managed just 201 points.

With Christmas music playing, they enjoyed a barbecue at half time and a few passer’s by observing the action, they were fortunate with the weather although it was a cold wind.

The 3 winners: Mike, Peter & Steve.

Christmas Garland

The three now plan to have a week off next weekend and resume playing on Sunday, 10th January 2021.

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