Dorset Food, Drink & Farming Awards 2020

Dorset Food Awards 2020

Dorset Magazine have opened their nominations for this year’s Food, Drink & Farming Awards.  There are 30 days remaining to vote.
Dorset Magazine’s Editor Helen Styles said “The Dorset Food, Drink and Farming Awards will celebrate the extraordinary men and women – farmers, chefs, bakers, butchers, tea shop owners to name but a few – who work so hard to put Dorset on the culinary map. Show your support for your local food, drink and farming heroes and nominate now!
They are calling on their readers and businesses alike to nominate in these new-look awards, with new categories highlighting the current struggles and how businesses have adapted to the changes to the industry due to Covid-19.

The categories are:

  • Best Independent Food & Drink Retailer
  • Best Farm Shop
  • Food Producer of the Year
  • Drinks Producer of the Year
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Community Food/Drink Initiative Award
  • Business Collaboration Award
  • Best Local Food/Drink Delivery Experience
  • Best Dining Experience to go
  • Chef of the Year
Understandably, they have had to adapt how they champion and highlight the region’s food and drink sector but they still want to celebrate the fantastic businesses on our doorstep serving us throughout Lockdown.
However, they have had to reassess their awards evening. For 2020, instead of their ceremony in September, they will be holding a winners’ celebration when it is safe to do so, post the announcement of their 2020 winners’ in the December issue of Dorset Magazine. They hope to come back bigger and better next year! As do we all!
Submit your nominations HERE
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Post Office Returns to Twice Weekly Service – Volunteers Needed

Post OfficeWith the restrictions on Covid-19 eased from 4th July, the Post Office Outreach services at The Comrades Hall will now operate on Tuesday mornings, from 10am as well as Friday mornings from next week.
There is hand sanitiser in the lobby when entering the Hall & due to the Track & Trace requirement there is a book for you to write in your name, post code & contact number.
Although no teas and coffees are being served, a volunteer for each session is required to ensure Social Distancing guidelines are in place and maintained.
This job has been done over the last few months by Jacqui Sewell with the help of village resident, Martin Burt and his wife Becky, who is now returning to work.  We thank them for the time they committed and now call out for others to please fill their shoes!
If you are available for 2 hours on a Tuesday or Friday morning, please contact Jacqui Sewell on: 01308 867145 or email:

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The Safer Dorset Fund

Dorset Police & Crime CommissionerImportant work is performed by a whole range of organisations, from the public, community, voluntary and private sectors, which deliver services that aim to address crime and community safety issues for the benefit of our communities in Dorset. The Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) is able to add value to this delivery by working in partnership with these organisations in order to identify needs, consider the best options to address those needs and then to commission or co-commission services where appropriate, to achieve successful outcomes.
The resources available to the PCC to commission these services are generally accessed through a variety of government funding streams. The sum of these funding streams constitutes the Safer Dorset Fund (SDF).

Their approach to funding:
Their approach to commissioning focuses upon the priorities that have been identified and published within the Police and Crime Plan.
The priorities have been determined through analysis of key information at both a local and a national level; together with consultation with Dorset Police, with other partner organisations and with members of the public.

How to apply for funding:
Application for funding through the SDF is made via both the Priority Commissioning Scheme and the Community Grant Scheme. In addition, the PCC influences national commissioning of services for victims, witnesses and offenders, in support of local needs and outcomes.

COVID-19 Grant Scheme:
The Safer Dorset Fund Covid-19 Grant is a financial resource provided by the Police & Crime Commissioner to support charities during this health crisis.  Grants of between £100 and £5,000 are available.

Community Grant Scheme:
The Community Grant Scheme is designed primarily for voluntary and community sector applications which meet at least one of the Police and Crime Plan priorities.  Grants of between £100 and £3,000 are available.

Monitoring of Project Outcomes:
Monitoring the outcomes of activities is overseen by key partnerships that they work closely with, in order to evaluate success and inform future commissioning decisions.

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Check-in to All Palmers’ Pubs

Palmers AlesSupporting the NHS Test and Trace team respond to any local Coronavirus outbreaks, Government guidelines require drinkers to leave their contact details.  Palmers have updated their website so customers – including The White Lion in Broadwindsor – can either enter their details online or ‘check in’ by scanning a QR code at the door.
The form asks for:

  • Your first and last name.
  • Your email address.
  • Your ‘phone number.
  • Which pub you are going to.

Details will only be stored for 21 days and will be accessed if they are requested by the ‘NHS ‘Test and Trace‘ team.

It takes less than a minute to fill out and personal details will not be used for marketing purposes.
Complete their Test and Trace HERE.

QR Barcode A QR code is similar to a barcode, as shown in the photo.  you can get a Q Reader app in the App Store for iPhones or at GooglePlay for Android devices.

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Broadwindsor News Back In Publication

Broadwindsor News July 2020The Broadwindsor News is now out – being delivered to households who subscribe and there should be some available in the shop.
Containing lots of updates from village organisations, this edition also includes Margery Hooking’s ‘Broadwindsor in Lockdown 2020′ poem.

You can download the poem to your computer in PDF format: BROADWINDSOR IN LOCKDOWN 2020
or you can read it below . . .


Nature, you were never lovelier,

when the world stopped, but the Earth kept spinning.

And then the world turned upside down, freedom could not be found

We all became experts at social distancing – no grandparents would be visiting.

Sunshine, birdsong, a much quieter life but life still went on.

Thursday night clapping for our hard-pressed carers,

a ripple of applause from one end of the village to the other.

The Sound of Music every day at one o’clock.

Business booms at the community shop

as sales of fruit, veg and alcohol go pop.

Takeout drinks from the pub

and Vikki’s quiche and coleslaw in the shop.

The Tuesday night chip van at Comrades Hall,

Friday morning Post Office, chairs six feet apart.

Anxiety calmed by WhatsApp and Zoom, meeting family and friends by the touch of a button.

People chatting with new friends while standing next to bollards in the shop queue.

Heart attacks, cancelled operations, masks, gloves and Perspex screens.

Food deliveries for the vulnerable.

Our church went blue for the NHS.

The Sound of Music every day at one o’clock.

And we had time to just be with the one we love without duty or obligation stealing the day.

Doing all that we can to keep a company viable,

sorting wages and furlough staff, all reliable.

Farmers cut the fields for silage and tractors trundled through the village.

Up on Lewesdon Hill, bluebells didn’t know about coronavirus.

VE Day flags and afternoon tea outside our homes.

Socially distanced wildflower planting – digging, sowing and watering.

A beautiful sight to welcome visitors to our village when all this has passed.

The Sound of Music every day at one o’clock.

Lock down with the family – fantastic at the start, learning through the struggles, stresses and worries, tears, laughter and love.

Dusting flour from my hands, I pick up my book;

to bake or read, my lockdown dilemma.

There’s only one village in the west for me, Broadwindsor is the place I love to be.

It’s music at one and clapping at eight to rid us of the virus we love to hate.

Virtual Bananagrams, with gin, on Skype; virtual birthday parties on Zoom; virtual running – for medals – on Strava.

Virtual life.

The village roads, now used much less, speeds traffic onward faster;

too fast for the slowworm outside the shop, who is now not just slow, but flatter.

The sun beckons and mocks. Enjoy what you have, count your blessings.

The Sound of Music every day at one o’clock.

The church buildings are silent, dusty, locked, empty, paused.

God is active, loud, renewing, unrestricted, present, recreating and filling us every day.

Time to listen to the birds, watch the flowers grow, to smell the air, walk up the hill and to be still.

The warmth, love and friendship uncovered and blossoming as we all work together through this strange, uncertain  time.

House quiet, headphones on, five laptops glowing, each immersed in our own virtual business and learning,

waiting for the next punctuation point in days we can’t name.

Then kettle on, frisbee out, meals prepared, conversation flows, reconnected again.

The Sound of Music every day at one o’clock.

Free loo rolls from the village shop. The kindness of strangers.

And then a huge blue ball hurtles down the road, like the ever-present Rover bubble in The Prisoner.

A small army of tireless volunteers, stacking, selling, delivering.

Painting, writing, reading, decorating – my furniture has never been so upcycled.

The village phone box becomes a book exchange, tales of a community bound up on donated shelves.

Take-outs from the pub, food and drink, got to keep it going.

The call of rooks from their satellite rookery at the Old George,

while the parish councillors discuss village affairs over Zoom.

The space station goes over, the sun’s fading light makes it glow for all to see.

Endless sunshine, we will never see this blue a sky again.

The Sound of Music on the World Service and Desert Island Discs.

Slippers or flip flops worn all day.

The garden glorious in all this sun.

A tank of petrol lasts for months.

A time of reflection for the things that really matter. The birdsong and beautiful countryside.

Teaching the children, online bitesize that doesn’t bite back.

A fish van arrives in the Square at half past eleven, a shoal of customers in single file down the road.

Gardens and allotments provide solace and colour.

The Sound of Music at one o’clock

Afternoon briefing, highlight of the day.

What day is it, by the way?

– Margery Hookings, June 2020

Vikki’s Specials At The White Lion This Weekend

For Friday and Saturday evenings this weekend, in addition to their takeaway menu – the following Specials are on offer from The White Lion, Broadwindsor.
Please telephone your order through the day before! 01308 867070

  • Homemade Beef Curry with Rice  £8.50
  • Homemade Beef Chilli Con Carne with Rice  £8.00
  • Sea Bass, Lime & Ginger Fishcakes with Chips £8.50
  • Homemade Cauliflower Cheese with a Hot Baguette. £5.50

It’s their first weekend opening – so please be patient and don’t turn up too early!

Don’t forget your Sunday lunch either! (please book by 5pm Saturday)
Roast Beef or turkey with all the trimmings £8.50

White Lion Takeaway May 2020


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Any Symptoms – Stay At Home – Get Tested

Gov.ukDo not leave home if you or someone you live with has any of the following:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

Anyone with symptoms MUST get tested and MUST self isolate at home.
Check the NHS website if you think you have symptoms – HERE.

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Prom At Haselbury Mill – But Only If Students Respond Quickly

Haselbury Mill, Tithe BarnBeaminster’s Year 11 students may have their Prom but only if students respond by Wednesday 1st July.
The provisional date is Thursday 27th August 2020 and as before, it will be held at the beautiful Haselbury Mill.
Teachers Mr. & Mrs. Randall at Beaminster School issued a letter to all their Year 11 students via ParentMail yesterday, Friday 26th June.

The cost for the evening will be reduced, as Haselbury Mill  have kindly offered to only charge for food and not the venue.  We estimate the cost to be between £22-25.00 per person.
Arrangements will need to be made and menu’s sorted before the end of term.  Therefore, could we please ask that at this stage you indicate whether you would be interested in attending, by completing the attached form*.
Please spread the word to as many Year 11’s as you can and hopefully, Mrs Randall and myself will be welcoming you to your Prom in August!
Stay safe.
Mr and Mrs Randall

*The link to the form is HERE.

Beaminster School - Excellence For All

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