Broadwindsor Fun Day – Sunday, 25th June

The theme of this year’s Scarecrow competition is ‘Wartime Farming Life‘. It’s only £1 to enter and forms can be picked up from our village shop, Broadwindsor Community Stores, The White Lion Community pub or may be downloaded HERE.

Here is what to expect from midday on Sunday, 25th June…

  • 12 noon: Childrens’ Fancy Dress Parade
  • 12.15pm: Welcome & Opening
  • 12.25pm: W.I. Refreshments until 2/2.30pm
  • 12.25pm: Stalls & Games open until 4pm
  • 12.30pm: Strawberry Jam – Children’s Entertainer
  • 1pm: Bar opens
  • 1pm: BBQ opens until 5.30pm (or sold out)
  • 2pm: Live Music from Nina Garcia
  • 4.30pm: Live Music from Bridport Broadsides Shanty Crew
  • 5.30pm: Interval – Prize giving & Hamper Raffle
  • 6.15pm: Close
  • At 7pm

Enjoy a fantastic evening
of fun and frolics with Ceilidh’s Comet, who specialise in playing traditional barn dance music from the UK and Europe, creating a lively, friendly, fun atmosphere and a wonderful way to end this year’s Fun Day 🙂 A bar will be available.
All tickets are £5, available from Broadwindsor Community Stores and the White Lion.

Broadwindsor Fun Group

Please address all your enquiries to:



The Coronation Of Their Majesties King Charles III And Queen Camilla

Our congratulations to His Majesty who will be crowned King, alongside his Queen Consort by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Westminster Abbey in London on Saturday, 6th May 2023.

The White Lion will be open from 10am on Saturday with the Coronation Ceremony being screened from 11am.
Weather permitting, you are also invited to a picnic in Bernards’ Place at 1.30pm – 4.30pm, more details HERE.

On Sunday, 7th The White Lion will be open from 12 noon and will be screening the Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle from 8pm in the evening.

Across the country, many events are taking place to mark Their Majesties The King and The Queen Consort’s Coronation celebrations.  Last week, the Department for Culture Media and Sport commissioned a short film for primary school-aged children, explaining the history and significance of the Coronation….


Broadwindsor Group Parish Council are gifting all children of the Parish aged 16 years and under with a souvenir coronation mug. For those children attending Broadwindsor School, Councillor Rowland Hibbard, Chairman of the Parish Council will be presenting mugs at school on Friday 5th May.
For children who do not attend Broadwindsor School, mugs will be available to be collected at two Coronation Events:
Sunday 7 May, from 2.00 pmBlackdown House will be hosting a Coronation Event for Blackdown and Burstock residents.
Sunday 7 May, 3.00 pm-5.00 pmDrimpton Village Hall will be hosting a Coronation Cream Tea. (Please note that it is a booking only event as seating is limited, contact Viv on 01308 868005)

In addition, a small number of mugs will be available from Broadwindsor Community Stores from the week commencing 8th May for those who have not been able to collect from the above. Please do get in contact with the Clerk if you have any questions:

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Full Moon – Friday, 5th May

This month, the Moon will be Full at 18.34hrs on Friday, 5th May.

Frequently referred to as the Flower Moon, other names attributed to this Moon which is full of the promise of summer are:

  • Leaf Budding Moon
  • Planting Moon
  • Egg Laying Moon
  • Field Making Moon
  • Frog Moon
  • Moon Of The Shedding Ponies!

Black Moon is not a well known astronomical term. In recent years, the term has been made popular by social media, astrologers, and followers of the Wiccan religion. It occurs at the time of the New Moon. You cannot see it! The sky is completely dark. A Black Moon frequently is used when the following occur:

  • 2nd New Moon in the same month – the most common type, occurring approximately once every 29 months.
  • 3rd New Moon in a season of four New Moons  – occur about once every 33 months.
  • No New Moon in February – occurring approximately every 19 years. This can only happen in February, as this is the only month which is shorter than a lunar month. When this occurs, both January and March have two New Moons, instead of just one.,  By this definition, the next Black Moon will occur in 2033,
  • No Full Moon in February – also occurring approximately every 19 years.  In this instance, there are two Full Moons in January and March, also known as a double Blue Moon. The next Black Moon by this definition will occur in 2037, while the last one was in 2018.


Broadwindsor Group Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday, 9th May

Next Tuesday’s meeting of Broadwindsor Group Parish Council will be held at The Comrades Hall at 7.30pm.  All are invited to attend.

The full agenda may be viewed HERE which includes…

Item 1. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman.
a. Election and signing of the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

Item 6. Public Participation.
Residents are invited to give their views and ask questions of the Parish Council on issues on this Agenda.

a. Report from Councillor Christopher, Dorset Council

b. Report from Dorset Police

c. Cooption to Broadwindsor Group Parish Council, Broadwindsor Ward

Item 10. Appointment of Representatives.
a. Broadwindsor School

b. Comrades Hall, Blackdown Village Hall and Drimpton Village Hall Committees

c. Broadwindsor Allotment Group

d. Footpaths Officer

e. DAPTC Western Area Committee

f. Other Representations

Item 12. Planning Applications.
a. Applications Received and Circulated for Consultation

P/LBC/2023/01976, Cambridge House, The Square, Broadwindsor, DT8 3QD

P/HOU/2023/02156, 21 Marksmead, Drimpton, DT8 3RZ

b. Other Applications

Review of WD/D/16/000836, Sikas Valley, Broadwindsor, DT8 3QR

The full agenda may be downloaded HERE.

The press and public are invited to attend. Under the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014, members of the public may now film, photograph and make audio recordings of the proceedings of the formal Council meeting, though not, under current legislation, of the Public Participation session, as this is not part of the formal agenda of the meeting. Recording activity should be respectful to the conduct of the meeting and behaviour that disrupts the meeting (such as oral commentary) will not be permitted. Any member of the public shall not speak for more than five minutes. A question asked by a member of the public during Public Participation shall not require a response or debate during the meeting though the Chairman may direct that a written response will be provided subsequent to the meeting.


Happy Beltane – 1st May

It’s the halfway point between the Spring equinox and Summer solstice.
The word ‘Beltane’ originates from the Celtic God ‘Bel’, meaning ‘the bright one’ (the May Queen) and the Gaelic word ‘teine’ meaning ‘fire’. Together they make ‘Bright Fire‘, or ‘Goodly Fire‘ and traditionally bonfires were lit to honour the Sun and encourage the support of Bel and the Sun’s light to nurture the emerging future harvest and protect the community. Bel had to be won over through human effort. Beltane is a fire festival.

It celebrates the union of the Goddess and the Green Man – the coming together of male and female energies to create new life.
 A special fire was kindled for Beltane. This was the Tein-eigen, ‘the need fire‘. Communities sought Bel’s support for protection and a good harvest. Therefore, villagers would

  • jump through the fire to purify, cleanse and bring fertility.
  • Couples jumped the fire together to pledge themselves to each other.
  • Cattle and other animals were driven through the smoke as a protection from disease and to bring fertility.
  • Once the festivities were over, villagers took some of the Tein-eigen home to start their fires anew.

Mead and sweet cakes are often shared in communion as part of the ceremony. Mead is known as the Brew of the Divine, made from honey which seems appropriate for a love ceremony.  Mead is the oldest alcoholic drink known to humankind.

Beltane dew was thought to bring beauty and maintain youthfulness.

The Colours of Beltane:

  • Green, representing growth, abundance and fertility.
  • Red, representing strength, vitality, passion and vibrancy.
  • White/Silver,  representing cleansing and clearing and the power to disperse negativity.

Trees of Beltane:

  • Hawthorn – Hawthorn is a deeply magical tree. Traditionally Beltane began when the Hawthorn, the May, blossomed. It is the tree of sexuality and fertility and is the classic flower to decorate a Maypole with. It was both worn and used to decorate the home at Beltane.
  • Birch – Birch is regarded as a feminine tree and Deities associated with Birch are mostly love and fertility goddesses. It is one of the first trees to show its leaf in Spring. Birch twigs were traditionally used to make besoms (a new broom sweeps clean). Maypoles were often made from birch and birch wreaths were given as lover’s gifts.
  • Rowan – Known as a tree of protection and healing. Branches of Rowan were placed as protection over the doors of houses and barns at Beltane to protect from increased Faery activity as they woke from their winter slumber. Sprigs were worn for protection also. Rowan berries have a tiny five-pointed star on the bottom reminiscent of the pentagram.

Beltane is also considered a time when the veil between worlds is thin as with Samhain therefore, a magical and powerful time.

Hug a Tree 🙂


Broadwindsor Film Club – Friday, 19th May

At 7.30pm at the Comrades Hall on Friday, 19th May, Broadwindsor’s Community Film Club will be showing…

Living (12)

Directed by Oliver Hermanus and starring Bill Nighy, Aimee Lou Wood and Alex Sharp,
Running time: 2hrs 4mins.

In 1950s London, a humourless bureaucrat decides to take time off work after a shattering health diagnosis. It dawns on him he has not been living his life to the full. Amidst the fog of his paperwork and his loneliness at home, he yearns to find fulfilment before it’s too late. He is encouraged in his search by two younger colleagues – the vibrant Margaret (Aimee Lou Wood) and idealistic new recruit Peter (Alex Sharp) and a hedonistic stranger, Sutherland (Tom Burke), encountered during a desperate trip to the seaside.

A re-imagining of Akira Kurosawa‘s ‘Ikiru‘ written for the screen by Nobel Prize-winning author Kazuo Ishiguro. Living serves as a heart-rending reminder to value what it is to live.

  • Doors open at 7pm for 7.30pm.
  • Film Club members – Free entry
  • Guests – £4
  • Refreshments available, including a bar.
  • Seats can be booked in advance by contacting:
    Emma or
    Margaret Wing01308 867252


Celebrate The White Lion’s First Birthday…

…as a Community Pub.

Already, a year has passed since The White Lion re-opened with much celebration…

This Saturday there will be no dinner service but, from 7pm, a finger buffet will be provided by Kerry & Clive who have been excelling all expectations since starting at Easter 🙂

A press release issued yesterday has Chairman Rick Dyke commenting “It’s certainly been an eventful twelve months.“. Thanking the Staff family and the many volunteers, Rick went on to say “We’re delighted that Kerry and Clive have joined us, and we’re excited about the next stage of the White Lion’s progress into a pub that is widely renowned for the quality of its food.”

Ending on a cautionary note, Rick continued “As with the hospitality trade generally, we have seen electricity costs skyrocket over the past year.  To make matters worse, the electricity companies view the trade as a bad risk with many reluctant to even quote, whereas those who do quote clearly see it as an opportunity to charge what they like.
Despite this, support from central government is negligible. Somehow, these spiralling costs need to be met and ultimately, this has to be by the paying customer.  This is where the warm welcome becomes even more vital because without it and the atmosphere it helps generate, what future does the British pub have?

On King Charles III Coronation weekend, please book now to avoid any disappointment…


Please continue to support our lovely pub:)


Coronation Picnic – Saturday, 6th May

As there are no major celebrations of King Charles III’s Coronation in the village, weather permitting in Bernards’ Place, neighbours in West Street will hold an ad hoc picnic as a get together following the Coronation Ceremony.

You’re invited to join in, bring a picnic or order food from Clive & Kerry at The White Lion and celebrate with other members of our community. 1.30pm – 4.30pm, Saturday, 6th May 2023.


Please Support Sam Cochrane’s Charity Bike Ride

Local plasterer, Stewart Cochrane sadly lost his father in September last year.  Stewart’s son Sam, 29 years old, who lives in Oslo, is preparing himself for what has to be acknowledged as an awesome cycle trip raising funds for the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance, a charity dear to all of us residing in rural areas.

Sam’s Grandad is obviously his inspiration
After losing my Grandad in September, I realised I had to do something would make him proud and combine his ´get up and go´ attitude which took him on so many adventures of his own.
If it wasn’t for The Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, I wouldn’t have had as many years with him as I did and to them I am extremely grateful. Which is why it makes sense to combine the opportunity and make it an opportunity to help those who helped him on multiple occasions….. I figured the best way to challenge myself was by completing something extreme and a lot harder than I am used to.”

Leaving on Monday, 17th July, Sam is intending to cycle from his home in Oslo to Poole, Dorset where other family members reside.  His intended route is shown below.

An estimated distance of 2,200 kilometres (over 1,360 miles), Sam aims to complete the trip within 14 days, averaging 128km per day, stopping only for overnight stays.

As stated on the poster, Sam will be visiting Broadwindsor and in particular, The White Lion in the first week of August, to personally thank local supporters and share his experiences.

You can scan the QR code on the poster above or click HERE to visit Sam’s Just Giving page and make your donation to support the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

We wish you safe travels and good luck with your endeavour Sam! 🙂



The Comrades Hall AGM This Evening, 7.30pm

Also being advertised as a ‘Volunteer Opportunity‘, tonight’s agenda reads:

  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Approval of Minutes of AGM 2022
  3. Chairman’s Report
  4. Approval of Constitution
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Resignation of current Committee
  7. Nominations and Election of new Committee
  8. Election and Appointment of CHMC Officers

What hasn’t been stated is that as The Comrades Hall is a charity, No. 311110, and members of the management committee are indeed Trustees with their names listed on the Charity Commission’s website. They are legally “responsible for controlling the work, management and administration of the charity on behalf of its beneficiaries. Generally trustees are treasurer, chair, board member etc.“.

We are extremely lucky to have this community building in our village for the many clubs and events to take place as well as being available for private hire.  It needs  a team of volunteers to make up the Comrades Hall Management Committee to make decisions for the smooth running and future improvements for the premises. The Comrades Hall celebrated its Platinum Jubilee last November.

Please attend if you are able 🙂